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Demon's obsession

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He is alive, he is awakened, finally awakened after 999 years. Now obsessed with a high school girl, bent on protecting her until his last breath. Nadian, a nine hundred and ninety nine years old awakened demon, an awakened ancient monster, ready to do anything to protect his love, especially protecting her from the devil's trap. Arietta, a middle-class, average high school student. Ugly to others who makes an encounter of her, beautiful to the sudden Awakened Demon who seem to be obsessed with her. What happens when the feared came to pass, and Nadian had to do his best to protect her. This little fragile human. "So, when are you planning to leave," "I am not planning for that anytime soon," "What?" He smiled at the shocked girl. "I will be there to protect you. I can't allow anyone to hurt you. Even it's impossible for anyone to hurt you, who would wanna die?" He chuckled with a smirk. "You are kidding right?" "Fortunately, I am not,"

Chapter 1 an average high school student

*hundred years would come, yet you would be alone…you are so ugly…ugly fool...go buy some makeup, you look so ugly...*

Those voices she was hearing, those voices criticizing her. Those voices she was used to and those stares, how could she never get used to them? The girl held her books tightly around her chest, avoiding the students as usual.

Someone passed by her, pushing her away,, and she landed on her butt terribly, making all her books fall on the floor.

“Are you blind, you fool!” The student insulted.

“Sorry,” she quickly apologized.

“I wasn't the one who turned you ugly,” she insulted.

They all laughed at her as she quickly took her books, stood up and adjusted her bulgy glasses.

She shook her head.

She knew in Summer High school, ugly girls and low-class girl like her are not welcomed. They are treated like trash and nothing else, so she should probably know her place.

“Here,” she took off her jacket and threw of at her.

“You stained my jacket with your arm. Wash it,”

She nods her head slowly, before walking away with the books and the jacket.


The class was noisy at that hour. The school history class was best known for being a very noisy and nosy class. The class had so many sluts, gossipers, bullies, and many beauty pageants who usually compete among themselves.

She quietly sat on her seat and dropped her textbooks on the table.

Someone pushed her hand, making her glasses adjust. She quickly adjusted it, then looked at the person who pushed her. It was Roy, her ex-boyfriend.

She had dated 21 boyfriends in her lifetime. How she and her boyfriend broke up, maybe visiting the toilet and disappearing or potentially making a fake excuse.

But this one, cheated. He had an intimate session with another girl in front of her, making excuses that she was so ugly to be dated. Yes, she is ugly, that doesn't really mean he could cheat on her, with another girl.

Since the day Roy cheated on her, that girl had been picking on her, calling her names, also rubbing it on her face that she is so ugly to be dating a rich and handsome man like Roy.

* *

“Hey,” Roy called with a smirk on his face.

She shook her head.

“Isn't that (looks at the jacket) Maddie's jacket?” He asked, smiling mischievously at her.


"Oh, you must have stained it with your dirty body," he touched the jacket for a little while, before taking off his hand.

“Make sure you…(purposely throws her books on the floor) wash it very well,”

“Take your seats, class!!” They all heard the teacher's voice and immediately, everyone took each of their seats, including Roy.

“Arietta, pick up your books,” the teacher said, and without hesitation, she picked them up.


Arietta walked through the school hallway with her books with her. She was thinking of what to take to the city museum for her history project.

The history teacher gave the class a project, a history project, of course.

She opened up her locker, dropped her books in it before walking away to the cafeteria.

She bought her meal and began to eat like every other persons in the cafeteria.

Suddenly Roy came to her, with his smiles again.

“Hey ugly,”

She avoided him and continued eating.

“You shouldn't do that and listen!” He yelled at her, but the girl still didn't answer the guy who was pestering her.

He poured her food away angrily, feeling irritated. Arietta was shocked but as the way she was, she never says anything but shook her head like a coward.

“Baby,” he called, and Madison walked to him. She had that sassy and pretty smile, that makes all men fall for her.

Roy smiled and kissed her knuckles. She blushed at his reaction.

Roy brought out a blue pendant and everyone was left shocked, including Arietta.

Arietta remembered that this blue pendant was a private exhibition, costing thirty thousand dollars or more. So many bucks. She had always wanted that necklace. And now…

He wore it around Maddie's neck, then kissed her.

Arietta couldn't contain all these humiliations. She quickly walked out of the cafeteria to the school garden, sitting down there alone.

She adjusted her glasses, then looked up to the sky with tears in her eyes.

“Why did you make me so ugly?” She questioned before wiping her tears which were flowing freely from her eyes.

“So many people hate me so much cause of my ugliness. When exactly will I get married uh?”

“I bet no one would want to marry an ugly person like me,” she said, sniffing loudly.

The school bell rang, making her jolt. She stood up immediately and walked into her classroom. At least she has determination to becoming someone in life unlike others like Madison and Roy who loves an extravagant life.


School finally closed for the day.

Arietta walked home in loneliness as usual.

She opened the door to her house because she knew her parents would still be at work and her little brother, probably walking home as usual. So, he will be late.

Those are the only people she got as a friend. Her mother, who wouldn't stop encouraging her, her father, who usually calls her a princess and her naughty brother, whom she is older than.

Speaking of that brother's of hers. She knew he would be arriving very soon, and he would wanna destroy everything in the living room in the name of karate.

She quickly cleared everything that are breakable in the living room.

“I am home!!” She heard his annoying voice. He is a bit taller than her, with that strong aura that surrounds him, for goodness’ sake, he is fourteen.

He threw his bag wherever he wishes and then sat on the couch like the landlord he likes claiming to be.

Arietta picked up his backpack and threw it on his face.

“Go wash up, you stink,” she scolded.

"Hey! You are my older sister, doesn't mean you should order me around. I am also a teenager, I can do anything I wish to do,”

“Then mom would feed your ears to the chicken, how about that?”

He rolled his eyes. He picked up his bag and threw it to the opposite couch.

She saw something visible on his left eye. Is that a black eye.

She walked towards him angrily. Did he get into a fight again?

This boy is just too troublesome and hard to contain.

“Is that a black eye? (Frowned) Did you get into a fight again?” She asked and he shook his head in response.

“Then how did you get the black eye?” She folded her arms.

“I fell,” he said simply.


“I fell down. Stop being a parent.” He said with an eye roll.

“I am not being a parent. I only care about you because I am your…”

He stood up and grabbed her arms, cutting her off.

“I am fine, I only feel down, there's no need to panic. You look silly being a domineering sister,” he teases, and Arietta raises her brow.

“Don't make me kill you!”

“Well, you can kill me after I have my meal,”

“Go cook yourself,”

“What?.” He panicked.

Chapter 2 It moved it's eyes

The family of four were busy eating slowly in the dinning room.

Benjamin was obviously hiding his black eye.

“Ben, why are you eating like that? Don't you like the food?” Miss Lilly asked

“No, I like it,” he replied still eating.

Miss Lilly knitted her brows, taking a glance at her son's face, even with the way he was trying to hide it.

“Ben, lift your face,” she said, and immediately Benjamin dropped the spoon. He had been caught!

“Benjamin, your mother is talking to you,” he heard his father's voice and immediately, he shivered.

'I am so in trouble,' he thought to himself.

Ben turned his face slowly to look at his parents, who were looking so serious.

“Oh my God!” Mrs. Lilly covered her mouth in shock.

“Ben, did you get into a fight again?”

“I fell,”

“You fell?” She raises her brow.

“Common mom, is it now a sin to fall?” He snorted.

“I know you too much, Benjami


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