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Daughter of the Damned

Daughter of the Damned

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Frost
  • Chapters: 48
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 76
  • 7.5
  • 💬 6


In a world where prophecies dictate fate, four unsuspecting teenagers are drawn together by an ancient promise. Mira, Braze, Kian, and Xen lead seemingly ordinary lives on Earth, unaware of their true identities and a mission that spans dimensions. But as they uncover their shared destiny, secrets unravel, and loyalties are tested. The discovery of a mythical weapon becomes a catalyst for a perilous journey, and the ultimate choice awaits: friendship or clan, love or sacrifice. Unveil the mysteries, confront the Watchers, and explore the power within in this thrilling tale of destiny, deception, and the battle for Earth's and Chemora's future.

Chapter 1Destiny calls

Mira's POV
*** a sneak peak into the future***

It was such a night that even the moonlight felt heavy over my shoulder blade.
I was in my new school uniform. Blood dripping from various pores, staining the white and maroon dress. I quickly pulled out the black cloak from my bag and flipped it over my head and school bag.
The street was as empty as my soul and it seemed like it would be a struggle for me to get a ride.
I pulled out my phone from the pocket.
I tried pressing on the cracked and shattered screen repeatedly but as expected, without any success.
Just then, I saw a taxi coming right at my direction. Possibly the luckiest event in my history.
The driver jerked into a brake as I came right in front of it.
" Damn it girl... If you are suicidal, go somewhere else to die. "
I gave him a look that I knew he would never forget again.
" Nah! I'm not willing to die... Yet. I just need a ride. "
I flung myself inside on the back seat and closed the door tight.
" Where to? I mean the address? "He asked. I guess I should have given him a head start. That might have been a mistake.
" Straight to the eastern cemetery. "
He didn't look back at me for the rest of the ride. And the moment we reached, he could barely wait to see me leave. He didn't even wait to take the money for the ride. He just left. Quite perplexed , to my amusement.
The guard was fast asleep when I jumped inside the gates of the cemetery.
They should be waiting.
The three Musketeers in my life. It didn't matter if I loved them or hated them, it seemed like we were stuck together for eternity. Such was our destiny.
As I walked, I could feel the charge in the air that could only mean that the boys were just getting started with their prey.
Braze, Kian and Xen. Every girl's desire, every boy's envy.
" Mira, you are late. "
Braze said with a voice that was grumpy while he didn't even look at me. His eyes were fixed on the silhouette that he had pinned on thin air.
" Did you have to visit Chemora again? " It was Kian who asked but he didn't wait to hear my answer. He had to fling himself forward to restrain the silhouette, which was now taking up a gigantic shape.
" Let her breathe you guys. Can't you see she looks exhausted already... Let's wrap this one up by ourselves tonight. Mira, you can stand aside and guide us if we cannot do it right. "
With that ,Xen jumped into the action field.
The silhouette was obviously too powerful for them. It was dragging the three of them along, all at once.
The silhouette was actually the distorted soul of a dark mage. They escape into our planet earth from their own world, called Chemora.
When they take a human form, the darkness in them amplifies and manifests itself . It takes complete control over their soul.These dark mages are engaged in spreading corruption across our earth. Though I am not sure if we can really call it our earth. You see, all four of us were born once in Chemora.
So, let's get back to the topic of the dark mages. The problem with their intensified darkness was that , even after getting killed, their souls lingered behind and formed a shell around it, like a ghost. As if forming its own entity. And these forms wreaked havoc on the common folks. It threatened to expose the secret of the world where we came from.
But that is another story.
Before going into that narration, let me try telling you about the dynamics that I shared with the boys, only a couple of years back.
Phew! My life was so different.

Hold on, before we go back to present, where my life was nothing less than normal, let me take you where it all began -

***in the other world***

Somewhere in the past -

He was running with a blade, hidden under his cloak.
He was running as his feet left footsteps behind, inked by the blood that dripped from that blade.
His purple eyeballs were looking everywhere. He was looking for an exit. He was looking for a door to get the hell out of that hell.
His handsome forehead was sweating profusely. The wound on his head was still fresh and blood was trickling down from the back of his ears.
He closed his eyes as his ears trembled with the piercing scream of his wife.
She was being murdered. I beg your pardon, murder would be a very civilized word to describe what she was facing. She was being butchered.
But he did not go back to her.
He had something wrapped under his cloak that he was holding with his other hand. He was holding that warm bundle very tight. And as the screams of his wife finally started fading, he held that bundle even tighter, with all his might.
He somehow managed to break into a gallop, despite his legs trembling.
When he was almost at a dead end, he heard footsteps drawing very close to where they were.
He touched the solid stone walls with his hands and tapped them as if expecting a magical door to open and get out of there, but nothing was happening.
The footsteps kept getting closer and closer. And his heart seemed like it would jump out of his chest.
Just then the little bundle in his hand moved. His eyes shot out in panic.
" Ssshhhh! Shhhhh! " He tried rocking it back to sleep, afraid that its sound would be the death knell for him.
But the baby was unable to understand what the situation demanded. It let out a shrieking yell for its mother or probably because it was hungry.
He tried to silence it with his other hand as the blade fell to the ground. He pressed hard so that he could muffle the sound of its cries and ducked under the piles of wooden tables that lay in the corner.
But he could see that there was no denying the inevitable. He gagged the baby with a piece of cloth that he tore from his cloak.
He placed it on the solid, cold floor. Then, after sparing it one last glance, he ran towards the footsteps.
" Stop running here and there. What you are looking for is right here. Come and get me if you can, cowards... "
And with that, he ran.
He ran in the opposite direction, far away from where he had left the helpless child.
At first, the baby was moving its hands and feet desperately. At least it was trying to but the swaddle was too tight. It couldn't even kick properly. Its eyes shot open. They grew wider and wider as they tried to gasp for air. But there was no relief. Its efforts only made it more and more scared.
After a few more minutes, it's hands and legs dropped. It's breathing gradually slowed down to a point where it no longer could be heard.
The clouds in the sky outside darkened. So dark, one might assume that there was an eclipse. Even the winds blowing outside changed their course.
The clouds started gathering at one particular point. Thunder clouds rumbled and grumbled, as they hovered over the stone house.
It started raining as the smell of the wet soil filled the air along with the coppery scent of blood everywhere.
At that very moment, a bright flash of dazzling white light fell on the same spot where the baby was.
The man stopped in his tracks as the deafening clap of thunder followed the lighting on that spot.
He watched as the stones caught fire.
He watched as others shook with the mere intensity of the incident.
He, however, stood there, unhinged, with his hands over his hip.
His purple iris turned orange and yellow as the flames slowly leapt out. The entire place was starting to get consumed. The air was rapidly getting filled with smoke.
He watched the tongues of the fire dance up towards the heavens with his mouth wide open and then suddenly, he began to laugh.
He began to laugh as he held his stomach, like a lunatic, as he sat down on the spot.
He laughed as he saw his pursuers run hither and thither. He laughed as he reclined on his spot to get a better view of the destruction.
He laughed as if he was watching a play that was being performed.
" We did it... We did it... " He laughed and he clapped, his hands up in the air, pointing towards heaven. His hair slowly getting covered with the flying ashes as he laughed his heart out like a mad man.

Chapter 2Starting from the end

***in the present world***

Mira's POV -

" You mean nothing to me! Nothing! "

That was exactly what Braze told me. In the middle of a hall room full of people.

As if that was not embarrassing, it was supposed to be the day he was officially going to announce our relationship.

Ah! Stupid me. I had even done my nails for the occasion. Guess I would just have to work an extra shift to get over that expense.

Hanging around with boys, looking for their attention, those were the last things on my already over saturated mind. I had a dog and two cats to feed, work as many shifts as I could, part-time, to collect my future college fees. I had a mother to take care of who still thought she could climb Mount Everest with severe spondylitis . I am leaving out the part where I had to study and also try to fit in my new environment. It was over a year ago that I changed s


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