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Cursed fate

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Sasha Vahemir, a girl born into one of the most powerful families in the vampire world and the supernatural world. The future queen who is considered a curse due to her bad premonition because of the prophesy. Aiden Bahedia, the son of one of the most powerful packs ever with unique features. A cold, quiet man who hasn't been a fan of the VAHEMIR family......... especially the ill fated Sasha. He thinks there is more to them and their camouflage prestige. After Aiden's younger sister, Beatrice, allows her jealousy towards Sasha get the best of her and risk putting the entire supernaturals at risk. The VAHEMIR's pull away their resources and go into hiding causing the uprising chaos in the supernatural world. Sasha's premonition kills thousands of people putting the limelight on them, risking the secret of the vampires coming to light. Aiden and Sasha are forced into an arranged marriage.........none of them consenting to the union. One which is of selfish aims. One which could destroy the supernatural world or strengthen it. Will the secret of the Vahemir come to light or it isn't just the VAHEMIRS with secrets? Will they grow to love each other or will the hurt of the past get in the way? FIND out on CURSED FATE

Chapter 1


This is a story of how I..... oh you think I am really going to tell you. Nope, you would have to read the book to figure this one out, But this is what I can say. this is a story of a cruel fate.

"Aiden huh??" Davil, my elder brother teases and I push him lightly as I cover my red cheeks with my palm and he bursts into laughter.

I sit up from my bed and throw one of my throw pillows at him and his laughter grows louder. My lips widens into a smile and as I watched my brother have fun with teasing me.

We are in my bedroom. The walls are painted royal blue and so is every furniture in my room. There is a couch and sofa in front of my bed with a step by step center table as they face my TV hung on the wall. On the wall are our family picture, my best friend and I and one of Aiden. At the corner of the room is a mini fridge and a vase.

"You are one hell of a lucky vampire", he plays with my cheeks as he makes cute faces.

"I mean it was just a feeling -" I said in-between fights to set my cheeks free from his shenanigans

"That's how werewolves know that they met their mate. He looked at you-" davil responds while holding back his laugh from the funny faces he makes from playing with my cheek

"Yeah but-" I finally escape his grasp

"No buts sweethearts. Don't ruin your happiness. It is okay to be happy", he pulls me to him and I rest my head on his chest, his arms wrap around my neck.

"Tell me what happened and this time in details " he squeezes me and I grunt as I beg him to loosen up a bit.

My phone rings on top of the drawer beside Davil and he pushes it away from my reach. I sit up and stretch to fight for it but he keeps going further from my reach. How much more can he stretch? I give up and go back to my previous position. I will just have to call the person back. I sigh and gets ready to narrate the story for the 50th time and this happened yesterday.

"So I was at their house. They threw a pack party and I got invited by Beatrice", I display my white teeth and he rolls his eyes as I speak about Beatrice.

Beatrice has had a crush on my brother like I have an insane huge crush on hers but Davil never saw her that way. He always sees her like his other little sister and Beatrice hates it.

"I don't know why you chose her as your best friend, you can do better -", I pull away and arch my eyebrows as I squint my eyes and he lifts his hand in defeat.

"I am just saying. You deserve better " he says under his breath

"Can I proceed?", he nods rapidly and I rest my head back on his chest and he wrap his hand around me.

"Everyone avoided me like I was a plague. If I walk into the kitchen they leave, anything I touch no one touches it and all. I could read their minds and the way they spoke of me in their minds was alarming. I took in a huge chunk of air and retired to Beatrice room. I laid on the bed and looked at the ceiling -"

"Cut to the chase ", he whines.

"Fine. I stood up and went to search for something inside her drawer and the door swung open and my heart starts racing faster than usual and I began clamouring for the person at the other side of the door. It felt like I had known the person my entire life without seeing them. I felt this senses of peace, I have never felt like that my entire life. I hear his voice. He said he could have sworn he heard his wolf scowl out to the mate. Before I would come out, he already left. I ran downstairs in search of Beatrice to break the news to her and I saw him walk down the stairs. We exchange uncomfortable stares althrough the party-"

"You didn't tell him-" Davil interjects

"I couldn't and he has never spoken to me before. He will think I am desperate", I frown and Davil raises my chin to stare at him.

He is silent and just stares into my eyes. Most times I feel he can see through me, like actually see right through me and I love that. It has its disadvantages though but the advantages outweighs it. Most times I don't have to say anything, he can tell just by looking at him.

"Any guy would be happy to be with you. You are a Vahemir-" I smile as he says that

"A Vahemir they are frightened of. Our family don't hold the best of reputation -" I immediately interject

"We are from the descendants of the strongest vampires ever existed. It is something to be proud of-" davil interrupts

"I know but the premonition -" I try to make him see the reason as to why I am reluctant with meeting Aiden

"Hey stop it ", he pulls me in for a hug and my tensed body loosen up and I shut my eyes and enjoy the feeling of how comforting his body is.

"Don't listen to the prophesy" davil tries to lighten my mood

"It is hard not to when that is what everyone thinks," he doesn't say anything, he just squeezes me and ruffle my beautifully made hair.

I push him off the bed and laughs hysterically. He stands up and jumps on the bed and tickles me really hard as I yell for my parents to come to the rescue but they don't. They should be used to screams by now.

My phone beeps and Davil gets off me and sits beside me. I arrange me scattered hair and grab my phone. I check and it is a text from Beatrice, it reads;

I intended to come over for but I wasn't sure if you were around. Anyways I am at home now. You can come over.

"Go", he rolls his eyes and I kiss his cheeks and stand up.

He draws me back and sits me down. He tilt my hair to face the bed while my back faced him. He combed my hair with his fingers and made my hair.

"We need to make you look pretty for your mate", he ends and I stand and walk to the mirror stand and I widen my mouth at how good he is.

I keep forgetting he is really good in hair making. I pull the red hair to the front and admire it even more. I look at my reflection. I wear a light make up and admire myself in the mirror. My fair skin radiates, my earrings and necklace sparkles as it threatens to blind myself and Davil who stands behind me. I sigh. The best feature about me is my natural red hair, my long lashes, cheekbones and pointed nose and my least feature is my irregular eyes, the left eyes is blue and the right is red. I wear contact when I leave the house to avoid confirming their speculations.

"My favorite part of you are your hair and eyes", he hugs me from the back and I shut my eyes and nod.

"Go, I will tell mum you stepped out", he pulls away from me and pushes me towards the door.


I walk through the hallway and my heart raced really fast as I walk past Aiden's room. I have this strong urge to open the door and blurt to him that I am his mate and d*mn the consequences. I shake the thought off my head. I yell for Beatrice and I don't get any response.

I see Aiden's omega, Alex. He flashes me a genuine smile as he walks up the stairs towards me. He halt in front of me.

"Are you-" Alex asks as he walks up the steps

"Yes. Did you -" I put up smile while answering

"She came home few minutes ago. I thought she left your house", he furrow his eyebrow in confusion, even I am confused.

"No, she didn't. I am coming from my house" I blurt out

"Oh because she came home p*ss*d. I thought you guys fought" he seem really confused now

"No, why would we?" I ask, while been more confused than ever

"Maybe she went out for training", I nod and he stares at me lustfully and I look everywhere except his eyes as I hope someone will save me from this awkwardness.

"I will check", I spurn and let out a deep breath and walk to the direction of her room.

I spurn and I don't see Alex anymore, I sigh in relief and halt when I am infront of Aiden's room. I notice his room is slightly open. As I walk to the door my heart begins to beat really fast, my hands trembles and I reduce my pace. With two steps I take I inhale and exhale. For some reason I had the urge to run away but I am done running. I will face my fears today and talk to him.

I push the door open slightly and tears roll down my eyes, my legs betray me as it staggers backwards. My chest aches so much I had to clutch to it and bite my lips to stop me from yelling. The corner of my lips pull downwards as I choke in my sobs.

The sight before me was heartbreaking. He pull away from her as she bent over doggy style. His gaze meets mine and for a moment I can swear I saw guilt before he walks to the door and bang his door really hard. I jolt. I reach out for my phone and did the only I could think of. I call Davil and he answers on the first ring.

"Davil - Da- Da-"

"What happened? Where are you?", he panics.

"He hurt me, Davil. Davil, he hurt me', I sob loudly as I couldn't hold in the tears.

"Come and take me home ", I beg and he hangs up.

My back hit the wall and I slide to the ground and bury my head on my knee as I sob uncontrollably. I am certain he can hear me cry but he doesn't care. He never did.

I decided at that point to never love anyone again.

I am done with love.

I hope you are happy, Aiden.

Chapter 2


"If you don't want to go, it is fine," Davil says from behind me.

I sigh as I look at myself in the reflection. I am dressed and ready to go. I honestly don't want to go but because it is my last day in this God forsaken school, I have to go. It is something to celebrate about. No more stupid stares, murmurs like I can't hear them and the constant pointing and avoidance. I can't wait for this night to come to an end. I honestly pray I don't meet Aiden because I don't know how to react.

"I can talk to mum-" davil tries to make me stay back

"She would just think it is another one of my excuse. It's fine really", I stand up and pace back, my eyes still on my reflection.

My cross white jumpsuit displaying my curves and leverage. My make-up is light and I am still on the didi. I am on diamond jewelries, my mum's earring and diamond ring. Mum says it is a sigh of leadershi


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