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Chasing after my destiny

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'Chasing after my destiny' is a fantasy story about a boy whose parents had all the powers one could possibly ask for, but never got the chance to enjoy even the tiniest bit of it as he never knew who his parents were and even after realizing who they were he couldn't take action in order not to disrupt the peace of the world. He takes advantage of the major enemy the world is facing, to get his own 'power' and built his own family but his children couldn't follow in his footsteps realizing who they truly were. Everyone is chasing after their destiny.

Chapter 1 A weird day


In a science lab in one of the rooms, an intruder alarm is being heard. All the scientist from the other labs along with the doctor in charge dashed to their feet to find out the cause.

The first to reach the door was the doctor in charge of the experiment, a middle age man with light red tangling spiky hair with a large scar running across his left eye.

Swinging the door open, the doctor entered to check what was going on only to realize that one of his three successful test subject among thousands of failed experiment is missing from the text tube.

"Sh*t!! How did this happen ?" the doctor shouted in anger "turn on the emergency lock down of this whole building and find the culprit" he ordered. Not up to second before a beep was heard.






8 .....

"Darn it! get out of here, it about to explo...."


Lying on the floor was the doctor who unfortunately had lost an arm close to a car park outside in the compound.

Over him was his closest assistant who seems to be saying something that he couldn't quite understand because of the effect of the explosion.

" hear me? we need to get out of here" his assistant said tapping him on his cheek.

"Huh? Joe?" The doctor tried to clarify.

Joe, a young man with a slight black shaved hair and full beards who just finished all his necessary course with good performance. He recently got employed by 'Dominion science' and got assigned as an assistant to the Doctor in charge of a certain experiment.

"Yeah, it me, let's get out of here....I really need oxygen" joe said almost choking out of breath , helping the doctor get on his feet. They quickly got out of the compound, out on the road that looks to be deserted.

The area where they were carrying out these experiment was an 'access-restricted-area (no-go zone)', a totally abandoned place right at the center of little big city.



"Now, what the hell just happened?! I mean I can't believe all my whole life achievements just got burnt down in merely three minutes!"the doctor said, feeling angry.

Actually, he was also feeling sad and even confused. The doctor noticing a strange lightning-look striking all over him, he decided to turn.

"What is it? You look like someone about to Scold another." The doctor asked, looking puzzled.

"Yeah! Cause I'm about to. Don't you think you are being to selfish?" Joe asked, feeling irritated as he continued "I mean you just escaped death by the skin of your teeth and all you are rambling about is how you lost your life achievements, what about those who just lost their lives, can they get it back? No."he angrily finished. After taking a deep breath he said "I'm pretty sure you haven't realize that you lost an arm"


"I..I..I lost one of my ha...."the doctor couldn't complete his words, realizing that he had just lost one of his hands. He fainted after seeing loads of blood bleeding out of his forelimb.

Joe has actually been staring at the doctor's bleeding parts ever since helping him get out of the compound and couldn't even comprehend the fact that the doctor hadn't noticed, still he decided to leave him to his greed swallowing him up.

'Wow! I can't believe people like this still exist' joe thought, as he tore his shirt arm to tie on the bleeding part allowing it to turn round the doctor's neck. 'well, let's just hope you still have enough blood to keep you alive'.

'Now, that I think about it, wasn't there actually an intruder?' Joe thought, placing a finger on his chin. He then stood up to observe the vicinity.

At the top of a building three blocks away, a huge human figure could be seen, someone that seems to have a green body with spikes running from its shoulders down to the wrist, putting on only a black trouser that's torn up to the shin part.

On its hand was something that looks to be a person, kneeling down with his face also facing down.

"Alright! Today is really an unfathomable weird day." Joe said, lifting the doctor up from the ground."hey doctor? I think it's best we get of here, I'm getting a bit scared".

When the doctor got lifted from the ground, he has started to regain consciousness, hanging on to Joe's shoulder with his right hand that's still intact.

"Tsk, what do you think you're doing" the doctor asked in an angry tone.

"Saving your 'greedy *ss' from dying in the hands of an unknown being. "Joe replied.

"What do you mean by 'an unknown being'?"

"I bet you don't want to know and we better not die here, fate has given us a second chance and I'm not going to risk it."

" 'fate!' you really believe those kind of crap? Men! You better grow up. "The doctor said now standing on his own.

"Huh, crap? Really?! Wow! Then, do you mind scientifically proving how you're still alive? Just so you know, you were the last to leave that lab room."

"Jeez! Who would ever thought or believe you can be this rude to someone"

"Well, that's why you should never judge a book by it cover "

After getting out of the 'Access - restricted - area', they appeared to be in a very busy place where just two street away is where the centre market is.

"So where are you heading to? Cause the opposite direction of where we're coming from is the way to my house" The doctor asked.

"Isn't it obvious, my house of course, like i said, an unknown being was steering at us three blocks heading that part and I'm not risking it"Joe answered.

"I think we would have to report this occurrence to the government agency " the doctor said.

"Alright, let's talk about that when we get to my house, and what can they even do about it? Give us a new lab and ask us to start from scratch? Man, we've got to take a break."

"Yeah yeah, now you're talking like you're a matured man" the doctor teased.

"Of course I'm a matured man"

"Who said having full unshaved beard is being matured?"

"Jeez! Can you tell me your version of being matured then"



Chapter 2 Training


In a world splitted into three categories.

One - Those with super abilities at the west which had three major village namely Takeki clan, Maneki clan and Razeki clan. Two - Those under the government in the city called 'Visgard' at the north. Three - A place ran by an unknown government leading an army of aliens at the east and a wasteland at the south.

Where each categories believes to be trying to bring peace and harmony or should I say trying to dominate others using their various idea method.


"Ah, that was a really intensive training" said, by a boy breathing heavily, drinking a bottle of water after training with one of the top knight in the village. A boy with a red faux hawk hairstyle with three stripes of light blue at the sides, putting on a breastplate, knuckle-spiked gloves and a golden pendant with horse head.

"Alright Jade, that's enough for today, get some rest."the knight said, g


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