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Cast a spell

Cast a spell

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"I have power, I have the strength, I have the magic and I am the prince of the princes," Gerald Xin, blazing pure magic. "I also have magic, I am intelligent and smart. But I don't know what I am," Kira Herman stared at him in question. *** My name is Kira Herman. I was just a normal high school student getting exited about my graduation ceremony which would come up just a day before my birthday. I was fortunate to be born amongst the top smartest people in the world and here I am in my home country, unbelieving the nonsense believes of normal students about supernatural nonsense. Not knowing normality was just a left over advice from your parents. Everything changed when I got to the university. I met him. When I meant him, I meant to say the most handsome guy I have ever laid my eyes on and another fact, he beats my IQ, SQ, EQ, AQ and CA. He was my rival. Or not? I never did knew I was dragging scores with the prince of the supernatural world, the demon prince who had ran away from home to become a human and my future husband...?

Chapter 1 Years ago

It was a beautiful sunny day in California, America. The calmness of the day made it hard to imagine anything terrible or strange happening.That afternoon, on my 30th birthday, something special occurred. I had been chosen to join the army after years of hard training. It was a proud moment for my parents, and to add to the excitement, it was also my birthday. It was a joyous day for me, and all I could think about was the birthday cake."Come on, it's my birthday. Can we cut the cake already?" I eagerly exclaimed, anticipating the deliciousness of the large cake. I couldn't help but be excited about dessert."Relax, Danny. The cake isn't going anywhere," my wife said, smiling at me. I groaned and rolled my eyes."Who said cakes can't run away?" I muttered, and everyone laughed. They all knew about my love for desserts."Danny, you're 30 years old. Act your age!" my dad exclaimed, and I rolled my eyes again. I was a major now, after all."I'll act my age once someone cuts the cake in half. It looks so delicious," I said, rubbing my hands together as I stared at the beautiful dessert."Can't wait?" my wife asked, smiling at me.If I had to choose the most important person in my life, it would be my wife. She had always been there for me, and she would always be my life partner. I loved her deeply."Yeah, I can't wait, love," I grinned, and they all laughed.My wife, Lucia, lit the candles on the cake and gave me a seductive smile."Make a wish," she whispered, and my parents clapped."Yes, Danny, make a wish!" my mom cheered, and I leaned over to make a wish on the amazing cake.Closing my eyes, I made a heartfelt wish. I blew out the candles, and everyone cheered.My mind suddenly wandered back to that morning when my friends and I were walking around the market. We had come across a woman who claimed to be a seer. At first, I scoffed at the idea and thought it was all superstitious nonsense.I sat in the middle of a bench with my friends, watching the seer perform strange incantations."This is ridiculous," I muttered to myself, observing the woman with her odd makeup."Just be quiet and listen to your future, Daniel," one of my friends snapped at me.I sighed and rubbed my temples."Give me your hand," the seer said. I reluctantly extended my hand towards her, and she examined it intently."What a strange woman," I mumbled to myself."Wow, you are blessed!" she suddenly exclaimed, her eyes widening."What?" I frowned at her."Very soon, you will encounter a queen," she said, lifting her head to look at me. It was bizarre."What?" I questioned, confused."A beautiful queen and her daughter," she continued."Huh?" I furrowed my brow."Today, your life is going to change dramatically. Expect a powerful wind that will permanently alter your life," she said."Well, I guess I'll be waiting for that," I said, pulling my hand away from hers."Just remember that everything will be okay, son," she advised."Okay, ma'am," I nodded, still finding it all ridiculous. I didn't believe in such nonsense.I stood up and addressed my friends."You guys brought me here, so pay her," I said, and they all avoided my gaze, preoccupied with their own futures. They were all so superstitious.I shared the whole experience with my wife when I got home. She, too, was a superstitious person, and she seemed uneasy after hearing about it. I sighed.Suddenly, the wind blew around, and we all looked around. What was that? Still, I ignored it completely.I cut a piece of cake and placed it on a plate. I wanted to feed my wife, but she stopped me."You felt that strong wind, didn't you?" she asked me, and a frown crept up on my face. Why is she getting worried about a little wind? It's my birthday, for goodness' sake. Why is she so superstitious, for goodness' sake?"The thing you explained to me this morning. Isn't this what the woman said?""Are you for real, Lucia?" I sighed, then patted her head."Guys, that was just a little breeze, a normal one, and it happens almost every day. It's my birthday today and also a joyful day for me." I complained, and Mom smiled at me."Okay, birthday boy, let's cut the cake," my mom smiled, picking up the knife."Wait!" I quickly stopped her, remembering something important. They all turned around to look at me."What? What's the problem?" Mom asked."One minute,"I asked for permission, and they all chuckled softly.Lucia smiled at me. I went to grab the wooden box behind the table."What is that?" she asked curiously. She should at least calm down."Guess," I muttered."Come on, Danny, what's in there? Stop acting all naughty again, for goodness' sake," Lucia complained."Best moment spoiler!" I accused."Okay, whatever! Show me already," Lucia said, clapping her hands together in anticipation, and I smiled."This..."I brought out a white fluffy rabbit."Wow!" they all exclaimed."You always wanted this, right?" I questioned with a smile."But it's your birthday, you shouldn't have bought me this," Lucia complained cutely, making me giggle softly. What a cute wife I had."When it is my birthday, it's also your birthday. That makes it two birthdays today," I said with a smile plastered on my face.Lucia looked at me with those dreamy eyes of hers and hugged me almost instantly."Aww..." they all chorused."I love you, Danny," she muttered, melting my heart. I really love this woman so much."I love you too, Lucia," I replied softly."Aww..." they all chorused again."It's now time for the cake!" Mom said happily, and they all cheered.The day was a happy day for my wife and me. My birthday, the most memorable day of my life, the day I will never forget, the day I met her, the day my life began to change inwardly. If I had known...She looked around the streets. Her vision was blurry and animated. She looked at her body and winced in pain. Why is it so strange? Why is she in so much pain?She approached some gamblers on the streets. She batted her lashes over and over again in wonder.They were busy smoking and gambling. But poor her was lost. She walked towards them slowly, carefully watching her steps because she felt like she could trip and fall at any time."Please," she muttered.The gamblers saw the naked woman walking towards them. She was exhausted and also in pain. She wanted water and food. She also wanted shelter. She was cold too. She looked pitiful, but who knows what she is."Hey," one of the gamblers called, looking at her from her foot to her head. She looked so gorgeous and bright. She was a beautiful spotless naked angel. She looked like that cartoon doll (Barbie) kids get attached to. But the only problem is, she was in distress. A beauty in distress."Water," she mumbled, with her feet wobbling, and she fell before them."Please," she begged pathetically.The gamblers looked at each other and smiled. This was a nice catch to them, and they are so gonna take advantage of it."You need water?" one of them asked, smiling widely."Yes, I need water, please help me," she begged again slowly. "Please,"She said, her voice sounding heavenly like an echo to the ears. Her voice was so beautiful."We will give you water," the other man said, licking his lips seductively.'What a nice catch,' he thought to himself.She was so, so beautiful to resist."Okay," she muttered."Come on,"One of them grabbed her hand, and she winced in pain. That touch looked hard. They aren't going to give her water.She felt the feeling the minute they touched her. They held her to take advantage of her. Is she gonna allow them? Never!!!"Are you okay?" one of them asked, and she looked at him in a blazing gaze."I am, but you are not," she replied coldly.She pushed him away. He fell down, hitting his head on hard concrete. How come she suddenly changed in a second she was touched? Her hair covered her face, but it wasn't enough to cover her horror eyes, which were used to death stare at them.She walked to the others, and they all looked at her in shock. She had that sinister smirk on her face that makes even the walls shiver at her presence."What are you?" they questioned, trying to be fearless even with their voices trembling."Your worst nightmare," she replied, smirking at them."What... what are you going to do with us, you...?"She formed flames with her hands, and the men moved back in shock and fear. What is she? What a horrible day for them!"I will kill you all," she replied. Her voice was sounding hoarse and quite penetrating.What happened?"You all are trying to take advantage of me, right?" she questioned, creasing her brows in delight."No, we are not," one of them said as they were all moving back in fear."You were trying to take advantage of me," she said, looking at them weirdly. Even her weird looks were scary, scaring them to the wits."We... we..." They stuttered, and she cut them off with a sudden wind sweeping them off their feet.

Chapter 2 Accepting her...1

My name is Akeema, the Witch Queen. I am a powerful ruler of the witches clan and the supernatural realms. As the second-in-command to the Demon King, who governs the entire supernatural world, I possess immense power and control over the realms and even humans themselves. However, I struggle to control myself. To escape the watchful eyes of the covens and other witches, I fled to the human world with the mission of gaining control over myself, rather than controlling my people. Now, here I am on Earth, residing with a small family on this tiny planet.*She swiftly caught the first person before they fell and swiftly ended their life.The second individual had their eyes removed and tongue severed by her merciless hands. It was a horrifying sight, as she showed no mercy in her actions.The third person managed to escape, running for their life, while the fourth person's head was brutally smashed against the hard concrete with a single push.


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