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Set in a dark age of black magic and mystical creatures, A family established on an aisle of blood, deception and betrayal with a curse of life and soul, hanging over their heads, one, a supreme king of the 66 kingdoms of Aison and the habourer of his father's legacy, the second, a loyal, resilient but a bit hypocritical moralist. and the last, an eccentric harbinger of the dark arts with strategy in her eyes. They, the feared Rulers and dominator of nations fight to avert what seemed inevitably written in their legacy with the weight of a problematic situation somehow linked with a young queen, Rendaya Storm of Gilhad. It mostly examines King Dorian Jay Raider ll and his hereditary thirst for absolute Reign and Authority and how it may ultimately be his undoing. it's a story of forbidden romance, twisted obsessions and the musings of a mad man that corrupts every one around him. All which began after the events of a dark war

Chapter 1

Aldrich an elf, a mere advisor to the king, watched the Queen's lean fingers move the cup slowly to her lips. He could tell it was a habit of hers to consistently worry about the rectitude of the king. There was a fine contrast between the king of Ainite and his youngest wife. A clear distinction of good and crooked. The later, stringing the former along to preserve the little light that was left in him.

King Richard was a good king, though not always proper in his ways and prone to the contemplation of demoralizing acts (his present intentions an example of such) was good and he cared alot for his morality check and she was the Queen 'Raina de March of pegninton. Raina was the hold that hindered his atempt to decieve the king of Nanon into signing away his birthright, his throne. Though, Nanon was considered insignificant, it had significance enough to expand his kingdom Ainite which also was quite insignificant but fared better than Nanon in every aspect.

Aldrich who stood just a mile away and thought it a logical and very risk filled idea to convert the inheritance of another that was in the shape of a kingdom with people and an army, into ones own property. If Nanon was anything other than worthless, a war would definitely ensue, but Nanon had no strength or predominance whatsoever. Aldrich adored the idea and stood a while pondering on possible schemes that could render it a possibility he thought, that if properly executed on kingdom such as Nanon, it could mean the instigation of something magnificently humongous.

He nvisaged a kingdom made up not just of territories but of more kingdoms! Kings as subordinate to a supreme king. beings, born into a birthright of superiority and entitlement. men who were brought into the world to control and dominate, to spread a will only favourable to their own inclinations would finally have a restriction, a limit. He thought of superiorities bowing to an even greater superior and it would all begin with his bloodline. A bloodline of supreme kings ruling over other kings. At that moment, he viewed King Richard as weak and filled with incapabilities. He thought him stupid for allowing a little woman with pointless soft hearted morals be an obstacle to such vision of greatness.

At that moment, he desired greatly to be king of Ainite, Nanon and all the kingdoms he could conquer but first, he had to kill Richard and convert his throne and just with a thought and countless bloody wars with various events after, the predominant multileteral nations of Aison was born through Aldrich's bloodline. King Aldrich Raider, the thief who stole the throne. many generations later his bloodline all powerful and feared, conquered and ruled 66 out of 85 kingdoms of the world. They were indomitable until the mystical dark war, of black magic instigated by another selfish king from his bloodline, threatened to shake the bloodline of the Raiders with a curse that only one can lift and for centuries that person had yet been found until now, the Reign of king Dorian Jay Raider II.


Two generations later

An ooze of toxic foulness enveloped a well adorned room with the unmistakable stench of the deceased. A figure laying stiff, motionless with the little light of flame torches illuminating it's rigid body. He was dead and that was certainty, for amongst other things,his body drowned in the pool of his red bodily fluid. Bloody footsteps trailed from the inanimate dead man, forming a straight track to a man with his back turned from the corpse.

This man with his sleeves rolled up scanned the little table before him, on it was laid a fur coat, an arrow, a blade, a container of liquid with the inscription ' injurious ' boldly written on it and an amphora that contained wine. On his right hand, he wore a glove and held a little surgical scissors while his left hand was naked and without gloves but was painted most appallingly with dry blood. He tossed the scissors incautiously on the table and grabbed the amphora then swerved to face the fast decaying corpse. His mind thought nothing of the inanimate creature but his sense organs reacted swiftly to the fetid body. As it struck his nostril, he wrinkled it in a show of disgust. His eyes wandered away from what he considered a wretched thing and fell purposefully on another man who sat on a king sized bed with a show of misery.

A long look of guilt and frustration drew down his face with a mix of horror and regret, he held in his had a silver dagger smeared with dry blood. He stared down at it with a woeful look embedded in his forest green eyes and in a trembling voice still shook from the atrocious scene in his head, he said

Chapter 2

"I - I ... He - I should not have have done this, Dorian".

The piteous display the king Dorian Raider the second watched, steered up a certain feeling of repugnance within him so he spat " Enough with this grandiose show of ethical stupidity!" His voiced thundered across the room. "This pretentious nonsense is getting ever old now, don't you think brother?!" He poked his forehead dramatically and while poking vigorously into the air, he said "Do not pretend, Delroy, that snuffing a life is not your sworn duty! " He paused as though wanting to catch his breath then he added calmly but rather hastily ,

"This was not your first and certainly would not be your last"

Prince Delroy shot his Brother , king Dorian a look of Abhorrence. He opened his mouth in defence but nothing could be uttered . The dagger he held fell from his loose grip with a clattering sound as It landed on the ground , he stared down at i


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