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Blood Moon : Awakening

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Portals connect our world to the world of demons. They crossover in armies to invade our world when the portal's energy is at its peak and that is during a blood moon. Through years of battling the demons, humanity was able to harness the special energy that gives the demons their powers and utilize it to create special soldiers, known as source soldiers, who would match up to these demons. Through their valiant efforts and the overall bravery of the world's military, humanity pushed back against the demons and are able to protect our world. In a twist of fate, Kris crosses paths with a source soldier, James, and his typical life of being a highschool delinquent gets turned into a battlefront against the demons. Join him and a host of other characters as they train their hardest to also protect the world from the invading demons.


It was a cold night in Giza, Egypt. A large crimson red moon in the sky. Civilians had been evacuated from the entire city. Soldiers at every corner, hearts beating, pupils dilating, sweat dripping. Guns clenched, tanks loaded, fighter jets circling the area, heavy artillery all focused on a single point, a small portal with distorted waves of brown energy. The portal was accompanied by a violent windstorm that engulfed the entire area and kept spreading throughout the country. Some soldiers collapsed from the pressure; others fell to their knees. A select group of five stood firm at the rear and mirrored the energy in blue hues. They were clad in knight like armor of the same colour. The brown energy returned suppressed, and silence took over the city of Giza.

The commanding officer stood firmly at the rear. "Take aim!" he ordered.

"Here it comes." a soldier quavered to himself. He could feel his heart pounding loudly in his ear drums. The longer the silence, the more the fear sipped into the hearts of the soldiers as they awaited what was to come.

With a thundering boom. The portal expanded to the size of a skyscraper. The bloodlust and pressure that could be felt by the soldiers made some to lose their nerves as they pulled back from the battlefield. In a moments notice, loud roars came from the portal and out rushed an army of demons.

"Fire!" yelled the Commander with every ounce of energy from his body. This was followed by a roar of courage from the soldiers who stared death in its face as they cocked their weapons and began raining fire at the raging demons.

The demons retaliated by firing energy blasts at the soldiers, increasing the number of casualties on both sides. The fighter jets swooped down to take out the demons; some succeeded, while others were destroyed. A minotaur jumped with its axe and slammed into a jet, tearing through it. It landed with a twirl, its axe in-between the pilots head. There was a brief shock on the soldiers side. The demons grinned and started shooting down the other planes with their weapons or energy blasts.

"Special forces! Move out!" the commander bellowed with saliva bursting out of his mouth and his eyes popping. They leapt from their positions, summoned their weapons and landed in front of the soldiers shooting at the demons. They charged at the demons with incredible speed before dashing through as they severed the demons in their path. As the fight went on, a soldier came to the Commander to report on the situation.

"I see, so we have lost that much already... F*ck!" cursed the Commander with a frown pressing his face. He bit his finger as he thought to himself...

"We have no choice. This blood moon is way more dangerous than I had anticipated." He added.

"Sergeant!" He spoke firmly.

"Yes Sir!"

"Ready our big gun."

"But sir, isn't it a bit early? Not to mention that he's still quite unstable!"

"I know that! But we have no choice!" the Commander responded, gritting his teeth as he faced the battlefield.

He turned to the sergeant with his eyes glaring into the man's soul, "That's an order!"

"Yes sir!" The sergeant responded terrified.

He rushed to the base. His eyes widened, his heart pumping. Sounds of explosions going bizarrely as limbs from demons and soldiers a like landed occasionally in his path. By the time he got to the base, he was out of breath. Two soldiers were guarding the entrance.

"The Commander..." he gasped.

"Huh?" The two soldiers looked confused.

"The Commander has requested he join the battle. The situation is very dire."

A look of disbelief and worry filled their faces. One of the soldiers cursed as he went inside where there a young boy sat, meditating. He sat with his eyes closed and his hands rested on his lap, with a slim yet well-defined build.

"James!" he called out.

The boy took a deep breath in, opened his eyes slowly and let the breath out.

"Hoo, so it's my turn now," he chortled with a smirk.

As the fight went on in Egypt, down in New York city, a boy was asleep in class as a teacher strolled in. The teacher was dressed in a checkered shirt and tie, briefcase in hand and bland prescribed glasses. Clearly a newbie. He met the students noisy and doing whatever they wanted.

"Quiet!" he yelled.

The entire class perked up except the sleeping boy. Vexed, he walked up to the student and tried to tap him gently.

"Go away," the boy responded, sleepily.

The other students began to chuckle at the sight and to everyone's shock, the teacher smacked the boy on the head. The class went silent.

A student slowly turned to another and said, "Did he... did he just hit Kris?"

"Oh no," the other responded with terror in his voice.

Kris opened his eyes and lifted his head up with an insane smile on his face. His blue eyes glowed with deadly intent.

"Young man, you ought not to be sleeping in class. It's a show of disrespect and irresponsibility... You youths of..."

"Who the f*ck are you...?" Kris cut the teacher short.

The man, tongue tied at first, adjusted his tie. "That's ummm... rude"

As Kris got up from his seat, so also did James reach the battlefield in Giza. Red energy started to build up around him. Both boys looked at the opponents in front of them and said,

"Well...this will be fun."

Chapter 1

The dust settled around Giza as the portal shrunk until it became no more than a dot. There were no living demons in sight. The soldiers set up their energy meters around to check for trace amounts of source energy while James sat atop a dead minotaur, panting. His black hair was soaked in sweat and his irises were constricted and had a red glow. He felt a tap on his shoulder.

"You okay man?"

James turned to see his closest friend, Abubakr. He had a concerned look in his eye. James raised his head as his irises returned to their normal grey color.

"I'll live," he groaned.

"It's that unstable huh?"

"Yup, I have to maintain a high level of focus to keep it under control. The core is very much alive at this point and it keeps on trying to take over."

"Amazing how you can say that without a care in the world."

"I don't let it bother me. I'll just keep on fighting until I


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