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Beauty Of Vengeance

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What do you do when all comes crashing down? How do you react when you realize the maze is gone and the truth is what you can't handle? Love, pain, betrayal;... To what extent are you willing to go? The wedding picture Cassandra held fell to the floor shattering into thousands of pieces just like the state of her heart. ‘’My heart is in just as same state as this picture” She crawls her way to the balcony overlooking the beautiful city. A life of a perfect housewife, a perfect wife and partner, now she looks back and it had been nothing but a joke. She stares one more time at the beauty of the city beneath her. ‘’What a waste”’ she spat angrily. Letting her fragile body fall from the 8 floors of an apartment bought with her own money. ‘’Time is all I wish for’’ she whispers. Falling and letting her blood graze the hard tar. Frank and Kelly watched with a satisfied look, not seeing the third eye from the corner who watched with pain written all over him. 6 years is what she offered, standing before two men on her wedding day, Cassandra wakes up. She had to choose a groom, will she go back with this man or would she take her chances into finding out what another 6 years would be in the hands of those longing eyes that watched her fall to her death or the hands that pushed her?’’

Chapter 1

Finally, the deal day was here, Cassandra had not slept all night. She wanted everything perfect. It was already 10 am and she knew his flight would be arriving any moment from now. 

Her head falls sternward, remembering just how she walked down the aisle to him with a huge smile and tears of joy. Born to two best friends, they have loved each other from childhood and are now married, she could not get enough of him.

 she could not wish for a better life. Her slender hands travel to her flat stomach. A silly smile creeps on her lips. They have been trying for a baby for the longest time. They were finally going to be parents, everything was set and ready.

her phone rings disturbing her, she pulls it out from the apron, and she covers her body a glance at the screen makes her smile broader.

 “Hello Bestie”  a voice came through her phone. Cassandra could not help but squeal in excitement. It was taking all she had to stop herself from telling her best friend about the news

”Preparing to welcome hubby?” Kelly asked. Cassandra was more than grateful for having both of them in her life. They were the true definition of selfless love, they loved her without bounds. 

They have known each other since childhood. While she desperately had a crush on Frank, Kelly could not help but make fun of her at all times. She was more than a sister to her.

”oh come on” Spare me your details for today. When will you get married?’’. Cassandra chuckles. Kelly had never had a boyfriend, she is the perfect example of love at last sight, always on the front of trouble. 

Her best friend's singleness gave her worry. While she has always claimed to have a secret boyfriend, Cassandra has still yet to meet the mystery man since she last mentioned him 6 years ago. She was worried

”How about I wait for you and Frank to make me an aunt first?” Kelly replied. At the mention of a baby Cassandra could no longer keep it to herself.

 “What if I told you it will be happening in eight months?” 

‘’What? What did you say?’’ Cassandra could feel the sudden tension from the other end of the call. Something shattered.

 “Are you okay Kelly? Cassandra asked worriedly. It was big news.

 ‘’oh……I am okay, did you just say You're pregnant? Kelly's voice suddenly sounded cold and distant but Cassandra was so excited about sharing her joy with her best friend that she couldn't take note of the sudden change 

“yes I found out yesterday I can't wait to tell Frank” 

‘’Oh yes, tell Frank…. Cass, I have to go, I just got a call to head home you know mum, she can be quite a lot to handle when she comes over.’’

” Okay girl, see you around” Cassandra continues with getting the table ready. She walked over to the bar and his favorite was nowhere to be found. She could have vowed they got an entire cartoon delivery a month prior. 

 It wasn't something she could buy around it could only be imported and only sold on order. He shared the same wine interest and taste as Kelly. Since she had mentioned she was on her way home she might as well meet her there. Casandra had some time before he arrived.

She quickly got ready and went into her car, the ride was a quick one. She soon arrived at the apartment Kelly shared with her mysterious roommate.

yes, he was mysterious, she had never gotten a chance to meet him in over 6 years. from the information Kelly shared with her, she understood he was a doctor and like always doctors were busy.

 She hurriedly got into the elevator Kelly lives on the 8th floor, and she stepped out, staring at the big Mahogany door before her.

She now realized just how long it had been since she last visited her best friend. She has been extremely busy. And the launching of Frank's company made it very impossible for her to have time of her own. She tried the door knobs but it was locked.

”she must still be on her way” Cassandra leaned over the door. She had not realized how tiring her day had been. She was up by 4 am and leaning now and doing nothing made her sleepy, the door by the corner opened and a Young Man, maybe 25 or less walked over to her. 

‘’Sorry, I had not realized you had come already. Kelly left your key with me.’’ He held out a set of keys Cassandra was on the Verge of refusing when she decided to take it. It would cause no harm, Kelly was on her way home. 

”thank you” she replied, turning to try the keys on the door, and just as she had suspected it did open. He must have mistaken her for a friend or roommate of hers. Her apartment was freshly and neatly cleaned.

“Kelly didn't tell me she was expecting a guest” Cassandra pounded, the table was nicely set with sweet aroma dishes, but that was not why she was there, she needed the wine. knowing how protective Kelly was of her precious wine, the bar would be the last place she would keep it, 

Cassandra quickly went through her bestie's room and as she had expected she hid it so well within a mini wine bar in her chambers, “what a clever b*tch” she remarked.

 The sound of voices made her aware Kelly was home, but she wasn't alone. Kelly sounded so happy it must be her roommate, Cassandra thought to herself, she could swear she heard a man.

 it wasn't her intention to eavesdrop but she wanted to hear more of her besties laugh. Ever since she got married and became Less available for chats and night outs, Kelly had not been herself. 

Cassandra could only pray and hope she found a man who would love her entirely as Frank loved her. She moved closer when her eyes met the worst possible scene ever. They were making out Kelly was half naked with her hands fighting the belt of Frank. While his mouth s*ck*d her t*ts out of milk,

 “How could this be? '' she asked but her voice was not audible enough to distract the cheating couple. She was watching the life p*rn of her husband and best friend, how long have they been going out behind her back? how could the two most important people in her life betray her so cruelly? Kelly suddenly pushed him off her 

“ I can't continue like this Frank she is pregnant” Kelly announced her voice holding no remorse 

“You know you are the one I love. Baby or no baby she is nothing just give me more time, the company will be launched in two months and I will divorce her.

 “Frank grabbed Kelly by the waist onto his lap. Cassandra closed her mouth, preventing her sobs from being heard. Her eyes stunk painfully as tears flowed,

 “What about the baby? I don't want my man having a child with another woman except me’’ Kelly whined.

 Her man? He was her f*ck*ng husband. Cassandra could not believe the woman speaking was her best friend, the only friend she had and had always treated her like a sister. The same best friend was not as willing to let a baby off.

“Come on babe, you don't think I will let her have that child, would I? She and the baby will be off our lives, the company will be ours and the house and bank cash will be mine” Frank sounded like some villain character in a Halloween movie. 

Cassandra looked over to the night table and her wedding picture stood there, right in front of her best friend. It was the first thing she would see when she woke up and the last before she slept. 

Was this here so as for her to remind herself of just how pathetic she was fooling her own best friend? Kelly had the nerve to place her wedding picture in her room when she was banging her man on the same bed. 

‘’See, I will soon be your wife’’ Kelly takes another one of the wedding pictures by the dinner table, throwing it to the ground. The glass frame shattered into a thousand pieces. Just as in the picture, Cassandra's heart shattered. 

Her hands could no longer get a tight grip on the wine consequently letting it fall to the floor, the liquid smearing everywhere. Kelly and Frank jumped to their feet, by the sudden intrusion. Cassandra could not hold back her tears. 

‘’Really now? You two of all people? come on wake me the f*ck up’’ Cassandra yelled amidst tears.  Kelly walked up to her dragging her by her hair, taking her by surprise 

‘’I should have done this a long time ago, it's been 6 years and now it is my turn. He has always been mine’’ Kelly sneered. 

Chapter 2

Frank watched with a satisfactory smirk as Kelly tossed Cassandra around. That was his wife but nothing she said nor her tears moved him, rather it made him angry. He wasn't glad, it was hard to die. It was taking too much time already and pissing him off.

 “What did I ever do wrong? I was there when your parents left you, it was I who helped you all along the way……. Frank, this is our baby, you're watching her punch ” Cassandra sobs. 

Her hair hurts so much, she's been pulled too many times over the floor that she couldn't count. While she slipped in and out of consciousness, Frank and Kelly had prepared for her death. 

A suicide note laid carelessly on the table. Her bank card last will and last testament were well drafted and written out by Kelly. She had typed the whole thing so as not to raise suspicion. Since she wasn't willing to hand over the code they might as well get it the other way.

“ Have you gotten everything?” Kelly turned to Frank who Was bus


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