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Bebe San7

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  • Author: Bebe San7
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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Jane took a quick glance at his height and just like her he had a pair of beautiful straight long legs, just his was rather manly and firm in those nicely polished dark leather shoes. He was wearing sunglasses, she walked closer to him and just as she suspected, he was the CEO of Brights Entertainment Damon Miles. She had met him once but wasn’t sure if he still remembered her. “Was he also getting married today?” she ask particularly no one. Her thoughts are distracted by the arrival of his secretary. “President, miss Grey has not arrived” the assistant behind him reported. Damon miles shook his head in disappointment, “If she can’t make it on time for the marriage, I doubt she will make it in time as my wife” his voice was cold and firm. “No need to come” his assistant panicked as they were working on a condition. He had to get a married bride or no bride. “President, the old man said, you must marry today, even if it has to be nobody” this statement alone made Damon weak. He hearted the fact his life was been dictated at the moment by the old man. Not to mention he hates being powerless. “Pick a random girl from a reputed family, anyone is okay,” Damon miles ordered. This gave Jane an idea. So he was faced with the same situation as her, Jane smiled. She knew it wasn’t going to be easy, and it was a rather bold step from her end. This was not just any regular man but the king of bright. He could get whosoever he wanted, but she felt the need to walk up to him. “I will be your bride”

Book cover

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