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A Night With The Handsome Stranger

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Getting laid was just Regina's priority, who she does it with will not be such a big deal however it will be safer to do it with a stranger not to risk starting something after just one night. Tired and frustrated by how the world has treated her, Regina Hall made up her mind to get laid at all costs. 21, a virgin, she was done! Chris Jones, the handsome stranger Regina met at the gas station was the perfect match, not because he was handsome but for unknown reasons, she couldn't explain. It was safe if she did it with him, he wouldn't come back and that's exactly what Regina wanted. Regina eventually got laid but Chris wasn't having it, he wanted her no matter what Regina thinks, he had fallen for her. It was love and he would do anything to make her his. Their world colliding wasn't just a mere coincidence, it was destiny and fate bringing them together.

Chapter 1 Prologue

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hey There 👋, this is the book 1 of the Witches' Series. More Series Coming After this book.

Gina's Point of View......

Sitting quietly on the bench at the gas station, I could not help but to savored the handsome young man standing one meter away from me. We stared at each other and I looked away shyly. Something I had never done before. Isn't that strange?

"He is hot," I thought.

I have been surrounded by handsome guys all my life but none has seemed to catch my fancy. The urge to know him is so much and I made myself a promise to get to know him beyond here.


I turned and saw my best friend calling me. I was on my way home now.

"What is going on with you, I have been yelling your name ever since?"

She complained when she got to me.

"Sweetie sorry, I got a lot running on my mind"

I apologized with a little smile on my face.

Nora has been my one and only friend since I moved into the neighborhood last year, she is more like a sister and I could share anything with her. But then I decided that I am not letting her know what my mind was on yet. She could find it awkward and discourage me.

"Tell me"

she coaxed me,

"Don't worry babe some things are left unheard"

"So you are keeping things from me now?"

She said, making puppy eyes at me. She was faking the sadness though.

"Not at all, my love. I will tell you what it is but not now, alright?"

She nodded and we continued to head home. Where I live is just a work away from the gas station.

I got home that day, I could not stop thinking about him. I was so stupid not to even say hi to him or asked him his name.

It's time to get laid, forgive me mother that I am about to break my promise of keeping my virginity until my wedding night, my stupid hormones are getting to me these days. Not sure I will keep up with this stupid promise I made to you.

….Next day

I woke up to the ringing of my phone, there is nothing I hate most in my life than a phone call in the morning. I rose halfway to peep at my phone at the edge of my bed and saw that it was my mom calling. I picked it up.

"Morning mom,"

I said grumpily, not wishing to talk to her right now. I don't have the strength for her troubles this morning.

"Morning dear, sorry to wake you up so early in the morning but just calling to check up on you."

"I know mom, thanks for caring"

"You are my daughter and I am supposed to care for you no matter what you think of me"

She stated and I sighed deeply. She should not just start. I am not in for her sermon this morning.

"Mom, don't worry. I am fine and I will always be. Just take care of yourself"

"I will, have a good day, and be the good girl you are"

The last part was expected because she always said that each time we spoke on the phone.

"Always mom, no need to remind me"

I was a bit annoyed already and I am sure she noticed because of what she said next.

"Alright then, talk to you later"

She hung the call afterward. Mom and her early morning sermons. It's always this way every morning.

I love her so very much, don't get me wrong. She is the reason I want to succeed and to give her more than she has given me.

I am just a regular girl who feels that life is passing away from her and I want to do something about it. Not living for others or society.

Lately, I have wished I never had to listen to the blabs about being a good girl. It does not make sense to try keeping my virginity when my future husband is somewhere screwing a girl and I am here trying to keep myself because I believe that my husband will cherish me, that's abstract.

I got up from the bed and examined my bedroom. All that's in it represents the girl I am becoming. It's pretty cool to live by yourself with no one keeping a tag on your daily life.

I stood up and made my way to the bathroom, time to get on with the day. I work, and you all will be wondering what I do. I work with this private firm, I am their financial secretary. The pay is ok, I have plans to do more of what I love and that's designing. I am working towards that. I believe in myself so much. I know my worth and that's why I will do all it takes to build myself up.

30 minutes later, I left for work.


A few minutes to five, I was done getting my things ready to leave work. I need to go grab some fun and you know my idea of fun, sitting by myself and visualizing my world. You might see it as me being weird, but that's what makes me. I have never been normal.

My boss had left earlier so it was up to me to lock up the place and leave. I hurriedly locked up and left.

Standing on the highway, I was getting patient. It did not look like I was going to see a cab soon enough. Well, some days are like that here on this side of the town.

After a few minutes of not waiting any longer, I decided to make it home on foot.

I have not gone for like ten minutes when I sighted him. I could not believe my eyes that I'm seeing him again. My heartbeat rose ten times over. I just want to get myself checked, how could the sight of him do this to me?

Chapter 2 Meeting Him Again

I reached where he was standing with one other guy and, I quickened my steps but before that, I gave him the look that says.

"What are you doing to me?"

Throughout my 21 years of life, I have kept myself from anything that will bring shame to my faith as a Christian. I was what people would describe as a perfectly good girl but the way my hormones are acting up now, the good girl will soon go bad. It's unfair on my part that I had to go through all these psychological traumas of keeping norms.

A few minutes later I got home. I needed to chill from all these emotions I am feeling, I felt trampled up, lied to and worst of all, I feel unloved. I am tired of trying to keep up with these societal norms, it is driving me crazy. It's time to go bad.

I ventured into my room, and stripped down my clothes, keeping just my undies. I could do what I want to do if I want to but the guilt will kill me. If anyone should know me better, it should be me.


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