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You Can't Escape Me, Gabriella!

You Can't Escape Me, Gabriella!

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"You're Mine, only mine!" "You can't escape from me, Gabriella!" Ashton Crooke, a thirty-two-year-old bachelor, cold, strict, and the CEO of the biggest company in the City, the Diamond Groups, has a past that he couldn't get away in his mind when he encountered Gabriella White, the girl who caught his attention when he was in a hotel room. "Sorry, Sir, but I don't understand what you're talking about." Gabriella didn't recognize him, but as time went by, she realized that Ashton was the man who took her virginity when she accidentally entered the wrong hotel room because of drunkenness. Gabriella wanted to stay away from him, but Ashton did everything to stay with her.

Chapter 1

An entire-body mirror was placed in front of Gabriella to check her appearance. In an edgy long-sleeved peplum top with a high low asymmetrical, irregular hem casual top blouse skirt that accentuated the shape of her perfectly proportioned body, she looked stunning.

She walked out of her room with a smile on her face and a deep breath of fresh air.

While walking, a sixty-two-year-old lady approached her, "Breakfast is ready," Nana said, Gabriella's Nanny when she was still in the custody of the White Family in Emerald City.

After giving her a friendly smile, Gabriella followed Nana to the kitchen.

When they walked into the dining room, Gabriella noticed a four-year-old boy waiting for her. She smiled and approached him.

Gabriella walked up to the young boy and began to caress his hair. The young boy smiled as he looked her in the eyes. She leaned in close to the young boy and kissed him on the cheek before sitting beside him.

"Mommy, Nana told me that you are not the one who comes with me to school?" her son asked.

"No, baby. I have things to do today. Nana will accompany you to school, okay?" she answered him.

The young boy pouted, "Where are you going?" he inquired more.

"Mommy needs to find a job, baby. So, you need to be a good boy to Nana, is it clear?"

The young boy had nothing to do, so they began to have their breakfast.

Gabriella was eighteen when she became pregnant by a man she didn't know, and she had no idea how it happened.

That was a blunder on her part.

Gabriella's boyfriend cheated on her four years ago, and she was devastated. Due to the emotional turmoil, she was experiencing, destiny played a cruel joke on her when she entered the wrong room in a hotel where her ex-boyfriend had checked in with another lady.

Because she was intoxicated, Gabriella mistook a man in the room as her ex-boyfriend and called him. She had no idea what she had done that night, but when she woke up the following day, she found herself lying in bed with no clothes on her body. Then she understood that she had been loose of her virginity to an unknown man.

"Why don't you go back to your father, Gab?" Nana inquired while she was eating breakfast.

Gabriella paused her meal and turned to face Nana. "You know what my response to that is, Nana," Gabriella said as she replied.

As a result of her response, Nana shook her head.

Nana was well aware of Gabriella's difficulties with her father.

When Gabriella's father became aware of her unplanned pregnancy, he instantly expelled her from the family.

Gabriella's mother passed away when she was fifteen years old as a result of a medical condition. Even though her family has money to put toward her mother's medication, death is a reality she cannot avoid.

Gabriella was well aware that her father was the root cause of her mother's deteriorating health. They were aware that her father had an affair, and her mother attempted to mend their broken family. Her mother didn't take care of herself resulting from a severe illness in which her body was unable to function.

"You are Roman's only daughter, Gab, and he may consider inviting you back to the family."

"I've been living without him for the past four years now. My son and I made it through without his assistance, and we will continue to do so for the rest of our lives, Nana," Gabriella said in a solemn tone.

Nana took a long, deep breath and closed her eyes for a moment. She didn't do anything at all. She was well aware that Gabriella had no intention of returning to her father, no matter what happened.

After breakfast, Gabriella was the first to leave the house, followed by Nana and her son, who were getting ready to go to school.

Gabriella was standing in front of the Diamond Group building. Less than an hour had elapsed since her arrival. Employees were coming in and out of the building.

She blinked her eyes. She took a deep breath to settle herself, and then she decided to enter the building.

"Excuse me, but could you please tell me where the interview for the secretarial post is taking place?" Gabriella approached the woman working at the information desk and asked her a question.

"On the third floor.  Please keep an eye out for Mrs. Jessica Salvador, " The woman responded affirmatively.

"Thank you," Gabriella expressed with a smile.

She took the elevator up to the third floor, which was her destination. When she came out of the elevator, she noticed the people who were applying for employment. When she realized that some candidates appeared to be preparing for a fashion model audition, she widened her eyes.

Gabriella looked about, and when she spotted a woman in her thirties, she approached her with a friendly grin.

"Excuse me, but I'm looking for Mrs. Jessica Salvador. Where can I find her?" Gabriella asked.

The woman looked at her from head to toe.

Gabriella felt uncomfortable. After some seconds, the woman smiled and nodded.

"Give me your resume," the woman said in a serious tone

Gabriella handed her résumé to the woman in front of her, who she suspected to be Mrs. Jessica Salvador, after learning of her suspicions.

"Wait for your call," the woman instructed.

As an acknowledgement of her presence, Gabriella smiled and nodded. She went in search of a chair and sat down to wait for her name to be called.

It became clear as time went on that the number of candidates was decreasing. Some applicants leave the interview room with sorrowful faces and irritated expressions on their faces.

Gabriella was completely unaware of what was taking place within the interview room. When she first saw some of the applications, she was apprehensive and worried.

She regained her composure and told herself, "I can do this!"

"Gabriella White."

When Gabriella heard her name called, she leapt to her feet and wore a broad smile on her face. She was apprehensive, but she was confident in her ability for her son.

She proceeded towards Jessica, who was standing in the doorway with her hand on the room's doorknob.

When she walked in, she was greeted by three interviewees: two males and one woman.

She walked and sat in front of them.

"We noticed that your credentials are good, Ms. White," the woman in the center said. "Thank you for your time coming here," she added.

"Thank you very much, Ma'am," Gabriella responded.

"However, we'll have to wait and see what happens," the woman replied.

The interview was about to begin. It went smoothly, and Gabriella confidently answered all of the interviewees' questions throughout the process.

Although the interviewees had nothing negative to say about her because of her excellent public speaking skills and intelligence, they were interested in learning something about her.

"Are you looking for a husband for your son?" the woman in the middle of the group inquired of her.

"No, I don't have time for men in my life at this time. All they want to do is cause pain to women's feelings. That has already happened to me, and I have already made a mistake as a result of it. Now, I will not allow any other man into my life because my son is already sufficient, and my full attention is focused on him, "She responded straightforwardly.

The three interviewees exchanged glances with one another.

Before the interview could begin, the CEO of the Diamond Group requested that he be accompanied by a secretary who would not be interested in him. Most of her secretaries in the past expressed an interest in him, and some even attempted to seduce or trick him, which caused him to become annoyed by women.

No one knows why the CEO of the Diamond Groups does not have a wife or a girlfriend or why he is not interested in women. They thought he was gay. They didn't try to find out because they knew confidentiality agreements protected the CEO's personal life.

It was the woman at the center who responded, "All right, we will call you back if you are the one who makes it."

Gabriella gave them a friendly smile. "Thank you so much, Ma'am, Sirs, for everything! I'm looking forward to hearing from you," she said Before leaving the interview room.

Following the interview, Mrs. Jessica Salvador presented the folders with the names of the successful applicants to Ashton Crooke, the CEO of the Diamond Groups.

"These are the applicants who have been accepted, sir," Jessica informed Mr. Crooke.

Ashton snatched up the folders and opened the one containing the applicant's information.

"Does anyone know if there is a male applicant?" Ashton inquired while looking at the folders.

"There are none, sir."

Ashton closed his eyes for a moment before continuing to read the folders in front of him.

Ashton came to an abrupt halt while reading through all of the applicants when he recognized a familiar face.

Ashton went over every piece of information he could find on the girl.

Jessica's eyes widened when Ashton flashed a bright smile at her.

'Did Mr. Crooke crack a smile?'

"Call this woman and tell her she needs to come in on Monday," Ashton instructed Jessica as he handed her the file.

"I will notify her as soon as possible, sir," Jessica responded after snatching the folder from the table.

When she went out to Mr. Crooke's office, she took a glance at the folder to see who had been selected.

"Gabriella White."

Jessica read the name of the applicant.

Chapter 2

Hmmmm, hmmmm.

Gabriella might be heard humming while preparing dinner. Lucio, her son, was busy writing and answering assignments in his notebook.

"Does there happen to be any good news, Gab?" Nana posed this question to Gabriella while aiding her with supper preparations.

"Nana, the interview went well, and they said they would contact me if they chose me," Gabriella said, her gaze fixed on the food she was preparing for them.

"What do you think? Are they surprised by your interview?" Nana was eager to learn more.

"I've done everything I could, Nana, and maybe they will take me into consideration."

"What if they don't pick up and call you? Have you considered asking your father?" Nana has brought up the topic once more.

"Nana, I have already informed you that I will never inquire my father about anything,"

"However, your four-year education and the cost of living with Lucio have already depleted all of your mother's savings in your pr


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