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You Can Call Me

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“You can call me when you’re lonely. I’ll be your temporary fix.” Those were the words that he said to me and it was plain simple, he wanted nothing but s*x and I wanted nothing more than to. I was the kind of girl who was too scared of falling in love again because I feel like there is something more in life than being mournful over a guy who never actually gave a hell. I deserve something more than pain and misery over a stupid heartbreak. Since then, I got too scared of commitment that I no longer wanted to be in one. I wanted fun and I wanted to feel like I am alive again. He was the kind of guy who was too busy for permanent relationships. The superstar that all women wanted to bang with. The kind of guy who would have any girls kneel in front of him because well, he is that kind of guy. He was a guy with a hectic schedule, sold out world tours, drinking champagne in private jets, holding a mic in one hand, and conquering all over the world in the other. Maybe I needed someone to show me how to live again and he needed someone to show me how to love.

CHAPTER 1 : "Party"


He's different when he's around his billions of fans. He makes sure he smiles, waves and never forgets to say thoughtful things to all of them.

He's different when he's performing on stage. He makes sure that the fans are having fun and makes sure that they're all okay from where they're standing.

He's different when he's having an interview or being around the paps. He makes sure he keeps his cool and keeps his life as private as he can.

He's different when he's in public, he makes sure he keeps his composure and he's careful with his actions. He knows people is attentive of his every move.

He's different when he's spending time with his family, he's sweet and loving when he's around them. They're on top of his priority list.

He's different when he's with his band mates or friends. He makes sure they have fun and stays away from the media doing the?fun?things they do in secrecy.

He's different when the cameras and lights are out. He's different when there are no more people watching his every move. He knows that people are aware of his sleek ways around women.

But there are a lot of things to know about him that not all people may have ever witnessed and maybe he doesn't want them to know too.

because despite he's charming, kind and great personality, he's very different when he's?alone?with?me.

I'm not a fan of him or either from them even though his phenomenal band is known worldwide but he has this certain effect on me that I can't even explain myself. I'm definitely?not?after his insane fame and endless billions of euros on his bank accounts but I want him.


He's filthy rich.

I know.

He's insanely famous.

I am aware about that.

He's ridiculously hot.

F*ck, yeah he is.

He's undeniably intimidating.

There's no doubt to that too.

And he's certainly smart.

Which I find it fuckingly s*xy.

I love his lips, most especially when he talks dirty to me or he says my name or he nicknames me. I love the shape of it and how that playful tongue know it's ways to my body. I love when he bites or licks his lips, I just...

Argh, orgasm.

Every human, even celebrities, have secrets that only a few people should know or maybe nobody should find out because it's nobody else's business but theirs alone.

But I'm his?dirty secret.

We keep every little dirty thing we do behind closed doors, behind the prying eyes of the media and behind the judgmental people, most especially his crazy fans.

When we're alone together, he's mine and I'm his. But when he's on stage, he's?Gage Stockholm. The man from that world-famous million dollar band with millions of devoted screaming fans.

But nobody knows that he calls me when he needs s*x and I call him when I need s*x. Nobody needs to know that I satisfy him and he satisfies me.

It's that easy but I need to keep everything a secret that I'm...

Gage Stockholm's?temporary fix.

We're friends with benefits. F*ck buddies, as others would say it. We play the game of strings with no attach.

And do I love it?

F*ck yes, I do.

My name is Olivia Tate Kavanaugh, and?this?is my crazy and wild story on how I met the world famous Gage f*ck*ng Stockholm.

"I'm sure they're here. If not all of them then at least one." She says so surely as she drags me.

I pulled myself away from her and worried about how I looked tonight.

A mess.


My blonde hair in a bob cut had streaks of paint at the ends since I just came from our wall painting mural session with my co-boarders at our apartment building. It's like a Friday tradition there, it's where we vent our our angers onto a mural art. It's cool though. Really one of its kind kind of thing. Aside from the fact that it's highly messy, it's fun.

Anyways, I was wearing my old blue denim coverall, a white crop top that obviously had finger-wiped red, blue and yellow paintings on it and a pair of worn out black converse shoes.

I looked like a f*ck*ng mess and where we were heading?

Well, we were heading to this HUGE VIP Party that Monique forced me to go with. She was begging since last week and since she heard her most favorite band, Silver Spade, were going to be here, I'm in agony of going with her.

"I don't think we can go inside." I pull my arm away from her. "And look at me. I'm a complete sh*t, they won't let us through with how I look." I added.

She stops and stares at me from head to toe. "You look fine." She obviously lies, while chewing a gum and completely ignoring me.

"Not! Fine! At all! You know, as a very close friend you are heartless I swear to God." I groan at her.

"Sorry. Forgive me. I had to lie at how you look just so you can come with me inside that Bel-air luxury mansion. Please please do not bail on me." She pleaded.

"Your honesty isn't helping at all! Not helpful. I'm going home." I tried to leave.

But she pulls me right back. "No. We're already here. Please." She begs again.

"You're the only who's ready for the party. I look like your f*ck*ng chauffeur." I rant.

Branded sports car started passing by where we were standing and entered the mansion-like building.

"And?it looks like a very VIP party. Look at how the tons of security surrounds the entire place." I said in terror.

I look at the huge Bel-air mansion that was before us, the walls were tall as hell, the doors and windows were huge too. The garden were filled with very green well-trimmed grass, beautiful flowers and the house was surrounded by the tall-*ss gate. There were even lots and lots of luxury cars that were parked right outside the house. D*mn. Even though the party from the inside looked really really intimidating because of the loud music and the dancing lights, I wouldn't want to risk myself being caught and going inside looking like sh*t as of how I look now.

She didn't listen obviously because she continues to pull me again as we head closer to the gates, "I know it has highly strict security. That's why I copied the exact tickets so we can go in with no problem." She says.

I groan.

"How did you even know how the ticket looked?" I ask.

"There's a thing called Google."

"Yeah, and there's a thing called being caught for fraud."

She stops.

So I stopped too.

"I've been WANTING and DYING to party with either from the boys." She says.

I arch an eyebrow. "You know I have no interest on them. Why drag me with you?"

"Because..." She trails and begins to pout.

"I'm your friend." She snapped. "And you're the only one who supports me over my craziness with Silver Spade."

I snapped my fingers at her face. "This?is beyond the word CRAZY, Mon."

I cross my arms. "And... Uhhhh. I didn't support you on this? You forced me?"

She groans. "It's the last night for the boys to be here in the city so at least support me on this. Please?" She begs like a baby.

I purse my lips together as I kept my arms crossed together

"If I ever get laid tonight by any of them, you'll have one month supply of dinner at Wendy's." She says to me.

Yes, she works at Wendy's.

"Three months." I said firm.

She gapes. "I'll lose my job if I do that."

"Then I'm leaving." I try to walk away but then she pulls me again.

"Fine! 3 months supply."

I grin.

The thought of how I look tonight will totally haunt me forever and will be the death of me. But three months supply of dinner from Wendy's is a win-win. Then I'm sure no one will even care about how I look, and from the inside of the mansion, it looked like the entire place's lights were turned off and were filled with streaks of laser lights instead.

I point my index finger at her, "If we get caught, you're gonna be so dead!"

She laughs it off, "Just relax. Cmon. Let's go inside and see lots of celebrities." she says while giggling.

We headed to the tall gates and we easily entered through it. But as we head closer to the front door, I was getting more nervous because of the security standing by the doorway. Monique showed our VIP pass while the security looked at me doubtfully so they asked us for some ID just for verification then...

We got inside!

Like a snap!

I know Monique was giggling inwardly and she keeps pulling my arm while we made our way through the huge front door of the mansion. My eyes scanned through the entire house and I was completely jawdropped with what I am seeing right now. The mansion looked like it was turned into bar, it was dark and filled with laser lights. There were people dancing like crazy, there was a DJ booth and a DJ playing wickedly cool music, sh*t, I think that's Calvin Harris playing over there. Holy crab, there were mini bars on the sides and bartenders serving cocktails around the entire place too but I fell in love with the staircase that resembled like the one in Titanic.

"I've never been in this kind of party. Oh sh*t. This rocks." Monique screams against the loud blasting music.

Me too.

I mean I love parties. Totally love the thought of going out for a little fun in the weekend but this party was something. I'm a complete party animal. I love going to a night out with my girls. I love dancing, no doubt about it but she was right, this party was something different.


Because we were passing by insanely famous people as if we've known them since preschool. We were even exchanging our hellos to each other as if they know us. Like the hell, this party totally will be remembered by me, of course! I partied with these tons of celebrities in one huge house. They were all friendly as hell and it's already driving me insane just by standing here and looking at them. Holy sh*t this party totally rocks! It's flooding with A-List celebrities!

F*ck I'm sure as hell that was Cara and Kendall sitting on the couch.

"Let loose!" Monique yells at my ear.

CHAPTER 2"Party" 2

She pulls me to the dance floor together with the other people dancing, drinking and sweating. I can't help it anymore I was already dancing to the music,?It Was You?by Calvin Harris & Firebeatz, and Monique was dancing with me too. I pulled my hands above my head and began to dance sexily, swaying my hips like how a little bitch would dance while Monique dances against me. We danced for a while and we were beginning to have fun now. We danced to a few songs while she kept grabbing some drinks from the waiters that were passing by.

She grabs two more cocktail drink from the waiter holding a tray-full of drinks and handed me one.

"Cheers to us for getting so fucked up tonight!" Monique screams while raising her glass.

"Cheers!!" I screamed and clinked my glass with hers.

We chugged the alcohol in one shot and placed it back on the waiter's empty tray.

I lick my lips. "That drink was yummy." I said while smiling.

Monique laughs. "We need more drinks


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