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Unveiling secrets of love

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Lin Shu discovered she was pregnant, but before she could share the news with Tang Yichen, she received divorce papers. Enduring the pain in her heart, she left with grace. Three years passed, yet time couldn't alter the inevitable outcome or change his heart, which she believed was her own fault. Carrying the unspoken secret, she chose to let go. After Lin Shu's departure, Tang Yichen faced an empty house every day, drowning his sorrows in alcohol. Four years later, a pair of exquisite twins appeared at Jiangcheng Airport, attracting countless onlookers. Later on, wherever Lin Shu went, she would encounter Tang Yichen's presence. "Tang Yichen, we are already divorced." "Let's get married again," Tang Yichen insisted stubbornly, refusing to let go.

Chapter 1pregnant

Congratulations, Miss Lin. According to the blood test results, you are already seven weeks pregnant. During this period, it's essential to take care of yourself, focus on rest, enhance your nutrition, make sure to consume folic acid, and come for regular check-ups.

Upon hearing the doctor's words, Lin Shu couldn't help but place her hands gently on her abdomen. She could hardly believe that a little life had already begun inside her.

Feeling a loss of appetite and occasional nausea recently, Lin Shu initially thought it was a digestive issue. Planning to visit the hospital for medication, she was surprised to discover her pregnancy.

Leaving the hospital with the test results, Lin Shu hesitated whether to inform Tang Yichen. Opening her phone and looking at the image engraved in her heart, she closed it again, undecided. Sitting by the flower bed at the hospital entrance, she pondered.

Three years ago, when her grandfather, who had been her sole support, fell seriously ill, she brought him to the city for treatment. There, they encountered an elderly man of the same age. It turned out her grandfather and this man were former comrades and the man happened to be Tang Yichen's grandfather. Reuniting after many lost years, the two elderly men were overjoyed. Lin Shu's grandfather, in critical condition, entrusted her to Tang Yichen's grandfather. At first sight, Tang Yichen's grandfather identified Lin Shu as a suitable daughter-in-law, and with haste, forced his grandson, Tang Yichen, to quickly register their marriage. Shortly after the registration, Lin Shu's grandfather passed away.

When Tang Yichen's grandfather asked if she was willing to marry Tang Yichen, she blushed and nodded lightly. Yes, she liked Tang Yichen. It started perhaps from their first meeting in the hospital. Pushing open the door to the hospital room, sunlight streamed in from the window, illuminating his sculpted features. Profound eyes carried a hint of sharpness, exceptionally handsome...

Thinking Tang Yichen agreed to the marriage out of his own will, she later realized it was Tang Yichen's grandfather who compelled him. Thus, their marriage was, in fact, a contractual one. The night before obtaining their marriage certificate three years ago, Tang Yichen presented her with a contract to sign.

"Old man insisted, crying, throwing tantrums, and threatening to hang himself if I didn't marry you. Since you want it so badly, I'll give you the title of Mrs. Tang. However, I can't offer you anything else. After three years, we'll divorce. The villa we live in and a substantial 'parting fee' are yours."

At the moment she received the contract, Lin Shu understood that she was the only one desiring marriage. Without examining the contents, she quickly signed her name and handed it to Tang Yichen.

The next day, they smoothly obtained their marriage certificate. There was no wedding ceremony, only two red booklets in their hands.

"Xiaoshu, sorry for the inconvenience. We won't hold the wedding for now," Tang Yichen's grandfather apologized to her. Though his grandson agreed to the marriage, he was firm about not compromising on the wedding. Xiaoshu, the poor child, was wronged.

"It's okay, Grandpa. I understand," Lin Shu said in a soft and gentle voice to Tang Yichen's grandfather.

After their marriage, they moved into Tang Yichen's villa. As Tang Yichen disliked interference, they had no servants, and with Lin Shu unemployed, she spent her days at home cooking and waiting for Tang Yichen, who rarely returned early. In fact, most of the time, he didn't come back at all. She ate alone every day.

In the first year, everything was peaceful. They maintained separate rooms and only ate together during weekends at the old house. Tang Yichen's parents had passed away in a plane crash when he was young, and Tang Yichen's grandfather, with white hair, saw the black-haired child grow up, barely managing to endure. Tang Yichen became silent and reserved after that incident. Fortunately, with Tang Yichen's success, founding and expanding K Group, he became his grandfather's pride.

As a busy CEO, Tang Yichen hardly had time. Lin Shu often visited Tang Yichen's grandfather alone. She felt an affinity with him, reminiscent of her own grandfather.

The change seemed to begin a year after their marriage. One night, Tang Yichen returned very late, having consumed a lot of alcohol. When the driver brought him home, Lin Shu quickly rushed to support him. Together, they carried him into the master bedroom. As the master bedroom was where she slept, with a driver present, Lin Shu couldn't allow others to know the real situation. After laying him on the bed, the driver left. Lin Shu, unbuttoning his clothes, revealed his chest. This action, as she slowly uncovered it, exposed his chest, and she felt her face uncontrollably heat up. Ready to get up and leave, she suddenly felt her hand being pulled. Losing her balance, she fell onto him. Tang Yichen tightly hugged her, saying, "Don't leave me." Lin Shu's body tensed, unsure of what to do. Suddenly, Tang Yichen flipped over, and their positions changed. Tang Yichen's confused gaze stared at Lin Shu for a few seconds, his handsome face slightly childish due to the effects of alcohol. He then kissed her directly. Lin Shu's mind went blank, allowing the man above her to plunder.

Early the next morning, fearing the awkwardness of facing each other, Lin Shu got up early, endured the discomfort between her legs, took a shower, prepared breakfast, and only then did Tang Yichen come out of the room.

"About last night..."

"Hurry up and eat breakfast." She knew it was an accident and didn't want to hear anything that would make her sad. Lin Shu immediately interrupted what he wanted to say.

The two sat down quietly to have breakfast.

"Later, I'll go buy some medicine." Tang Yichen spoke.

Lin Shu looked up at him.

"We can't have a child." He finally explained, a rare occurrence.

"I know. I'll go buy it." Lin Shu felt her heart ache a bit, maintaining a faint smile on her face.

Since then, it seemed the way they interacted had changed. From strangers living under the same roof after marriage to a couple who never uttered the word "love."

They shared a room, slept on the same bed, and engaged in normal marital activities, although he always came home late, only to embrace her from behind. He would send her WeChat messages asking if she was coming home for dinner and their visits to the old house increased. Grandfather was getting older, and naturally, he wanted a great-grandchild. He often asked when they would have a child and urged them to conceive, as their third anniversary of marriage approached.

Ding! The WeChat notification interrupted Lin Shu's thoughts.

[Not coming home for dinner tonight.] It was a message from Tang Yichen.

[Okay.] Thinking about his sensitive stomach, Lin Shu sent another message, [Don't drink too much alcohol.]

Without waiting for a reply, Lin Shu still hadn't informed Tang Yichen about her pregnancy. Although their relationship seemed close over the past two

years, she knew he had never said the word "love." He didn't love her. Therefore, she had too many uncertainties, but she was certain about one thing – she would keep this child.

At night, with Tang Yichen absent, Lin Shu planned to visit her grandfather's old house. She hadn't been there for some time due to not feeling well.

Chapter 2she is back

Lin Shu arrived at the old residence, and the steward, upon seeing her, said, "Madam, you've come. Master is in the garden."

"Very well, thank you. I can manage on my own," Lin Shu replied with a faint smile.

The Tang family servants admired this modest and approachable young lady.

In the garden, Tang Grandfather sat in a chair beside a cup of tea. When he saw Lin Shu approaching, he was delighted.

"Xiaoshu is here. Come, come, why isn't Yichen with you?" he inquired.

"No, Grandfather. Yichen is busy with work today, so I came alone."

"That rascal, always immersed in his work."

"The affairs of the company keep him occupied. As the CEO, he naturally has to work harder than others."

"You child, always speaking up for him. Stay here and have dinner with Grandfather tonight."

"Alright, Grandfather," Lin Shu replied with a smiling gaze.



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