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Yes Boss!

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Savannah Tresscot is loud, sarcastic and not afraid to voice what she thinks about anyone. Not to mention that she can beat any sailor at a cussing competition. Plain on the outside but some serious secrets to hide, she’s totally not PA material. Yet, she gets miraculously hired by Synclair Group of Companies by a stroke of luck. Nathan Synclair is cold, collected and a hardcore businessman. Hot as hell on the outside but a complete mess in terms of organizing his life, he is the top industrialist in the desperate need of a PA. His only option is the one who does not throw herself at him during the interview. And what better than a person he already knows, the creepy-nerd-turned-hot-graduate from his high school that he hadn't seen in years. So what happens when two completely opposite personalities meet and face their match? Will they be as aloof as they were back in school or will love give them a second chance? And can Savannah trust him with her deepest, darkest secrets, even though they might cost her everything she has worked so hard to achieve?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1- In which she spits in his face

It was raining.

It was F*ck*ng Raining!

"D*mn!" I yelled looking at the sky, staring accusingly at the oh-so-great one upstairs.

"Is there a problem, young lady?" I turned to see a wrinkled old lady scowl at me.

"Yeah! You!" I shot back annoyed.

I know I shouldn't be a b*tch to an old lady but right now, I was 10 whole minutes late for my job interview and it was FREAKIN RANING!! Did I mention I’d chosen a white shirt? Yeah, enjoy the show sh*t-faces!

"Young people these days! How rude!" the old woman huffed and turned away.

"Why, thank you!" I exclaimed happily and gave her a mock bow, to which she just huffed again and went on her merry way, WITH A D*MN UMBRELLA OVER HER HEAD!!

I however, having ignored the weather telecast as I do every morning, stood on the bus stand, water soaking through my grey suit jacket and drenching my white shirt and grey pants. Thank God I have a jacket on or I would be making everyone's day right now.

So I pulled the jacket tighter to my body, held my bag close and screamed bloody murder at a cab coming my way.

I think I scared pretty much everyone since people gave me death glares and I heard a baby start to cry as its mother so-so-lovingly cursed at me. But the cab came to a stop in front of me and no one else came near to claim it. So no regrets on this little win.

"Synclair Inc. and STEP ON IT!!" I yelled yet again.

If you were as late as I was to your fifth job interview in a week, then you'd be crankier than I am, trust me. So don't judge.

The driver being a dear did exactly as I said and sped up so fast that I hit my head on the window screen before I had a chance to buckle up, making me yelp in pain.

"You asked for it lady." The cabbie reported back calmly, probably having dealt with bitchy brats her entire life....Wait! Her?

"You’re a woman?" I asked while rubbing my sore forehead.

"My voice not enough? Wanna see my 'girlies'?" she shot back with a smirk.

"I like you!" I laughed as I ran a hand through my wet hair to straighten it out.

I looked at her through the mirror and saw that she had a lean figure, blue eyes and apple red hair. She had a pretty heart shaped face and looked to be in her mid-20's. And she seemed to have a nice sense of humor.

"Late for work?" she asked, keeping her eyes on the road.

"Interview and I forgot to check the weather reports, as usual." I said deadpan.

She threw her head back laughing. "Nice. Name's Nikki. You?" she asked.

"I'm Savannah." Just then she stopped her cab in front of the Synclair HQ. I got out and took out my purse. "Thanks. How much?"

"$5. And keep my card and remember to stay positive. Don't go thinking that you won't get the job or you really won't. Your boss ever give you a late night, call me," she handed me a card after I paid her.

"But how do I know if you- What the...?" I finished putting the card in my bag and she was gone.

"Oh well." I shrugged and ran inside the building and away from the awful downpour.

I think the God's must really hate me today because even the elevator was jam packed and I had to wait another 10 minutes for it to go up 12 floors and come back down again.

Once the elevator doors to the 8th floor opened, I quickly walked to the receptionist's desk and waited till she got off the phone. She was blonde woman with light blue eyes in typical receptionist clothing of a light brown pencil skirt and a cream yellow blouse underneath her brown jacket.

"How may I help you?" she asked when she was done.

"Um, hi. I'm Savannah Tresscot; I was here for the interview..." I trailed off giving her a sheepish smile.

"A little late aren't we?" she raised an eyebrow in amusement.

" you can see…I had some really difficult business to deal with!" I told her in utter seriousness.

"Yes and it got you good, I can see." She looked at me from head to toe still looking amused at having caught my lie. "Wait here."

With that she picked up the phone again and I took the time to admire my surrounding.

The entry had a red carpet and a few potted plants, real ones. The hallway was huge with grey to white walls and several doors of dark brown wood. Don’t ask me what the material was because I have no clue; I have a difficult time identifying silk from satin. In one corner of the room there were a row of seats were two women were still waiting in front of a closed door, probably to be interviewed. But instead they looked like they were waiting to walk down the ramp.

One was a typical blond, showing more than hiding. Her short hair was styled in a pixie cut and she wore a pink pencil skirt which should be illegal eves as a micro-mini and a white shirt which was see-through without the need of rain, showing her, yes you guessed it right, 'pink' bra. Her jacket was casually hung from one arm and her nails could easily be mistaken for Wolverine’s claws.

The second was decent enough to wear a slightly larger grey skirt and black top underneath her grey jacket. She had long black hair and green eyes and a face pretty enough to be on a magazine. Why were these women even here for a PA position when they could’ve easily been models?

I was snapped back to attention by the receptionist, Tina as it said on her company card, who was putting her phone down. "You’ll have to wait. Since you’re late, you can only go after the two of them. I'll call you when it's your turn."

“Thank you,” I told her sincerely as I turned and went to stand a little further than the two model wanna-bee’s. People like them usually think everyone's a rival. Even plain old me with my honey brown hair and dull brown eyes and a community college degree on a scholarship.

I started to shiver a bit as I stood there in the air conditioned room. I guess Tina noticed my distress as she motioned for something to a guard and the next instant he brought me a small cup of deliciously warm coffee. Not your usual receptionist, I see. Anyone else would’ve just ignored me.

"T-T-Thank you" I stuttered out at her and she gave me a small smile before going back to typing away at her computer. She had a stack of files lined up on one side of her desk and as soon as the previous candidate came out, she rushed in with the files and didn’t come back out until half-an-hour later.

After about waiting for about 2 hours and five cups of coffee, the last of the interviewees finally stormed out, dramatically banging shut the door and making me cringe. If these women weren’t hired, then there was no way I would be either.

"You're next." Tina said politely, pointing me towards the door with a sad smile. I could tell she had very little hope for me passing this interview. After all, Synclair Inc. was a multi-million dollar textile company and I was the plainest of plane Jane’s.

I stood from my seat and took a deep breath, holding my coffee cup in one hand for warmth and my portfolio in the other; I strode into the office confidently, which went out the minute I walked in.

If it was freezing in the hallway, this had to be freaking Alaska! I dare a polar bear to live here.

But then I took in the office and frowned.

It was a board room with one of those long tables with chairs on both sides and the view of the city through a glass wall. The head of the table was occupied by what I’m guessing was Mr. Synclair, but he was facing the glass wall and hence, had his back to me.

"Come forward and sit. No need to delay this any further with your mindless gaping," came a deep male voice.

My frown turned into a scowl but I kept my mouth shut. It was hard but I managed to do it. I needed a job and he had an opening and not to mention, I desperately needed the money to survive past this month. So I walked forward to sit in the chair right next to his as he didn't mention any specifics.

"What made you choose this chair?" came the voice again. Something about it kept nagging me at the back of my head. Why did it sound familiar?

I thought about the answer and then replied, "Well as your personal assistant, I should always be near you in case you need anything. And also to take notes or give you some information whenever you need me.” I thought and then politely added, "Sir."

"And what makes you think you'll get the job?"

"Positivity. If I come here thinking I'll fail then there would be no point in this interview because I would never think 'myself' capable." Thank you, Nikki!

"I see." And then he began typing in a laptop, which was probably on his lap. “It says here that you graduated from a Community College? I’ve had people from Harvard interview for this position. What makes you special?”

Harvard? Interview for the position of his PA? Wow! The magazines did say he was one of Seattle’s hottest bachelors but I hadn’t quiet noticed how big of a hotshot he really was until now. I was busy looking for a job that would help me reach my goal; it’s too bad I hadn’t had time to flip through the magazines.

“But shouldn’t people with a degree from Harvard be applying to be your Secretary or your company employee instead?” I shot back. “They are way too overqualified to be your personal assistant.”

“Excuse me?”

Oh shoot! Me and my big mouth got me in trouble again. I took a small sip of my coffee since I had started shivering again and also because I knew I’d never get this job now. However, I hadn't expected him to turn towards me so suddenly and neither had I expected it to be 'him'.

So as a result, the coffee I had in my mouth just shot out and onto his expensive suit and face. And then we spoke at the same time:



Chapter 2

Chapter 2- In which she is hired




All I could do was point an accusing finger at him with my mouth gaping open like a fish, while his familiar blue eyes swam with confusion.

"Do I know you, Miss...?" Nathan Synclair looked at me confused and maybe a bit outraged.

"Tresscot," I seemed to have finally found my voice. So I cleared my throat and tried again. "It’s Savannah Tresscot from Bellevue High School."

"And you're calling that hideous name because...? Wait...Bellevue?" Realization finally dawned in his eyes as he looked at me properly from head to toe. "Nerdy Savvy?"

"Finally! And don't call me that!" I scowled.

"Then stop calling me that god awful name!" He shuddered in horror.

Now that he was no longer facing away from me, I had the chance to look a


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