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What i never expected

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A beautiful yet highly sensitive young woman falls in love with Leonardo, an incredibly promiscuous and dominant college student. He's not only the son of a billionaire who oversees businesses in different countries but also someone who believed he would never fall in love, thinking he had all his emotions under control. However, a girl will sneak into his system and drive him crazy both physically and psychologically. Camila will hesitate to listen to her heart again, especially after having already been disappointed by Leonardo.

Chapter 1

Narrated by Camila Sáez.

We were at our graduation, just mentioning it makes me nervous. Only a few years ago, it seemed so distant, and while I knew that someday it would come, I didn't expect it to arrive so soon, especially with the grades I achieved. My friends and I were devastated, realizing that we might never see each other again. It was the most likely outcome; we'd all take different paths, attend different universities, and with the time it would take to adjust, maintaining the same level of contact we have now would be truly challenging.

Naturally, those who were closer made arrangements to study together, or at least in the same city. That seemed like a good idea, but I knew exactly where I wanted to pursue my specialization. Besides, I knew I had to push myself to secure the scholarship I needed to complete all my studies.

If I could do everything I wanted, I would. But I have to put in effort to achieve what I want in life, to help my parents and try to give back all they've given me with so much effort. My parents were sad, but I hoped they were also proud of what I had achieved. The responsibility of lifting my family up weighed heavily on me, and often it was overwhelming. I felt like everyone saw me as the person who could help them. My parents are ill and work as much as they can day in and day out. I've had to go with them, and it's not easy or pleasant, especially during the summer when the sun beats down on my forehead and body.

On the other hand, I could always count on the help of Adrian, my best friend. But especially today, he seemed more unusual than usual. I mean, for the past few months, he's been acting differently around me. Some days he's more distant, and others he's overly sweet, and I had no idea why.

He also wanted to vie for the same scholarship as me, but our fields of study would be entirely different. We would be at the same institution, but we wouldn't have much time together.

We were at the assembly, the typical event where we would all end up crying and saying our goodbyes, each of us going our separate ways. Some would reminisce about this stage, while others would simply focus on forgetting it and discovering better things ahead.

"Camila Sáez, please come to the front" mentioned the teacher in charge of organizing the entire ceremony that would mark the end of this beautiful stage I had experienced, a journey that I had shared with my classmates for these past years, and she had seen us grow.

I followed the path that had been previously laid out and once I was on the stage, joining my classmates who had been called up earlier, including Adrian, who was looking at me in a strange way. I tried to understand what he was thinking, but it was impossible. I couldn't read people's minds, so I just tried not to be bothered by his gaze.

My phone started vibrating. It was probably my boyfriend, Julian, who should be working at this hour. Although it might sound strange, he shouldn't be talking to me much. Over the past few months, our relationship had changed. We hardly talked about anything beyond saying good morning or good night. Our connection had faded, and it wasn't surprising. We had only met once, and no one except my friends and Adrian knew about him. I suppose this relationship, if you could call it that, would probably end soon.

I looked up and saw my parents. Though not very expressive, their eyes were filled with tears. I knew them; they were happy about my achievements and for consistently being at the top. I loved my parents, and I was sure they loved me too, in their own way most of the time.

The ceremony concluded after about an hour, and after the group photo where my friends and I appeared, it was time for our parents to join us on stage. I waited for my turn, stepped down, and rejoined my parents. We were then called to the stage again. I tried to check my phone, but I couldn't. There were supervisors on either side of me, and I didn't want my last memories here to be associated with a scolding. It would have been a terrible show of disrespect during such an important event.

When the show finally ended, I went straight to the school bathroom and changed my clothes. I hated my uniform; it just didn't feel right on me. Or at least, that's what I thought. But my friends, including Adrian, always tried to boost my confidence in front of the mirror. I temporarily said goodbye to my parents and left them to do the shopping. I let them know that I would be going with Adrian and my friends to celebrate our graduation in our own way.

We arrived at the city's main square. It wasn't a big city where I studied. We took some photos and discussed our future plans. After a few minutes, Adrian joined us. He had to quickly help his mother at home. He showed up with some of his friends, who occasionally hung out with our group. Personally, I didn't interact with them much; we didn't really click.

"Camila, can we talk?" Adrian asked, motioning me to follow him. I hesitated for a moment but eventually complied.

"Sure". I responded while smiling at the others who were watching us. I followed him to a corner of the square, far enough away that others couldn't overhear us.

"Have you talked to your... well, your boyfriend?" he asked, although there was a hint of anger in his tone towards the end of the sentence. I didn't understand why he was speaking this way.

"No, well... we said good morning like we always do. You know that". I said, forcing a smile. I guess deep down I still cared about Julian, even if just a little. But in the eyes of society, he and I were nobody. We couldn't be anything more than acquaintances, considering we had only met once.

"You should definitively break up with him". Adrian said, straightforwardly. I raised an eyebrow at his comment, hoping he'd take it back or explain why he said it, but he didn't. He knew perfectly well what he was saying. "I'm sure there are many others who would die to be with you". he added, smiling and looking down as if hesitating to say what came next. "Especially me". he finished saying. I took a step back, surprised. I couldn't process all this information.

"Adrian, you and I are just friends..." I said nervously. I didn't expect this revelation at all, especially not like this. I would've expected anything but this. I couldn't wrap my head around how this happened or when he started feeling this way. "You never told me anything about this". I added, still nervous.

"I didn't know how, I thought you didn't even see me as anything beyond a friend". he said. And indeed, that was how I saw him—as my friend. I couldn't consider him as anything more than that, right? "And I think that's still how you see me, as the man who could make you happy, Camila. I know all your fears, your favorite foods... My god, I know you can't stand the smell of beer, thrugh you're dying to taste a sip of alcohol". he said. I didn't know how to react to his words.

Suddenly, my phone vibrated. I would dare to say that the bell saved me from this awkward situation. I had no idea who it was; usually, Julian was quite busy at this hour. I decided to check my phone anyway, even if it meant making Adrian wait. I was feeling extremely uncomfortable.

It was a message from someone named Leonardo. I had no idea who this person was. I had never heard of them or talked to them before. There were no mutual friends either. Still, I decided to reply out of curiosity.

Leonardo's Message: Hi — his message read, and I felt a shiver run down my spine. I just hoped it wasn't a cold.

Chapter 2

Message from Camila: Hi, how are you? —I asked, curious. His profile picture showed a quite attractive guy, but I had no way of knowing if it was even real. I thought he might not reply... I mean, sometimes that happens.

Message from Leonardo: I'm good, thanks. How about you? —he responded after a few seconds. Adrian was looking at me with a slightly concerned expression. I suppose it was because both he and I knew that my supposed boyfriend hardly ever talked to me, just a brief exchange in the morning and then late in the afternoon or evening with a "good night."

Message from Camila: I'm good too. What are you up to? —I asked again, filled with curiosity. After all, I didn't know who he was in the first place, and secondly, I couldn't understand why he had messaged me.

"Who are you talking to?" Adrian asked, pulling me out of my thoughts. "You were smiling at your screen". he commented again.

I didn't k


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