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Ugly duckling bride

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Perhaps the good luck that fell from the sky, Mo Rou-rou, the ugly duckling in the eyes of this man, accidentally escaped marriage because of his sister, married Zhao Junlie, the handsome president, and became his bride. Zhao Junlie always wanted the best, no matter in shopping malls or in love, the professor's wife, who was passed to a friend by his parents at a very low amount of money in childhood, became an adopted son, and later his mother's young son died in a car accident, lacking a family heir, so Zhao Junlie went to college at the age of 20, returned to his biological father and mother's home, received strict family shopping malls, and finally became the domineering and handsome president of the Zhao family enterprise company. Mo Ruorou has a deep love for Junlie. Although it is a commercial marriage, she is happy to complete her fairy tale marriage and marry Prince Charming, who is secretly in love with her. However, it seems impossible for the fairy tale of prince and princess to be staged in reality. When Zhao Junlie's first lover returned from Harvard University in the United States, he sent a divorce agreement to Mo Rou-rou. In the face of the disillusionment of her love, where should she go?

Chapter 1

I haven't come out to breathe for a long time. Mo Rourou stretched her waist, and lay in a big shape in the spacious front yard of Mo's villa, planting rose bushes, like a flower elf sleeping in the flowers, leisurely watching the twinkling stars in the night sky.

In 2020 AD, Mo Rourou graduated from university and automatically chose to be an intern manager without rights when she entered the family company.

She was fortunate to be born in a wealthy family, a typical rich lady, which made her eligible to continue her studies until she graduated from university.

With her ugly duckling appearance, no man would marry an ugly girl back as an ugly wife.

"What a beautiful star!" Mo Rourou smiled sweetly.

"I think the stars are so beautiful too!" Ji Fufu also smiled slightly, and took a picture of the beautiful scenery with her mobile phone.

"Rou Rou, are your parents going to arrange for you to go on a blind date? So I can only eat at the buffet the day after tomorrow. Oh! I'm really disappointed!" She blinked and spoke softly.

"Yes. Yes! My parents think that I am twenty-nine years old, a typical mature woman, and I should look for a marriage partner." Mo Rourou took a deep breath and sat up.

Originally, Ji Fufu was lying down, but when she saw her friend get up, she also sat up, and immediately inhaled the fragrance of roses, which made her immersed in it.


The next day, Mo Rourou and her younger sister, Mo Ruyi, went to Breeze Plaza to pick out fashionable spring clothes. February was her sister's wedding ceremony, and her younger sister's boyfriend, Zhao Junlie, was a strong and domineering president.

He is in a relationship with his younger sister Mo Ruyi, and every day he sends Zhao's black extended limousine car to pick Ruyi to work in the Mo family company.

Three days later, at two o'clock in the afternoon, Mo Rourou took the MRT and got off near Times Department Store, and then met her latest blind date for dinner at the restaurant she had told her.

She is a mature woman, twenty-nine years old, not far from thirty soon.

"Sorry, I'm late." When Mo Rourou entered the house, she came to the agreed table and sat down.

She sees focaccia and latte with two sliced ​​apple platters.

Her blind date partner is an extremely handsome prince with a jade tree facing the wind, sword eyebrows and starry eyes.

"Brother Jun Lie, how could it be you and me having a blind date?"

"Your sister Ruyi disappeared three days ago. Tomorrow morning, our two major conglomerates will have a commercial marriage. The wedding invitations have been sent out, and there is no room for cancellation." Zhao Junlie ordered coldly, "You must be my bride to marry Zhao My dear, of course you haven’t solved the relationship between men and women, this part will be carefully taught to you on the wedding night.” Zhao Jun has already planned how to end tomorrow’s wedding smoothly.

"I don't want to marry you, I don't love you at all." Mo Rourou shook her head, her eyes focused, although she had been secretly in love with him for many years, she didn't want to enter the wedding hall without a proposal and a date.

"Excuse me." She got up, paid at the counter, and walked outside the store.

"If you don't marry me, I will destroy your Mo family's business and prevent the Mo family from gaining a foothold in the mall." Zhao Junlie put down the threat.

However, Mo Junrou knew that Zhao Junlie was not just talking in plain language, her heart beat faster in an instant, and she was a little panicked.

"Okay, I surrender and I will marry you." For the sake of the Mo family's career, Mo Rourou decided to marry Zhao Junlie instead.

"This is a good girl." Zhao Junlie stretched out his hand to hold her hand, kissed it, and then let her leave.


Tonight is her last single night. She has been secretly in love with Zhao Junlie. In her heart, Zhao Junlie is her dream marriage partner. She and him will definitely become a loving couple.

At one o'clock in the morning, she came to the front yard of the Mo family's villa, sat alone in the rose bushes, and thought carefully about how she would adapt to life in the Zhao family in the future.

Tomorrow morning to get married, in the evening on the wedding night to decide whether to be able to tolerate and trust each other loving husband and wife relationship?

My star! I want to make a wish to the shooting star in my heart, let me become the bride that Zhao Junlie cares about!

Chapter 2

Mo's mother served a plate of pork liver noodle soup. It is now eight o'clock in the morning, and the Mo family's father and daughter have already woken up from the quilt. Her daughter knew from her husband's lecture that she wanted her to marry the bride and marry Zhao Junlie, the president of the Zhao family company. .

In the Mo family, the male patriarch has the right to speak up and decide what to say. Shaking his head, Mo's mother sighed helplessly. As long as her daughter's marriage can be happy, that is the greatest comfort.

The fairy tale of the swan and the ugly duckling plays out old-fashioned and cruel dramas on the two daughters of the Mo family.

The eldest daughter, Mo Rourou, looks ordinary and ordinary, she can only be regarded as a good-looking and gentle girl next door with a gentle and elegant temperament.

The second daughter is Moru Yilizhi's natural beauty, and the men of t


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