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Girls who like writing and reading are determined to become online writers and tell the stories in their hearts. Girls in Keelung, Taiwan, are good at romantic novels, modern poetry and essays.


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  • Author: pop727
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Born in an orphanage at the age of ten, she thanked him for meeting Uncle Long Legs. He not only generously sponsored her to study, but also took care of elementary school, middle school and high school. Rooting and sprouting occupies the most important position. When she suffered an unexpected bullying incident and decided to grow up and never get married, she was physically and mentally traumatized and wanted to commit suicide by jumping into the sea. It was he who stood guarding her outside the intensive care unit for three days without eating or drinking. He fixed his eyes on her and said with a smile: "Xiaoxue, you are not as good as Prince Charming. I will help you find Prince Charming." At that time, she was weeping bitterly in the breast of her adoptive father. To her, only he was her Prince Charming. When she graduated from high school and entered his family company to work as his secretary, they changed from a simple relationship between adoptive father and adopted daughter, and participated in the year-end masquerade held by the company wearing a mask. She danced with him like a royal princess. Waltz, he confessed his love for her, the dance ended at midnight, she was like a runaway Cinderella, leaving behind a satin white high-heeled shoe, and when she left, her heart was lost on him like a glass slipper , but she was unable to confess, and he, who was handsome and handsome for half a month, wanted to be her cousin-in-law?


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