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The Second Wife Of A Billionaire CEO

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At 23 years old, Nayla has tasted the bittersweetness of life. Being sacked from her job at a fancy restaurant over a minor issue left her adrift in a sea of uncertainty. However, fate says otherwise when she unexpectedly meets a handsome man under unpleasant circumstances. The collision brings Nayla into an unexpected situation. The handsome man, who is involved in a complicated matter with his wife, draws her into his enigmatic world. As the two become more deeply involved, Nayla realises that her simple life has been upended by his presence. Their unexpected encounter becomes a turning point in Nayla's life. Amidst complicated domestic conflicts, the relationship between the two of them begins to grow. But can love blossom amidst the chaos the man faces?

Chapter 1

Nayla is 23 years old and her life is quite simple, initially she worked in a luxury restaurant. But his boss had fired him, just because he had caused problems at the restaurant.

didn't know where else to apply for a job, even though he had applied several times here to the nearest company. He had also applied for a job at a restaurant, but still didn't accept it.

It really made him even more tired, he didn't know what else to do. This morning he was outside the house, walking on the side of the road. Looking for work passionately, he can't just give up.

How can he despair, if he has parents at home who he has to support to fulfill his family's needs. Why is life so hard, I feel like giving up. But he became so because of his own mother, who never tired of supporting his family.

"D*mn! How do I get a job again," muttered Nayla. Messing up his hair while kicking a can anywhere. I feel so tired, I can't give up hope. There is a family at home who must be happy.

On the other hand there is a man who is busy arguing with his wife. He is Aris, a CEO at his company. Again, he always fought, just because of the man's problems.

In the past, Aris and Maira were arranged to marry each other by their parents, Aris actually rejected the match. However, he had thought about trying to settle down with that girl.

So why was it that when we got married, Aris just found out that his wife had a past with his own best friend. From there, Aris' feelings were so very painful, why did his wife have the heart to keep everything a secret?

Why didn't Maira tell herself that she had ever been close to her best friend? His best friend, Arga, first met at vocational school.

Arga is such a cool person, he always annoys Aris. Yeah, even though he's like that. But, Aris is happy to have a friend like him.

A few days ago, Aris found out that Arga was his wife's ex-lover. He couldn't imagine how the two of them never told him.

Currently Aris is in his room, he doesn't mind his wife. Just because of his best friend's problems, Aris doesn't care if the two of them have a past. He just wanted the two of them to answer honestly, whether they still had the same feelings as before. "We'd better divorce." The words that came out of Aris' mouth, he never thought about divorcing his wife. However, he was fed up with his wife's behavior. Never imagined how his wife could have an affair with her husband's best friend.

"You just misunderstood, Mas. I have absolutely no relationship with Adam," said Maira. Still wanting to persuade her husband, so he can believe in himself again. He didn't know what else to say, how could Aris believe him. Meanwhile, Aris doesn't easily trust other people, and his wife doesn't trust him either.

"Then what is in the photo?" said Aris, continuing to accuse his wife, slamming all the objects in his room. He can't be harsh with his wife, he just slams things to vent his emotions.

"Adam is sad, I just want to calm him down." Maira is indeed lying, she is doing all this so that her husband will no longer believe in her.

Maira wanted to touch her husband's arm, but Aris avoided the touch. How many times has Aris told his wife, don't approach his best friend again? Then why did his teri still approach the man?

Aris stated while sharply clenching his hands into fists. "You think I don't believe what you say, I don't believe it at all." necessary, he must avoid his wife first so that his emotions decrease. Aris immediately walked out of his room, but his wife wanted to prevent him from leaving this room.

"Sir, where are you going?" Maira scolded, holding her husband's arm, making Aris push his wife's hand away.

"I need to calm down, don't hold me back. I will be rough with you." Aris just needs calm, so he doesn't get rude with his wife. But Maira still restrained her husband from leaving his room.

"Sir, please don't go. We'll solve the problem just fine." Maira grabbed her husband's hand, Aris immediately slapped her hand away.

"There's no need to solve the problem anymore. I've decided to divorce you," explained Aris, who no longer wanted to hear what his wife said, because it was clear that she was cheating behind his back.

Why else maintain this marriage, if his wife is already him?

"But, Mas. I still love you." Maira does not want to be divorced by her husband, if she is divorced it is the same as she still will not receive her husband's inheritance.

"Haha love, you only love Adam, not me. It's better for you to marry him, I'll go first.

Aris laughed sarcastically, thinking it was impossible for his wife to love him. How could that be, he knew very well that his wife only loved his best friend.

He immediately rushed out of his room, he no longer cared about his wife. His heart was broken, why was his wife so heartless?

"Why doesn't Aris believe me? My plan failed." Maira muttered, still surprised by her husband, why he no longer believed in himself. Is it possible that someone has destroyed their marriage?

"D*mn, why did Maira lie to me? Doesn't she hurt my feelings, my heart, Mai."

The only object that touched the steering wheel of the car, he still couldn't understand. How many times has he given his wife a chance, then why did Maira destroy his self-confidence again?

At that time, Aris was given a meal by one of his personal friends, when his wife came to a restaurant. Then the private driver deliberately took a photo of the two of them having fun making out.

More than three times, his private driver caught his wife with this man. At that time Aris still didn't know who the man was, then a few days ago Aris accidentally met the two of them at a mall.

Aris approached the two of them who were alone, until the two of you were without objects in the mall.

Aris was really very dizzy, it was very surprising for his wife. Maybe his way of divorcing his wife was better, rather than having to maintain his marriage.

There was a woman who wanted to cross the street, but when she wanted to cross, she suddenly stopped. There was a car going fast, I don't know whose car it was. Only to be hit by a car, he fell to the ground.

When Aris wasn't focused on driving his car, suddenly a woman wanted to cross him. But Aris accidentally hit a woman. It made him very shocked.

"Gosh, why did you hit everyone?"

Aris rubbed his face roughly, why did everything turn out like this. Her household affairs are still not finished, and now she has caused problems again.

"Ouch, it hurts..."

A woman was already sitting on the floor with both legs feeling, Aris immediately got out of his car and walked over to the woman.

"Um, sorry sis. I accidentally bumped into him."

Aris apologized to the girl, because he accidentally bumped into the woman in front of him.

"Very handsome, looks like he's rich. It's better to just take advantage of him."

The woman thought for a moment that the man in front of her was from the richest family. considering, he should take advantage of this condition.

"Hello, sis. Why are you daydreaming?"

Aris was lost in thought, she saw her hand in front of her face. Making the girl wake up from her reverie.

"You hit me, I didn't know. You have to compensate."

The woman was Nayla, a very naughty girl, she didn't want to know that the man was responsible for his actions.

She had a way to make the man want to help her. Maybe this way, the man could give himself a decent job to occupy. He was tired of looking for work here and there, it was better if he just used that man.

Chapter 2

"But, Sis. The wound is only light," said Aris, seeing the girl's wounds on both legs, only slightly injured. Then why did the woman ask herself to be responsible? Really, he couldn't stop thinking about it.

"I don't want to know, you have to take responsibility."

Nayla still chuckled. The man had to be responsible, he didn't want her to run away from her responsibilities.

"Okay, I'll take you to the hospital. Come with me."

Aris just gave in, it was better for him to obey the girl's wishes. Rather than later being put in prison, he didn't want that to happen.

Aris immediately walked into his car, followed by Nayla behind him. Nayla immediately got into the car, she wanted to sit next to the man's seat. But Aris prevented the girl from sitting next to him.


Aris asked the girl to move her seat, so that she w


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