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The Prince Claims His Child

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Captivating smile 5ft, 6inches tall, a willowy build and gorgeous translucent skin. Janice Sketches was a well-known matchmaker that could solve any problem within seconds. She finds matches to those unable to and was very skilled at it. But, she hadn't found her perfect match. Jules Forrest, also known as the devil for being a ruthless CEO. He only engaged in a nightstand and didn't believe true love existed. However, his principle changed when he met the stunning woman that shared his bed after a night at his brother's wedding. ----- EXCERPT: He knew she was drunk and he didn't want to take advantage of it but he couldn't help how her soft lips were making him feel. The softness of her skin, her sweet cupid-bow shaped lips, and warm kiss were beginning to make his mind muddled. He allowed her to take the lead without initiating anything so as not to overwhelm her. “Please take me, stranger." Her eyes and body begged him.


JANICE downed the Scotch Whisky with her in one gulp. She hissed, and her eyes brimmed with tears as the liquor burnt her throat.

“Another one, please.” She mumbled, shoving the now empty glass towards the bartender.

He eyed her warily as she set the glass in front of him yet again with another dollar bill. This would be her third order this evening if he filled the cup.

Also, wondered what would have made a young pretty girl like her result in drinking away her pains, and he sensed she was depressed the instant she had strolled through the door and stalked to where he was. He felt her feelings even before she had dropped the first bill on the counter.

Likewise, he couldn't ignore the other eyes burning through him from across the room. The bartender zeroed his gaze on a man not very far from him. He noticed his aloof grey eyes fixated on the girl, who was now slightly drunk.

He didn't blame the man for staring at her. She was gorgeous, even in her drunken state. Him as well, it took everything in him to resist her charm.

“My drink!” Janice snapped whilst scowling at the bartender, who seemed to be lost in thought.

Her visions dimmed, and she blinked away the haziness at the back of her eyes as she took in his feature.

She noticed how scrawny he was, and his coffee-brown eyes stared back at her as if he was deciding on what to do with the cup she had shoved towards him.

She rolled her eyes as he grimaced.

His brown hands went to scratch the back of his head before he went back to filling the cups in front of him.

She noticed his hands trembling, and he jerked, spilling some content in a glass cup beside him on the counter.

He gripped the bottle of scotch and poured, then hesitated whilst gripping the glass in his brown hands.

Janice lifted her winter blue eyes to his brown ones. She cocked a slender brow as she saw him furrowed his brows.

“I'm not drunk,” She stated. The moment it slipped out of her mouth, she knew it wasn't true.

Though she could sense whatever was happening in the pub, she was somewhat intoxicated by taking two glasses. She knew she was a lightweight and shouldn't be taking a drink as hard as that.

“Just give me the damned alcohol!” Janice gritted her teeth.

“No. You may injure yourself, and I wouldn't want to be the reason behind it. You should go sort whatever is bothering you out. Two is enough and no more.” The bartender retorted.

He tossed the content he had poured into the shot cup in a dustbin beside the counter and handed her back her money.

Janice hissed, then staggered away from the barstool whilst grumbling. “People can't just mind their d*mn business!”

She stumbled as she didn't notice an empty can that was lying on the floor. Her hands flailed in the air, and she shut her eyes tight so as not to feel the impact when she eventually landed on the floor.

She shivered as a calloused finger rubbed against her bare arm. Despite how rough the hand was, it was warm against her gorgeous translucent skin.

“Hey.” Her saviour's voice rasped into her ear.

Janice's heart warmed, and her nostrils flared as she breathed in his manly cologne. Desire burned within her, and she glanced up through her lashes to stare at him.

Beautiful grey orbs bored into hers, and she noticed the scowl evident on his angular face. But she didn't mind as her hands went through his hair, and she hoisted her body to his.

He steeled as her lips landed on his, but she didn't stop the kiss.

She licked his jaw and s*ck*d his earlobes before going back to his lips.

Her lips coaxed his, and he moaned into her mouth. Janice grinned into the kiss as she incited a response from him.

She felt his hands move to her posterior, and he squeezed hard before he slipped it into her shirt to undo her bra. She let out a wanton moan and pushed her body further into his.

Janice ignored the alarm resounding in her head as he began to trail soft wet kisses from her collarbone downwards.

Even if this person was a total stranger, she needed the release to make her feel wanted.

The moment Jules noticed her in the clubhouse he frequented, he couldn't take his eyes off her.

He became instantly drawn to her, and couldn't help the scowl that stayed on his face as the men were ogling her.

He had waited for the entire night to walk up to her when she was alone. However, what he didn't think would happen was for her to jump into his hands, seeking his lips.

He knew she was drunk, and he didn't want to take advantage of it, but he couldn't help how her soft lips were making him feel.

The softness of her skin, her sweet cupid-bow-shaped lips, and her warm kiss made his mind muddled.

He allowed her to take the lead without initiating anything so as not to overwhelm her.

“Please take me, stranger.” Her eyes and body begged him.

He didn't need to be told twice, but he wanted assurance.

“Are you sure about this?”

“Yes,” She whispered and clung to him. She undid the buttons on his pristine shirt one after the other, but he halted her when she got to the last button.

Swiftly, he unlocked his car and shoved her gently inside. He waited for a few seconds to see if she would change her mind, which he knew was unlikely due to the state she was in.

When she didn't, he accepted her demand and took her right there inside his car.


Janice darted to the washroom in the cathedral for the umpteenth time as she felt the powerful urge to pee.

She groaned, checking out her reflection in the mirror as she rinsed her hand. Her tired and sunken eyes gazed back at her.

She always looked her best and hardly looked like this. She wanted to stay back as soon as she woke, but she had to keep up appearances since it was her best friend's wedding.

Moreover, she was the matchmaker, which means she needed to be present to witness all of it.

Janice had called in sick, but her friend, Maggie, had almost bitten her ear off through the phone.

She indeed looked pitiful, Janice noted, as she stared at herself once more.

She inhaled deeply, and let it out slowly as a familiar wave of nausea surged through her.

“Not again!” She winced as her stomach did a flip-flop.

“Please, let me just have today for myself. I promise to lie back for the rest of the week as you wish.” She ple


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