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Jay Mhekzy

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Hello, Thanks for taking the time to check my profile. Kindly leave your reviews, let me know your thoughts about my books. Thank. You can reach me on FB, IG Jay Mhekzy is my username


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  • Author: Jay Mhekzy
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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**Warning: Strong language, smuts, abuse, and some explicit content. Please read at your risk.** "Let go of me…" Arabella said. She grimaced, shaking her head. "Do you think I would let you go so easily?" He questioned, then tutted. Sandro's nostrils flared as he sniffed her hair wrapped in his hands, Vanilla and Strawberry. The innocent yet naughty scent he remembered her with. "That would never happen, Cara Mia." Arabella gasped as Sandro pressed his body into hers. She moved to shove him away but he grasped her hands and pinned them above her head before pointing the gun at her temple. Arabella shut her eyes tightly as the gun cocked. She inhaled and bit her tongue while saying her last prayer inwardly. She wanted to run far away from him. Away from the surface of the earth if possible. But she was certain no matter how far she went, he was going to find her. ------------------------------------- Arabella's life took a u-turn after falling into her enemy's hand. She should feel nothing for him, however. He made her lose all her senses, even her clothes. At the mercy of her foe, she discovers some secrets about him and wishes to unravel more, but got what she didn't bargain for. Alessandro, an Alpha assumes the identity of a Mafia Lord. He was the most wanted criminal in COOAN, and his name incites fear in all werewolves' packs. He was a man fighting his demons and needed a savior before he drowns. When Arabella was about to accept her miserable fate that couldn'tan't escape from that devil Alpha, Blaze showed up. Blaze often kept to himself and trusted no one until he met Arabella, whom he believed was the perfect mate sent to him by the moon's goddess. However, she was taken. The powerful urge to save her from her miserable life catapulted them into another world, which was more chaotic than theirs...

Book cover
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Rated 18 Contains possessive, obsessive, and arrogant ML. Heavy on smút, BDSM. A lot of explicit content. Please proceed with caution. EXCERPT; "Will you think me a monster if I do what you are afraid of?" He whispered, his eyes never leaving mine. "Sei un mostro(You're a monster)," I spat at Matteo. "Nothing can change that." "I've always cared for you, but you chose to betray me by running away with my child. Did you know how my reputation dropped because of that? I become a laughing stock BECAUSE of you. A man who can't keep his woman in check." His hand gripped my neck, cutting off my air supply. I gasped, pounding his chest as he smirked. "Go on, scream, darling," he taunted. "I love the sound of your screams." Gasping for breath as he released me, I saw the bulge in his pants and shook my head in disgust. "You don't care for me, Matteo. Your idea of caring is twisted, controlling, possessive, and obsessive....!" _________ Deirdre faced a heart-wrenching choice: surrender her child or endure a bitter court battle. The mere thought of another woman in her child's life, especially one of Matteo's passing fancies, was unbearable. Their journey began coerced onto a cruise, tossed astray by a raging storm, mirroring the turmoil in their hearts. Amid nature's fury, both were entangled in their tempest - a fiery passion reigniting into deep love. Yet, family disapproval marred their brief happiness, threatening to tear them apart. A lethal secret emerged, endangering both her and her child's lives. Compelled to hide this truth, Deirdre knew silence couldn't last. When Matteo discovered her secret, he presented an ultimatum: risk everything and reveal it or bear lifelong consequences in silence.


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