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The President's Daring Wife

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"Eve, what exactly are you up to." Ethan held her chin, staring into her eyes. "Have you developed a new way to achieve your divorce goal?" "Who said I wanted a divorce?" Eve flashed him her sweetest smile. "You're my darling husband, and my only goal is to make you happy." Ethan looked as if he was about to have a heart attack. The driver lost control and the car almost slammed into the gates. *** In her past life, Evelyn was doted on and admired by her husband, Ethan Anderson. But her foul temper and her desire to be with another man made her destroy her marriage. After that, she fell into a great misery when she discovered that her closest friends were her biggest enemies. It was too late, and she had to carry the regret to her grave. When she gets a second chance in life, Will she have the opportunity to redeem herself?

Her Past Life

Pain. It hurt.

Her whole body ached so much as if her bones were breaking inside. 

Eve opened her eyes and through her blurry vision, the white ceiling loomed above. Her head pounded as she tried to remember where she was. 

But it was so hard to recall anything when the ache in her head kept increasing. 

The soft mattress underneath her moved as well as the bedsheet on her. 

What was she doing on a bed? 

Her heart stopped beating for a second then it all began coming back. 

The last time before her eyes closed, Eve could remember herself drowning. Her hands and legs were bound with hard ropes and she was blindfolded. She couldn't even struggle as she helplessly drowned to her death. 

But now... 

This pain in her body didn't feel like that of someone who had drowned. In fact, this pain felt familiar as if she'd experienced something similar before.

The bedsheet moved again and Eve was now aware of her surroundings. Her eyes strayed to her left and she held her breath to stop herself from screaming. 

Sleeping beside her was none other than her husband, Ethan. 

How was this possible? Ethan was long dead. She saw his car fall off the mountain cliff with her own eyes. 

Eve rubbed her eyes to make sure she wasn't imagining things. She touched the man under the sheet... He was real, and also naked...

And so was she. 

Her heart skipped again and this time, Eve jumped and let out a scream. 

Now that she could remember this scenario, her confusion only heightened. 

If she wasn't mistaken, this was exactly the same condition she had woken up in the morning after she drugged Ethan. And it happened almost a year ago not long after they got married. 

As if disturbed by her screams, Ethan turned on the bed, his eyelids fluttering. 

He opened his eyes, frowning. He didn't look surprised or frightened, unlike her.

"E–Ethan, y–you..." Eve's heart could not stop beating wildly as she finally realized what was happening. 

"Evelyn Maxwell!" Ethan's deep voice resounded in the room, sending her body shuddering. 

Before she could think about running off, he grabbed her waist with his strong arms. Her still-aching waist. 

"How dare you play such an underhanded trick on me?" His hold tightened and he glared hard at her. "You thought drugging me and setting me up with another woman will give the media a reason to drive a wedge between our families? You want a divorce, right?"

Eve flinched as he brought up his hand to brush her hair aside. 

"In your dreams."

His last words echoed in her ears and she was finally released of his strong hold. 

Ethan got off the bed and stormed into the bathroom, slamming the door behind him. 

Eve supported her head with both hands and shut her eyes. Every one of Ethan's words was true.

Last night, at his grandfather's birthday party, she and her best friend Mia had secretly made a plan and paid a waiter to spike his drink. They had also arranged for someone to carry out their plan by sleeping with Ethan. The reporter they had also hired to record everything and spread the scandal was ready. 

However, their plan backfired when out of nowhere, Ethan grabbed her to the parking lot and ordered his driver to drive them back home. He started stripping her from the hallway and she ended up becoming the victim of the drug. 

Eve could recall that after this incident, she grew more resentful toward Ethan. Their marriage had always been on the rocks right from the beginning.

Immediately after she graduated from college, her grandfather forced her to marry him to strengthen the business ties between both families.

Although Ethan had never treated her badly and got her everything a woman would ever ask for, her tantrums increased by the day, fueled by her desire to leave him and also her best friend's constant advice that being with Ethan was nothing compared to the happiness she would live in when she finally got to be with Cole, her childhood sweetheart. 

Despite acting cold all the time, Ethan was adamant not to divorce her, and Eve's tantrums became too gruesome that her grandfather developed a heart attack which led to his death. 

When Eve found out that she was pregnant, she didn't think twice before taking out the baby. The drug she took was so lethal that she almost lost her life, but Ethan didn't give up on her. He summoned the best medical practitioners to save her life, spending tons of money. 

But that incident took a huge toll on Eve when people found out what she did. Her family disowned her and Ethan's parents drove her out. That was when she discovered that her best friend who had been rooting for her all the time was actually a two-faced b*tch. 

It turned out Mia and Cole were in a relationship, and their goal had always been to destroy her marriage.It was too late when Eve realized that Ethan had loved her right from the beginning. Because not long after their divorce, he called and wanted to meet with her on the outskirts of the town. 

She had waited for him on the mountain, but his car seemed to have lost control and she watched in horror as it fell down the cliff and exploded. 

Because she was present at the scene, the police arrested her and his family pointed fingers at her that she had a hand in it.

With no one to defend her, Eve spent a long time in jail. And one day, miraculously, a mysterious person bailed her out. 

However, on stepping out of the jail gates, Eve was abducted by strange men. She didn't even know who her killers were because she was blindfolded and bound and thrown into a deep ocean. 

Eve wiped her tears as those memories replayed in her mind. Her heart ached as she remembered how foolish and cruel she'd been in the past. 

If she'd looked on the bright side, marrying Ethan was nothing but a blessing. But she'd allowed Mia and Cole to deceive her and she'd taken all she'd had for granted. 

Her repercussion was too horrible to remember. 

Now that she'd woken up way before all that happened, was this a sign that she was blessed by the heavens and given a second chance? 

Did she have the power to prevent the same things from happening again? 

The sound of the bathroom door opening made her look up and Ethan stepped out with a towel wrapped around his waist. 

Eve blinked and her heart dropped to her stomach. 

The Gift

Eve spaced out, and she had the urge to touch him again to make sure he was real. Eve spaced out, and she had the urge to touch him again to make sure he was real. 

Eve spaced out, and she had the urge to touch him again to make sure he was real.

There was a stark difference between his current appearance compared to the last days of their marriage. 

Because she had caused him so much trouble, Ethan had a hard time focusing on his business affairs despite his resilient attitude. 

Slowly, he changed from a fine gentleman whom everyone admired to a grumpy drunk whom everyone was afraid to go near. 


He seemed to be calling out her name for quite a while now because his voice got louder, snapping her out of her reverie. 

"I said get ready, we're going to the ancestral mansion."

His anger had cooled off because he even addressed her the usual way he did. 

Without waiting for her reply, Ethan walked int

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