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The possession of the mafia boss.

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"Heaven knows I did not mean to do this to you," Melanie said as she stared at the unconscious man lying before her then at the dollar bill she had stolen from him. She did not doubt that the money would be enough for her mother's surgery. ** Melanie was on her way to the grocery store a few months later when she bumped into someone. She creased her forehead and wondered where she had seen those green eyes piercing dangerously into her blue eyes. ''You should watch where you are going, Miss Melanie Tatum.'' The man even knew her name! She widened her eyes in utmost surprise. ''Do I know you?'' She asked, slowly. The man said nothing but only chuckled. Melanie turned to leave when his strong hand grabbed her arm. ''I see you had a very good life with my money, Melanie,'' The man said in an accent. ''W...which money?'' Melanie shuttered. ''The money you stole, Sweetheart.'' He smiled dangerously, tightening his grip on Melanie's arm. Melanie widened her eyes as she remembered the man in front of her. D*mn! Her world will never remain the same.

Chapter 1 Melanie Tatum.

''Your mother is running out of time, miss Melanie. We need to carry out her surgery as soon as possible," Doctor Simeon said to her and walked away.

Melanie stood in the same spot for a few seconds before walking down to her mother's ward.

''Mother...'' She whispered slowly trying to stop herself from crying.

She took her seat on the chair beside her mother's bed and took her mother's hand in hers.

''M...Melanie...'' Her mother let out a cough.

''Don't say, anything mother, I can always do the talking,'' Melanie smiled at her mother whose face looked very pale.

''You need to stay strong mum, I'll do everything I can to raise your hospital bill.''

Melanie smiled and stared at her mother's very pale lip.

''I... I'm sorry for making you go through this,'' Her mother murmured.

"It's okay mother, you will be fine, I promise,'' She said squeezing her mother's hand gently in hers.

''Get some rest, mother. I need to be somewhere.'' Melanie said and patted her mother gently before leaving the room.


Melanie sighed deeply as she entered her room.

Deep down, she knew there was no way she could raise her mother's hospital bill.

She was ready to do anything to raise the money but does that includes selling herself for money?

Oh please... She scoffed.

Suddenly feeling hungry, she walked to the kitchen and opened the cupboard.

Oh, Sh*t! There's nothing to eat in this d*mn house!

Leaning against the cupboard, an idea suddenly crept into her head.

''Why have I not been thinking that way since!" She smiled gently and patted herself.

She rushed back to the room and grabbed her phone to dial her friend's number.

''Oh, thank goodness you picked my call, Tyler!'' Melanie screamed as soon as her friend picked the call.

''What's wrong, Mel?'' Tyler groaned.

''Are you at home? I need your help right now!'' She said hurriedly.

''Yeah, I just got back from my client's house. What is it?'' Tyler asked?

''I need you to do my make-up,'' she answered.

''What!? Makeup?'' Tyler screamed.

Melanie could already imagine the look on his face, she could picture him frowning his face.

''I'm coming over to your place right now, Tyler. Don't you dare go anywhere!'' She screamed and ended the call not wanting to hear what her friend was going to say.

Melanie rushed to her wardrobe and poured all her clothes out looking for the best outfit that would go best for where she was going.

''Arrrgh!'' she screamed frustratedly.

How can a Twenty-year-old lady not have any s*my clothes!

She kept going through the pile of dresses on the floor till she came across her very short skirt and a white crop top.

''Not bad," She twitched her mouth.

She kept the clothing she had chosen in her small handbag and rushed out of her room not waiting to return the clothes she had poured out of her wardrobe back to its place.


''Why did you want to do make-up on your face!?''  Tyler yelled as soon as Melanie got down from the cab.

''Stop being a pain in my neck. You should at least welcome me,'' Melanie rolled her eyes as she walked past him.

''Welcome you? Oh please don't give me that.'' Tyler sneered as he followed her immediately.

''I have a party to attend this night. My friend's sister is having her birthday and I was invited,'' Melanie said and walked to the kitchen.

''Which friend?'' Tyler queried.

''Huh...just a friend. You can't know her.'' Melanie lied.

''Miss Melanie, it's like you have forgotten that I know all the friends ends you have,'' Tyler mocked.

''Tyler! You don't know her, she is an old friend, I ran into her last week,'' Melanie said as she walked to the refrigerator to find a drink to digest the bread she saw in Tyler's Kitchen.

''Oh... I see,'' Tyler said, still not convinced.

''So Tyler, I need you to make me very beautiful that even you won't be able to recognize me, you understand?'' Melanie said looking into his eyes.

''I still don't see a reason why you need to make up though,'' Tyler murmured.

''Whatever, just make me look very different!''  Melanie snapped.

''I didn't become a makeup artist because of you ma'am. So stop making it seems like you taught me this work,'' Tyler hissed.

''Spare me all these details, Tyler. It is getting late.'' Melanie hissed loudly.

''Okay! Drop the rubbish you're eating and sit over there!'' Tyler retorted.

''Okay,'' Melanie grumbled as she went to sit where Tyler told her to.


Melanie entered the public bathroom hurriedly and locked the door from behind.

She pulled off the cloth she was wearing and wore the one she brought from her house.

Oh, Tyler did a good job on her face. She had no doubt.

She pulled her hair in a ponytail and added a brown contact lens to her eyeball.

Melanie switched her phone off, shoved it in her bag, and rushed out of the bathroom.


Melanie could feel the men eyes feasting on her already. Gosh, how she wished her plan will be a success.

She suddenly felt a hand on her butt and she muttered under her breath before she faced the big, pot-bellied man in front of her.

God! Of all people, why must it be this smelling man!

Melanie cursed under her breath.

Melanie forced a smile as the man brought his mouth closer to her mouth.

''Why don't we get a room!?'' Melanie screamed, which stopped the man from kissing her.

''You know exactly what I want, Baby.'' The man said in her ear and Melanie gritted her teeth before she smiled at the man again.

She followed the man swiftly as the man led her to a very large room in the Club.

''Stay back, I'll be fine.'' The man said and that was then Melanie realized there were bodyguards following them.

He must be loaded.

Melanie smirked.

As soon as they were behind the closed door, the man pinned her to the wall, kissing her roughly.

''You have everything I want in a woman, Sweetheart,'' He said, his awful breath fanning her nose.

''I know, darling.'' Melanie forced a very wide smile.

Melanie managed to free herself from his grip and said to him, "Let's freshen up first.''

''Okay baby,'' He said and squeezed her breast before walking away from her.

As soon as he entered the restroom, Melanie tiptoed to the door and peeped outside the room to check if his guards are outside the room.

Luckily, none of them were there. She rushed to her bag and brought out a white handkerchief and a bottle of syrup.

She sprinkled the syrup on the handkerchief and returned the syrup to her bag.

Melanie sat at the edge of the bed and kept the drugged handkerchief under the pillow and waited for the old man to come out of the bathroom.

After what seemed like forever, The old man came out of the bathroom grinning widely at her.

''Sweetheart," He smiled.

''Yes darling,'' Melanie smiled back.

The man pulled her up and laid on the bed pulling her to him.

Melanie sat on his stomach feeling his manhood on her skin.

Melanie was about to dip her hand under the pillow when the man held her hand.

''What are you doing?'' He asked and Melanie widened her eyes.

''Ehn!?'' She answered.

No! I can't get caught.

She screamed inwardly.


Chapter 2 Dangerous games.

Melanie was about to dip her hand under the pillow when the man held her hand.

''What are you doing?'' He asked and Melanie widened her eyes.

''Ehn!?'' She answered.

No! I can't get caught.

She screamed inwardly.

''Leave whatever you're doing and kiss me, baby, I can't wait to have you,'' He grinned then pulled her mouth closer to his.

Melanie brought out the handkerchief and then smiled at the man beneath her. ''You can't wait to have me, Right?'' She chuckled and the man nodded his head.

Melanie pinned him down with the strength she had and covered the old man's nose with the handkerchief.

''I'm sorry...'' Melanie said in a whisper as the man struggled to breathe.

''Jerk!'' She sighed as she stood up from the unconscious man's body.

Melanie went through his stuff and br

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