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The Playboy's Downfall

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Since high school, Isla Peterson, a college student, had a crush on her brother's closest friend. She wished to be noticed by the man not just as a young sister, but also as a lover. She begged her brother, Apollo, to invite him to her 18th birthday party. Because her brother adores her, he eventually agreed. She was overjoyed when her long-time crush arrived—her wish had been granted. After reaching the legal age, Isla relaxed during her after-party and assured her brother that she would only drink a little. However, she got drunk and involved herself in a situation that forever changes her life. She had s*x with her long-time crush, Zero, the famed womanizer. Zero Cohen is a well-known monster in bed who prefers extreme s*x over making out. He only had one rule: "keep up with his pace," and he will lavish you with joy. Zero didn't realize it was Isla he claimed that night because they were both drunk at the time. And he admits, the lady was too good for first-timers. He began to crave her body, and every time he saw her, his pet hardened and desired to delve deeper into her core. But can they really expect to go very far in this game? What if they have to face their difficulties? Will one of them give up, or will they fight? What could it bring if the playboy faces his downfall?

Chapter 1: Zero

“AH! Push it deeper, Zero!” the blonde woman shouted as she almost reach her climax. Zero then delved deeper and continue entering the woman’s anus.

The blonde woman almost tears the red sheets of the bed because of the unending pleasure that Zero gave her.

The way how he plunged his shaft into it, almost makes her pee on the sheets.

With one final push, he spits his juices inside her anus.

To him, *n*l s*x is still one of the wildest experiences a man could ever do. He wiped his shaft with wet wipes above the table.

“That was beyond great, babe,” the blonde woman said.

Zero looked at her. “Yeah. But I’m not gonna do it again with you,” he exerted which surprised the blonde woman.

“B-But you said I’m good—”

“Not when you scratch your teeth into my c*ck when you s*ck*d it,” he cut in and stood up.

He picked up his clothes that were scattered on the floor and put it on. The woman was good, he even comes multiple times inside her mouth, he just reasoned out that he hates how her teeth scratched with the skin of his c*ck.

The truth is, he can’t have s*x with the same woman. He’s Zero Cohen after all. A well-known monster in bed who f*ck every woman he wants even if it’s older than him—as long as she can get along with his pace.

“Zero, hon. We had a great time—”

“Look, Malia—”

“It’s Mia!” the woman uttered and glared at him.

“Malia or Mia, I don’t care. I can’t memorize every woman I f*ck. You know me,” he buttoned down his polo then looked back at the girl, “I always change flavors daily.”

The blonde girl named Malia stood up in front of her. “No! You can’t do this to me! You said I’m—” the woman didn’t finish her words when Zero laughed, devilishly.

He glared at her which makes the woman step back. “I hate repeating myself,” he said, coldly. The woman then didn’t reply until Zero left the room.

AS ZERO walked towards the parking lot of the hotel, he glanced at his wristwatch and it was already three in the morning. Guess, he had a three-hour session with that blonde girl.

He shook his head and stopped in front of his black Mercedes Benz. He hopped inside and drove into a club to find another woman to f*ck.

And he will only go home if he is already tired.

He parked in front of the club and gave the key to the valet. He’s still at the entrance of the club when a woman with a black bodycon dress approaches him. It was just a span of seconds and they already making out in the corner.

The woman initiates it and Zero found it hot. The way her tongue swirled inside her mouth, seems to find something turned him on.

He then grabbed her behind and carry her upstairs. Not minding people who were looking at them.

It was Zero Cohen anyway; people will always make way for him. No one dared to delay his sessions. If so, you’ll be dead.

The woman continues kissing him until they reach the VIP room. Zero threw the woman on the bed. The woman then laughed, flirtatiously.

Zero rushed towards her and claimed her lips harshly. The woman can’t help herself not to moan. She tried to meet Zero’s pace but she failed, that’s why Zero stopped and looked at her.

“Sorry, you’re not good,” he said and stood up.

The woman frowned. “What? We’re just starting and you’re too fast—”

“That’s it. I’m too fast that you can’t even meet it. I hate it. Leave immediately,” he said and pointed to the entrance.

The woman scoffed. “Seriously? You dragged me—”

“Because I thought you can do me. But I was wrong.”

“We can do it again. I promise I will—” the woman didn’t finish her words when Zero let out a chuckle.

“I don’t give second chances. Leave before I drag you out,” he asserted.

However, the woman didn’t obey and started to remove her clothes which makes his forehead crease.

The woman bit her lower lip, trying to seduce him. When she successfully removed all her clothes, she lay down on the bed without breaking her gaze toward him and started touching her body.

Zero’s eyes darted at the woman’s large piles. The woman had big boobies and a nice curve. However, the way how she can’t keep up with his sudden moves, it’s a major turned-off for him.

“Don’t ever think about it,” he said and pinched the bridge of his nose. “I will not f*ck you even if you started to finger yourself,” he added and was about to turn around when the woman called his name.

“One day, you will find a woman who will throw you like trash!” the woman exclaimed which only makes him grin.

“Really? I don’t think so!” he said, coldly and left.

Zero shook his head in disbelief while walking down the stairs. Why does he always encounter desperate women? He just wanted a merry s*x life. But some women were getting toxic after he touches them.


His thoughts collided when someone called his name.

“Great! It’s you,” the man who was holding a bottle of beer went closer to him.

“Peterson,” he called back.

The man laughed. “Don’t be too formal,” he said.

“What do you want?”

The man he called Peterson shook his head. “Nothing. It happened that I saw you that’s why I called your name. What are you doing here anyway?”

Zero formed a sly smirk on his lips. “Pretending that we don’t know, are we?”

The man shrugged his shoulders. “Well, I’m just making sure of.”

Zero just looked at the man and started to walk away.

“Anyway, Isla wants you to attend her eighteenth birthday,” the man shouted since the music is still loud.

Zero stopped and looked back. “Follow me,” he said and jerked his head on the way.

The man then smiled and followed him. They walked for a while until they reached the bar counter.

“Your sweet of a sister still had a crush on me?” Zero started which makes the man laugh.

“Yeah. But I will do my best to stop her fantasies towards you.”

“Well. I kinda like your sis—”

“Don’t you dare!” the man warned and glared at him.

Zero laughed and shook his head. He called the bartender and order a drink. “Apollo, you should tell that to your sister, not to me.”

“Hands off with my sister, Zero. She’s still young.”

“I don’t do teens either. You knew that, man. If it’s your mom, maybe I can,” he joked.

“Mom loves dad,” Apollo replied.

Zero was about to talk when the bartender put down his drink. He then sipped on his glass. “He’s already dead.”

Apollo frowned. “Seriously? You’re saying that in front of me? Don’t you know that I’m on the urge of punching your face?”

Zero let out a loud chuckle which blends into the club music. “Don’t be too serious, Apollo. Since you invited me to your sister’s debut. Then I will come.”

Apollo heaved a deep sigh.

“What’s wrong?” Zero asked.

“She wanted you to be her last dance in the flower ceremony.”

Zero smiled. “Sure.”

Apollo had a hard time with that decision. However, his sister promised that she will stop fantasizing about Zero Cohen as long as he will invite him and be part of his eighteen dances.

Apollo was supposed to be her last dance but it ended up with her long-time crush. Zero and Apollo were classmates since college and also best of friends. His little sister always saw Zero when the man visited their house until her feelings grew deeper for him.

Apollo was not against whom she likes but if it was Zero, he will not let it. Aside from their age gap, Zero is a f*ck*ng womanizer.

“I’m warning you, Cohen. Hands-off to my sister.”

Zero drank into his glass. “I will dance with her, right? How will I hold her then?”

Apollo frowned. “Don’t mock me, dude. I’m just warning you. You knew she had a crush on you. Don’t make her assume impossible things. You’re ten years older than her and a s*x monster.”

Zero laughed. “I am.”

Chapter 2: The Embarrassment

IT WAS six o’clock in the morning, Zero was doing his daily exercise—fucking another hot woman who caught his attention.

As he drank until five in the morning with Apollo, he then decided to book a hotel next to the club. When he was about to swipe his card on the door, a woman approaches him and offered something that he loves.

They’ve been giving pleasure for almost an hour and he’s so eager to plunge his shaft deep within her.

The woman was too active to do all the tasks from licking up to sucking. He even lost count of how many times he cum inside the woman’s mouth.


“It’s Lily,” the woman corrected.

He smirked. “Oh. My bad,” he replied and reached for the woman’s left breast. He pulled the woman closer to him and sucked her left nipple, harshly. The woman groaned and sat on his well-defined tummy.

As he sucked her nipple, the woman grinds slowly and keeps on moaning. Zero then pushed her, letting her to sat on his proud shaft.

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