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The Billionaire's Stubborn Genius

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Kourtney Elijah is the eldest daughter of the Elijah family in New York. Due to her stepmother's scheme, she was sent to the countryside by her despicable father at a young age. When the patriarch of the Elijah family celebrated his 60th birthday, they brought her back. She returned quietly, only to be mocked as a rural underachiever and poor girl, which angered the influential figures. A professor from a prestigious university said, "Underachiever? That's a joke! Let me introduce you to the genius who top universities worldwide are vying for!" A billionaire exclaimed, "Poor girl? Nonsense! All my wealth is thanks to Kourtney's contributions!" A certain man declared, "This is my wife. Whoever dares to mock her, I will annihilate them!"

Chapter 1: One Million Hush Money

In the room of the Palace Hotel.

The sound of running water came from the direction of the bathroom, and the frosted glass door faintly revealed a sturdy figure.

A man is taking a shower, the water vapor is dispersed, and you cannot see his face, but from his perfect inverted triangle back, smooth leg muscle line, firm chest and abdominal muscles, it is not difficult to guess that, he is a perfect man.

His name is Jeff Howard and he is the president of the Howard Group. Last night's madness made Howard's mouth curl. This woman had actually treated him as a "male stripper" and "used" him for the whole night.

A cell phone rang in the silent room, seemingly very hard, and the sleeping woman on the bed opened her eyes.

An arm poked out of the covers, and her exposed skin was covered with hickeys, her back, breasts, neck, and even the insides of her thighs. Signs of s*x were all over the bed.

With difficulty, she took the cell phone that was on the bed and answered the phone with her tired body, "Come to pick me up at the entrance of the Palace Hotel, bring a set of clothes by the way, also I have one more thing for you to check ......"

After saying that, he hung up the phone.

At that time, the bathroom door opened with a 'creak', the mist in the bathroom rushed straight out, and a tall figure in the white mist appeared in front of her.

A man was just standing there, naked. His body and muscles and the amazingly long “thing” can be seen clearly. Such seductive flesh so suddenly in front of the eyes, the woman can not help but her heartbeat accelerated.

Last night they were so crazy that she didn't look at the man carefully, and now it looks like this man is definitely the best male stripper in all of New York.

The strange thing is that although he is only a male stripper, he has a powerful aura and unusual temperament. And his face is actually so handsome, like God's specially tailored male model. His eyes looked full of deep love, his lips exuded a seductive aura, and he stared at her with curiosity.

The memory of last night came to her mind along with the pain in her body.

Before last night, she was a virgin!

However, she vaguely remembered that the male stripper had torn off her clothes very impatiently and roughly at first, until he saw the blood flowing from her p*ssy and froze at that moment, and then the thrusting movements began to be gentle.

His body was lean and firm, with pronounced muscular lines to the touch, and he moved with such skill that he kept changing his patterns to stimulate her body His body was lean and firm, with pronounced muscular lines to the touch, and he moved with such skill that he kept changing his patterns to stimulate her body, hitting with just the right speed and force to make her moan and scream.

Kourtney's face flushed as she turned her head and looked down at the sheets with traces of various liquids left behind.

Twelve hours ago.

She had arrived in New York in Elijah's family car and the driver had taken her to this hotel and told her to wait in the guest room for someone important.

A waiter came in with refreshments and she had only taken a few sips of her drink when she realized she had been drugged! So careless! How could she be so careless today?!

Her head was spinning as three men burst into the room, she immediately read their intentions, she used her last strength to run into the bathroom quickly, unlocked the door and then rang the emergency alarm.

Several men saw that the situation was out of control and immediately retreated from the room. But she did not know what drug they had been put in her water, the drug was too awful. At that moment she just want a man and s*x.

She vaguely heard the waiter in the corridor say that, there was a "male stripper" in the next room, and she rushed to the next room as if she had found a lifesaver, then grabbed the man and forced him to provide sexual services for her.

But this male stripper was so strong, and her body was now exhausted.

It was so absurd that she no longer dared to remember!

She walked over to the man, and took out a card from her pocket, "The password is six one, this is your payment."

Looking at the bank card in his hand, the man smiled, helplessness dripping from his eyes, "Miss Kourtney Elijah, what do you mean?"

Kourtney Elijah looked at the man with a hostile look, "How do you know my name?"

She was sure she hadn't told him her name before.

She suddenly moved closer to him, pushing him back against the wall, "You better answer honestly!"

The man calmly explained, "While you were sleeping, someone knocked on the door looking for Miss Kourtney Elijah, I assume it was for you!"

She stared at him, "What did you say?"

"I said I had never seen her."

She stared into his eyes, ensuring he wasn't lying.

"Put your clothes on. What happened today was an accident, and there's a million on that card as your payment." Kourtney said, "Keep your mouth shut up, and don't tell anyone what happened."

The president of the Howard Group is being treated as a male stripper and threatened by a little girl, that’s interesting ......

If there wasn’t blood on the sheets, he would have suspected that she was that bad girl who is often offered by male stripper.

However, the girl's attitude was also very callous.

It was even sweeter when she made love with him last night when she was attacked by drugs .

The man's said: "It seems that you were very satisfied with my service last night, I will adhere to professional ethics, and not a word will be said. Do you want me to serve you again, my countess? Last night you asked me to call you that."

" Shut up!" Kourtney put on a bathrobe, without looking at the man again, and walked towards the door.

Kourtney had just disappeared from the room when the man's cell phone rang.

After hearing the message on the phone, he couldn't help but smile, "I'll see you soon!

Chapter 2: The Only Missy

Kourtney had just left her room.

In the hotel hallway, a man dressed up as a waiter saw her and can’t wait to pull out his cell phone to call someone.

She quickly grabbed his phone and slammed it hard against the wall, shattering it. Immediately after, she kicked the man hard in the stomach, he fell to the ground and rolled toward the stairwell, hitting his head on the wall and fleeing in disarray.

She straightened her robe neatly and stepped into the elevator.

A car was waiting for her in front of the hotel.

In the back seat of the car was an outfit Brittany had prepared for her.

"Why are you here?"

Brittany ruffled her big brown wavy hair and said with style, "They have important things to deal with. I am free."

As the car started, Kourtney changed clothes in the back seat of the car.

Brittany looked at the hickeys on Kourtney's body and exclaimed, "Wow, so exciting.”

She blushed and some mem


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