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Benjamin Archer

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The Billionaire's Stubborn Genius
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Kourtney Elijah is the eldest daughter of the Elijah family in New York. Due to her stepmother's scheme, she was sent to the countryside by her despicable father at a young age. When the patriarch of the Elijah family celebrated his 60th birthday, they brought her back. She returned quietly, only to be mocked as a rural underachiever and poor girl, which angered the influential figures. A professor from a prestigious university said, "Underachiever? That's a joke! Let me introduce you to the genius who top universities worldwide are vying for!" A billionaire exclaimed, "Poor girl? Nonsense! All my wealth is thanks to Kourtney's contributions!" A certain man declared, "This is my wife. Whoever dares to mock her, I will annihilate them!"


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