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The Malloy family, the deal

The Malloy family, the deal

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Andrew is a spoiled rich kid who likes to party all the time. But when he is about to turn 18, his father Christopher Malloy puts himAs time goes by, and after much bickering, the young men fall in love. And in the end, they discover that the Lasen family owes Mr. Malloy a lot of money. up against the wall and tells him that if he doesn't get his act together and find a wife who is his height and the height of his family, he will choose his future bride himself. Then Andrew meets Caroline, a young woman who is having various financial problems with her family and agrees to pretend to be the boy's girlfriend in exchange for money. Andrew Malloy and his fiancée Candance Lansen are disapproved of by the Malloy family patriarch. Candance discovers that her parents' debts are only getting worse and a great loss in the family makes the young woman doubt everything. Can love overcome everything?

Chapter 1

The Malloy family is a renowned English family that gained fortunes after entering the industrial and mining milieu. For years the family got what they wanted, whether for their own benefit or that of others.

In the 1950s the patriarch of the family Christopher Malloy, was involved in many social circles from politics to mobster groups, the man influenced many people. His goal was to have more money and power, no matter the means. But his son didn't seem to care a bit about the honor and power the family had, unlike his father, Adam just wanted to go to parties and enjoy his youth to the fullest.

In this book all the Malloy family secrets will be revealed in a cold way as the house where the family lived for years. I hope you are prepared to discover all their secrets.

The last day of vacation was ending, Andrew Malloy was thanking God for it. Not that he hates his house, but for some time now, his parents are demanding more responsibility from him. The parties, the girls, and the whole libertine teenage life needed to be left behind, since in a few months he would be eighteen and now he needed to be responsible.

Then we came to this moment, the three members of the Malloy family sitting at a large table in a larger room filled with crystals and diamonds that adorned it, all dining in silence, while the staff took care of cleaning the mansion.

“Andrew?", Mr. Malloy called his attention.

“Ham?"” The young man looked up at his father, who had an uninviting expression.

“I talked with your mother this afternoon, and we decided that you need to create alliances, to form a family in order to become someone in society. So we want you to get married after you graduate.”

The blond man stared at him for a few seconds, his expression was one of total confusion, it seemed that his father had spoken in another language. Andrew took a deep breath and remained silent, while he wiped the tomato sauce that had stained his lips. His mother's look showed her curiosity to know the boy's opinion, that's when he ended the suspense and finally answered.

“Marriage? Do you think I'm going crazy? I wouldn't do that even if you forced me,", he replied with a sideways smile, debauched by his father.

”Watch how you talk to me!”shouted the man."Don't act as if you were a child, soon it will be your duty to carry on the name of our family! It is already decided, if by next year you do not find a suitor worthy of our family, I will choose."

Andrew clenched his fists, but said absolutely nothing to his father, whose cheeks were already red with rage. The boy stood up furiously, leaving his family behind with his plate still full of spaghetti, and walked up the grand staircase of the mansion.", Insolent brat!" he heard his father shout before slamming the bedroom door aggressively.

“Idiots!”, he shouted.

His night had ended in the worst possible way, so the blond decided to take a hot bath in his bathtub to relax. Slowly Andrew took off his clothes, tied his hair into an awkward bun, and finally turned on the faucet of the tub.

Before starting his bath he locked the door to his room and the bathroom door, so as not to be disturbed by anyone in the house. Whenever he quarreled with his father, Mrs. Malloy tried to calm the situation down, but this time it wasn't an argument about the boy's spending or the extravagant parties he threw, they were talking about the rest of his life.

Andrew took one of his cigarettes and lit it, taking a few long puffs before getting into the tub. It soothed him as much as sex did, the smoke invaded his lung, filling him up and in a few seconds it was released, disappearing completely into the air and mixing with the steam of the hot water.

The boy put out his cigarette and threw it on the floor, not caring a bit if his parents would see it on the floor, or if the employees would have to pick it up one at a time. He quickly took off his underwear and stepped into the tub, the warm water seemed to embrace him, he slowly leaned his head on the side of the tub and sighed feeling all his muscles relax.

Before he knew it, Andrew was caressing his member, the soap and some oils that were mixed in the water made the sensation even more pleasurable. It didn't take long for him to feel his member stiffen in his hand. The blond moistened his lips and sat down in the tub, leaning his back on the side of the tub.

Malloy began to make slow movements, moving his hand up and down in a perfect rhythm. Even though he loved the feeling of pleasure he could give her, he hated doing it alone. The boy stopped what he was doing and reached into the tub to grab one of the body oils that were nearby, the water took away all the lubrication that his penis could make. Little by little.

This time his movements were fast, his hands went up and down without any shyness as he squeezed his member. This made the boy moan with pleasure, and it didn't take long for him to see his pre-cum coming out of his cock.

Andrew squeezed his eyes shut and bit his lips, feeling his body getting hotter and hotter. His legs contracted just as his member pulsed in his hand, in a few seconds the only thing that could be heard throughout the bathroom was his breathing and his loud moan.

,“Fuck!”, he said loudly.

His legs contracted, as did his abdomen that went up and down in a panting breath. Andrew let another groan escape and this time all of his hot white liquid spurted out. Malloy laughed at the situation and let go of his member that was still pulsating, Andrew could feel his heart beating next to his member, his body was weak because of the orgasm that he had just had, so he slid his body into the tub while his breathing returned to normal.

The morning had started very early for Andrew, the boy was already inside one of the cabins of the train, just waiting for the trip to begin and finally return to school. Some of his closest friends were also inside the cabin, telling what they had done on their vacation.

“And you Malloy, what did you do during your vacation?"”, asks Octavio Blacke.

“I was stoned most of the time and had a fight with my father yesterday.”

“Again?"”, Nathan Fields stared at him and the blond nodded “What happened this time?"”

“The old man wants me to get married,"he grumbled, the boys giggled, but soon realized that he was not joking.

”Is it really serious?"”Octavian asked curiously.

“The old man gave me a year to find a wife! He said that if I don't, he will choose.”, His cheeks were already reddening just remembering his father's words at dinner.

”But why this?" Why now?"”, asks Mr. Fields.

”He's going crazy! He said I need to be responsible and blah blah blah! Come on, does he really think I want to fuck the same person every day?"”, Octavio Blacke laughed and denied it with his head.

“There are plenty of suitors,", said Octavio.

“I'm not going to marry just anyone! These girls only want money, I'm not going to live with someone I hate, just because that old man wants to honor the family name. Let him make another son.”

“And Rafferty?" She comes from a good family, everyone has a name and already has money,", suggested Mr. Blacke.

“No! She has given to everyone I know.”

“I did not know you were looking for a virgin,", said Nathan Fields between laughs.

“You idiot! I don't want a virgin, I just want someone who has already had sex, preferably me.”

“And what are you going to do?"" , asks Mr. Blacke, staring at him.

“I don't know, but I'll think of something.”

Soon the conversation was interrupted by two girls who were already dressed in their uniforms with a small clipboard in their hands. One of them tapped on the glass of the cabin and caught the boys' attention.

“Is that right?"”, he asked, looking at them.

“Hi, how are you?" I am Diana Malvin, I am also from the third grade. I was wondering if you could help me with your signatures so that the girls can participate in soccer games and not only in practice," said the girl in a hurry.

”And why do you think we will sign?" Everyone knows that boys play much better than girls, Nathan stared at them.”

“Are you going to sign or not?"”, asked the other girl, already impatient with the boy's arrogance.

”And who are you?"" he asked.”

”You know very well who I am, Nathan!”

“Hohoow! Why are you angry, Candance?" I will sign it, but first I want something in return.”

”What do you want?"”, Diana asked.

Nathan smiled and moved closer to the girl's ear, moistened his lips and said loud enough so that everyone around could hear.

”I want a cuddle with your little mouth on my cock.”

All the boys laughed at the situation, and Diana felt her face heat up not only from anger, but also from embarrassment at the situation. Before she could think of anything else, she raised her hand to Nathan's face and slapped him hard enough to make his eyes water.

“You son of a bitch! Who do you think you are to hit me?"”, Nathan exclaimed, rubbing his hand across his face that was completely red.

“Diana Malvin!”, he said firmly.

“She is brave,", Octavio murmured, laughing.

‘Go suck a cock, Blacke! Let's go, Ana,"Candance said, pulling her friend down the long corridor of the train.


The first day at the Noctua Institute had been a busy one in the third grade lounge, Nathan Fields was still cursing at the four corners of the building about the slap he had received. But Andrew just ignored the situation and waited for the next day to come, he was too preoccupied with his own problems to think about Nathan's dramas.

Soon after breakfast the young man was asked to go to the principal's office, Devin. What worse could happen that had not already happened?" Before entering the room, the young man knocked twice on the door and heard a voice tell him to come in.

”Good morning, Principal Devin. You sent for me?"”

”Oh yes, please sit down, Mr. Malloy.”

The boy remained silent while the principal looked at a stack of papers in silence. Anyone could see that Andrew was anxious about the situation, one of his legs kept swinging.

Soon everyone's attention was drawn to the door, where teacher Calvin was talking to one of his favorite students. The teacher quickly broke the deafening silence in the room.

*Good morning, Principal Devin, here is Miss Lasen.”, Candance stared at the blonde who was sitting in front of her, but just ignored him and greeted the director.

”Good morning, Principal Devin.”Smiling sympathetically, the man finally stopped reading the papers in his hands and placed them on the table.

“Good morning, Miss Lasen, please sit down,"he replied, indicating one of the chairs with his hands, and the brunette obeyed.

“Well, I have to go! See you in class," said Professor Calvin, leaving the room.

“Now that we are all here, we can begin.”, The young people remained silent, just watching the old man who fixed his small round glasses on his long, pointed nose "You must be wondering why you are here, Mr. Malloy is here because of his terribly low grades and Miss Lasen because of her incredibly good grades."

“I'm sorry sir, but I don't understand,"said Andrew.

“Well Mr. Malloy, your father spoke to me during the vacations, he is worried about your future and so he asked me personally to help you improve."

"What?"", he stared at him in disbelief.

"Don't worry, Mr. Malloy, I believe Miss Lasen will be happy to help you.", The girl stared at the principal as incredulously as the boy.

"I'm sorry, principal, but I can't help him." The old man looked at her surprised and then asked.

"Why not Miss Lasen?""

"I'm busy with school chores and he's an asshole,"she asked, leaving the principal surprised.

"Who do you think you are, you brat?""

"Stop it, both of you! This is not a request, miss! You will help Mr. Malloy and he will be grateful for it. Right, young man?"', asked the director, staring at him through his glasses.

"Yes, sir."

After the principal explained everything they were going to study and replaced the boy's soccer practice with tutoring, the young men stormed out of the principal's office. Andrew said absolutely nothing and went his way down the long hallway.

“What did he want?"”, Diana asked her friend, who was visibly irritated as she approached.

"I'm going to have to tutor Malloy."

"Is that serious?" Did you threaten someone in Devin's family?" This has to be punishment."

"The worst part is that it will be right on my own time! I'll be exhausted by the time I finish my night tutoring," he complained.

"Did you tell him that?""

"Of course I did and he said he wasn't asking."

"I'm sorry,"Diana said, hugging her friend.


"You old idiot!"Andrew cursed, sitting on a large black couch in one of the rooms that the students were not allowed to enter, they called it the forbidden room.

“What is it now?"”, asks Miss Rafferty.

*My father wants me to take extra classes. And that idiot Devin cut me from the team to take the classes,", she explained, rolling her eyes.

"What a drag,"she said without the slightest interest in the matter.", What do you want to do?""

"I want to eat you, Liv.", The girl giggled and kissed him.

"Be quick, I want to go to dinner tonight."

Andrew pulled the girl up on his lap and kissed her, he wasn't in any patience for foreplay, in a hurry he opened the girl's shirt and slid his hands inside her skirt.

Olivia stopped kissing him and opened the buttons of his shirt, revealing his body, which had changed a lot since the first time they had had a relationship. Slowly the girl made some movements with her waist on top of his member and Andrew put his hand inside her panties feeling her intimacy getting more and more humid.

Without any ceremony the blond placed two fingers inside the girl that let a low moan escape while he opened Andrew's pants and took his member out making some back and forth movements. The boy stroked his fingers harder and harder, the girl moaned with pleasure, Malloy gave her a light suck on her breasts that were still covered by her bra and the girl got off his lap.

Miss Rafferty removed her panties and knelt in front of the young man who immediately held her hair, while the girl put his penis in her mouth. Olivia jerked him off as she put him deeper and deeper into her mouth until she choked on the tip of him that thrust against her throat.

“Fuck Liv!”, She moaned, feeling her erection throbbing with each glide of the girl's tongue.

Malloy pulled her up onto the couch again, but this time he got her on all fours, leaving her completely exposed to him.


Andrew bent down enough to be at the height of the girl's intimacy and kissed her unceremoniously, Olivia moaned loudly and the boy penetrated her with two fingers.

*Oh, that," she murmured.

*May I?"”, Andrew asked, pulling down the rest of his pants and smoothing his cock between her clit and her entrance.


The boy smiled and without much delay penetrated her completely and slowly began to make some movements with his hips, it didn't take long for him to speed up, their breaths were getting louder and louder, Olivia moaned low enough for the blonde to get more excited.

Andrew gave her another hard slap on her ass and smiled as he heard the noise that her privates were making each time he thrust. Slowly he stopped the movements, he was almost at his peak.

“Remember what I taught you?""

“Uhum,"he replied in a muffled groan.

“Go ahead."

Chapter 2

Meanwhile on the other side of the third year commons, Candance was reading her older brother's letter, and her friend Diana was preparing some posters protesting soccer, even though she had been arguing with the teacher during practice, he wouldn't allow the girls to participate in the games.

”Oh shit,"Diana complained, drawing her friend's attention.

“What's wrong?"”

”I cut my finger.”

“Why don't you use a pair of scissors?""

”I couldn't find them, is everything all right with your brother?"”, Candance took a deep breath and answered.

“Isn't Luke helping them?""

“Yes he is, but he has his own life too, and the bank doesn't pay that well for an intern."

“I wish I could help you,"she said, going to her bed.

“No need, Diana, your parents have already helped us a lot."

”It sucks to have to think about all this,"she said, huggin


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