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Isabella is a look alike of her adopted sister, she was set to get married to her sister's fiance after a drastic accident. But Isabella was betrayed by her family as they tagged her as the imposter. What would happen when she was left all alone, betrayed by the ones she held dear?.

Chapter 1

**Deep treachery**It all began in Mosvil City, the business elite's gathering place in Devuniake.In addition to the immense beauty of nature, it is a region rich in power and wealth. Even just looking at the foliage itself may be mesmerizing. The depths of the woodlands are so alluring that some people consider living there, and some do. It is a city where everyone takes pleasure in their money and enjoys showing it off to others, yet among all those opulent miscreants, the Langdon family stood apart. They own the entirety of Mosvil City and are said to be from old money. Some, though, were unaware of the rationale for their long-term rule. While many have attempted, they have not been able to catch up. Only a small group of people realized why they were ruling above everyone else, and they revered the land they stood on. What is the cause of that, then?They are, after all, regarded as the actual heirs of nature. All other ancestors died before them since they were the first to descend from the moon goddess. Because of the moon goddess' favor for them, they are the only true Lycans, and anybody who lives with them would undoubtedly turn into one.Even though there are other werewolves, the Langdons are more formidable. They have also gained the loyalty of the majority of the werewolves. However, take caution since humans also live in the city, and the Hawthorne family was one of them. In addition to lycans and werewolves, the city is home to humans as well.The marriage of a strong Lycan to a human was something pretty unique and odd that occurred in the city a few months ago. Rarely do Lycans interact with humans; in fact, it hasn't happened in generations. Most Lycans were either mated to other Lycans or werewolves. When two powerful families joined forces, it appeared that they would be unstoppable and that their combined power would be unimaginable. However, little did they know that there was more to this alliance than met the eye. This union had alarmed both humans and supernatural creatures alike because they both knew it was such a strong and yet alarming connection. The werewolves believed that mating with humans would only cause chaos in their society and bring an end to the Lycan race as a pure breed, but they were unaware of the plans the moon goddess had in store for them.Amelia and Alexander's union—Hawthorne's adored daughter and the most eligible bachelor—will go down in history as a momentous one.Deep in the abyss of the dawnSomething had transpired today, deep within the maze of the pack house's several rooms. A big, almost inhuman-looking guy is lying directly on top of the king-sized bed, and his torso and lengthy, hairy legs are covered from head to toe by a sheet that gives off the impression of being weak.If you weren't paying close attention, you may have missed the tiny person next to him who is being held tightly around the waist by his enormous calloused hand. The aroma of their closeness permeates the room as the two of them sprawled out nude on the bed.After the savage s*x and drunkenness they had last night, they did appear to be at ease.The ray of light dropped directly on Isabella's face as it began to enter the room via the window, rousing her from her worn-out sleep.She was uncertain of her exact location for a little while, but as soon as her eyes caught sight of the guy dozing calmly next to her with his hand around her in a protective manner, everything began to come back to her in a rush.She promptly got up and examined her body. Sure enough, the sour anguish emanating from her center suffices to convince her that she was genuinely depressed the previous evening. Since it was her first time, the fact that he wasn't particularly gentle with her made matters worse.She didn't regret her relationship with him last night despite all of that animalistic intrusion, though. She would remember it for the rest of her life, even if she didn't appreciate it.He touched her in such a hurry, making sure to get into every crevice of her body.She remembered what he said."You are the most beautiful damsel I've ever been with, he said in between loud, animalistic growls as he plunged deep into her in one motion, pausing briefly and then continuing in a quick voice she couldn't keep up with.She could recall how she had cried and clutched his hand firmly as the pain grew more intolerable. But eventually, pleasure arrived, and she didn't even realize that she continued pleading for more. Until yesterday, she was unaware that aspect of herself even existed.She tried to slide down the bed as she moved his hand as slowly as she could. The blood stain she noticed on the bed shocked her. This just could not have resulted from her losing her virginity. She then became aware of the significant scar on her wrist. She examined it and saw that it was a bite mark.But how was it possible that he could have left her with such obvious bite marks? she questioned.Her legs could only carry her so far, so she moved carefully over to the mirror. She gasped at noticing the markings on her body. Most noticeably on her breasts, there were bloodstains all over. It was unpleasant, so she flinched away when she extended her hand to touch it.The question of how he could have done it, though, kept running through her mind.She believed it more closely resembled an animal bite.She turned around to face him and noticed that he was still dozing off blissfully.She suspected that the medicine she had given him may have contributed to his violent behavior.She takes up the see-through nightgown she had placed on yesterday to entice him, pushes the notion out of her thoughts, and carefully makes her way to the enormous window, where she gently opens it. She felt completely at peace as a reddish-colored ray of dawn light streamed through and a cool wind blew across her face.She takes a deep breath and thinks back to yesterday's events.She was told by her mother, "Isabella, listen to me, you have to go to Alexander today no matter what. You have to seduce him and make sure he sleeps with you, or else the Hawthorne family will be finished and destroyed." She had to seduce him and get him to have s*x with her.She continued in tears."Your father has become bankrupt, and I have no choice. If the company is gone, your father will not survive; he will surely die, and we all will." Isabella's heart broke since she could never bear to see other people cry.She wiped her eyes and said"Isabella, you have to go this low and sleep with Alexander; that's the only option," she urged hastily."I know he doesn't like you, but you are gorgeous, so use your body to seduce him; drug him if necessary, but you have to finish it today," she added.She extended her hand to hide the light, but it still slipped between her fingers and dropped on her fragile, little, yet stunning face.The man in bed rolled over anxiously at the same moment. Her gaze landed on his attractive, well-shaped, slightly parted lips as she turned to face him, and she immediately felt the impulse to kiss them.He gazed at her side and gave her a repulsive expression as he slowly opened his tightly shut eyelids. She shuddered as perplexity slowly ran down his face.Even so, she managed to inquire."Are you awake?"Her face became hot as she felt humiliated by the memory of last night's chaos. After their most personal encounter, how could she face him?He doesn't respond to her and just gets out of bed, causing the one sheet that was covering him to fall off and reveal his macho awesomeness. She just couldn't believe how it fit in her body because, even when flaccid, it did appear enormous.He was acting in such a way in the open, and she swiftly looked aside, feeling more ashamed than before.He gathered his pants, put them on, and then made a beeline for the door.She couldn't help but shout out his name as she watched him leave, but he didn't stop, so she attempted to catch up to him by running after him.She forgot that her overindulgence the night before had already rendered her legs feeble, as she collapsed to the ground after just two steps."Ah..." Alexander froze in his tracks as the faint sound of her falling and her agonizing cry reached his ears.He wanted to flip over and scream at her for tricking him that way.What a jerk!Did she believe that after all of this, he would accept her?It turns out that she was mistaken in her thinking.As she attempted to stand up, but her legs once again failed her, she let out another agonizing cry.Alexander paused and gave her a chilly stare in return.Despite the situation she was in, there was no sign of sympathy in his eyes; all he could feel for her was disdain.He simply couldn't believe that this liar believed that having a sexual encounter with him and getting him drunk would alter anything. He wanted to tear her to pieces because his wolf was furious at being duped in such a way by a demeaning human.He was not the kind to quickly become drunk, so how on earth did she drug him yesterday? he wondered.He snarled between his teeth."You are such a filthy and shameless lady."Isabella gasped and turned to face him.She shouts aloud."Alex, I'm your wife. How can you think of me like this?"She has had enough of his bullying and humiliation over the past few months of their marriage.Why, oh why, did he have to harm her in this way?Why must it always be her?

Chapter 2

Isabella's secret is revealed.


"Did you just refer to yourself as my wife? How could you even use such words from your filthy mouth? He vomited on me.

I would have died by now, without a doubt, if fury could kill.

He finally approaches and stops in front of my still-lying position on the ground. I felt my gut flinch as he knelt to my level and sent me one particularly venomous look.

He grabs hold of my chin and starts caressing my slightly enlarged, blood-red lips with his enormous fingers. By touching me, I gradually began to melt. However, he abruptly resumed speaking in his icy tone.

"A shameless woman like you doesn't deserve to be Mrs. Langdon; therefore, it's a shame you won't be any time soon. Such an imposter," he hisses.

My chest constricted at his admission as I heard this. I had to scream what was in my thoughts because the anguish was so unbearable.

I don't deserve it.


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