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The Despised Son-in-law Is A Mafia Boss

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Mason Huttons has to endure every insult thrown his way by his wife's family. Accused of infidelity, he's divorced and thrown to the streets with nothing. It turns out that the lady he saved was his sister and he's the infamous devil, the Capo of wolves Mafia organization. It's time for him to take back his rightful position as the heir of the Smith family and a Mafia Captain. Revenge, they say is sweet when dished Hot. Manson vowed that whoever involved in his lost of memories would pay dearly. Yet Revenge sometimes is hard to dish out when the enemy is someone close to the heart. Will Manson serve revenge and take over what is rightfully his?

Chapter 1

In the living room of the Hutton's family Villa, three Ladies sat as they chatted over some snacks." So Samantha, how did your date with William Carter go?" A brunette asked, a mischievous smile on her face."Yeah, tell us about it, did he finally propose?" A blonde haired lady who seemed to be in her mid twenties chipped in."Hump! If it's not for that good for nothing husband my grandfather insisted on marrying me to, do you think I'll still be here? That loser just had to appear and ruin everything. His presence is enough to ruin even a beggar's mood." The lady referred to as Samantha spat hatefully, disgust apparent on her face."Talking about that useless piece of trash, where did he go today? I haven't seen him since we arrived." The brunette, Sally chirped in."Since he annoyed me yesterday and ruined my romantic time with William, of course, I had to teach him a lesson.He left in the morning to buy toiletries from the market. He's not yet back and I don't care whether he comes back or not. He might as well die in the streets. I would be happy if he did." Samantha said with distaste.It was obvious she hated this so-called husband to the core.Mason, who had just arrived from the market to shop for the stuff his wife sent him, heard everything Samantha said.Ever since he married to the Hutton family, there's no kind of torture he has not gone through.From cleaning all the forty two rooms of the Villa to washing all the dirty laundry in the house.His life had changed from bad to worse.Ever since he was eighteen, he lived his Life in the streets.He actually has no recollection of what happened to him until he was eighteen years of age.He knows nothing about his family or parentage.Struggling to survive, he has never been keen on finding out who his parents are.Where will I even start looking? That was the same question that would discourage him from looking into his past, not like he knew anything about his past.He married Samantha three years ago.He was personally chosen by the old master of the Hutton family before his demise.What the old man saw in him was something he hasn't been able to figure out even after wracking his brain countless times.Since he was poor, he took the offer to marry her.He thought that once he married into the family, he would have some peace of mind and help him save up from his part-time jobs and open a small business for himself.The wealth of the Hutton family was not something that enticed him, if anything, it propelled his dreams of becoming someone worthwhile in the future.With a business management degree from a local university he had obtained, he believed that with time, he would make a name for himself.But all his dreams were crushed down when he actually married Samantha and became the unwanted son-in-law of the Hutton family.Everyone in the family hated him for no apparent reason or should I say for reasons best known by them.Now, even a maid in the Hutton family has a higher status than him.His wife treated him like a nobody, talk less of his mother-in-law who never wanted to see him.But alas! There's nothing they could do about it. The two were bound together as per the instructions of the old man before his death. Three years. They were given three years to put their marriage to trial.Their third wedding adversary was fast approaching and according to things, it seems like Samantha can't wait to kick him off of the family.Pushing all the bitterness in his heart away, he pushed the door open. His both hands holding all the stuff Samantha sent him to fetch.He knew from the moment she instructed him to walk to the market and back in an empty stomach that she was punishing him.The market was miles away from where the Hutton's family Villa was located. It took him eight hours to walk to and from the market.He had only reminded her yesterday that their trial period was yet to be over before she could make a mistake that would probably cause her to be thrown away from the family.Look at what his kindness brought him.Smiling to hide the dissatisfaction, he found it necessary to greet his wife and her friends. Not like he would have it easy if he didn't greet her. According to Samantha, that's disrespectful."Good evening, Samantha." He greeted enthusiastically only to receive an eye roll from her."Put away those supplies and go get warm water to wash and massage my legs." Samantha ordered in her bossy tone.Mason's stomach chose to grumble at that moment making him want to bang his forehead on the Wall.The two girls burst out laughing while Samantha just glared at him with disgust.Choosing to be honest and accept the consequences later, Mason said," Umm Samantha, can you allow me to have something to eat really quick then I'll get back to massaging you?" he asked.He was hungry and on the verge of collapsing.Last night, he didn't get to eat anything because Samantha punished him for interrupting her date with William.In the morning, she sent him away without any breakfast.He didn't have a single penny in his pockets and Samantha had made sure to give him the exact amount he needed for purchasing the toiletries. Not a single penny extra."What else do you ever think about apart from eating?" Samantha questioned angrily.She was fuming from the embarrassment Mason was putting the Hutton family through infront of her friends."You want to consume food that you haven't worked for?" she added, glaring at him.Mason had a wronged expression on his face.When did he consume any food without having worked for it?Wasn't walking to and from the market already enough to get at least a single meal?

Chapter 2

Mason had to give his wife Samantha and her other two friends leg massage before he could be allowed to have something to fill his stomach. Nevertheless, he was grateful. He couldn't count the number of times he had to sleep on an empty stomach after getting punished by his mother-in-law who loathed his existence to the core.Night came and after making all the dinner preparation, Mason joined the family for dinner. Ever since he married Samantha, he was reduced to the family's exclusive chef.Although humiliating, he shoved back his bitterness and did everything without any complaints.He was very much aware that a complaint would not end well for him. If anything, it will only land him into serious trouble and trouble is what he has always avoided.The mood at the table was joyous, that's until he made his way and sat next to his wife Samantha.Susan, Samantha's mother and his mother-in-law as usual started picking on him."Hey you


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