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Blurb Kaira Williams had a perfect life, she was born from a privileged family and got married to her childhood best friend, Daniel Louis at the age of 20. Everything begins to fall apart when both her parents die a few days after her wedding, she goes abroad to study trying to run away from her grieve and her scandalous husband, In the new country, she unfortunately gets r*p*d, tortured and left to die by five unknown men. Five years later, Kaira goes back home as a whole new person with the purpose of killing the remaining three men that had r*p*d her and of course the world's youngest CEO Daniel louis, her husband..

Chapter 1

Chapter 1


"What do i do?" Kaira asked Beth, her best friend pacing back and forth in her office, she had known this day would eventually come but not this soon, she was only 20,

she had hoped by the time her parents wanted to marry her off to Daniel she would have a man she would introduce them to, a man she loved and was willing to spend the rest of her life with

Not Daniel Louis, the man was the definition of a playboy for heaven's sake, maybe everyone wasn't fully aware but she was, she knew him like the back of her hand and she did not for once wish to marry a person like him.

"Well, this could be good you know, not only is Daniel your best friend but he is every woman's dream man, he is just soo handsome, soo perfect" Beth answered with a dreamy face making Kaira roll her eyes

"He might be perfect for you but not for everyone" she said

"Com'on Kiara, this shouldn't be a big deal, you could marry him and divorce him after a while, things like this are common, no need to get all worked up.

Have you even spoken to him since last Night?" Beth asked

"No, I haven't am supposed to have lunch with him" she replied finally taking her sit.

Maybe Beth was right, they could get a divorce after a while and move on with their lives, how difficult could that be?

"If that's the case then you better get to work before lunch time" Beth said standing up to leave

"Thanks for being there for me, I couldn't imagine a life without you" she was really thankful she had such a friend

"That's what friends are for, now get back to work"...

During lunch time, Kaira found herself waiting for Daniel at the restaurant they had agreed on

"Sorry am late" She heard him say and looked up from her phone

"Like that will change anything, now i have 30 minutes before i get back to work" she complained receiving a smile from him, he was the most unpunctual person she knew, sometimes she wondered how he was able to maintain the position of CEO for a big company,

Daniel called a waiter and ordered their food.

"I don't wanna marry you" she stated going straight to the point

"And you think i do?, you are practically my young sister" he answered with a bit of sarcasm which she decided to ignore

"Well then, I guess we are in the same boat, do you think there is a way we could make our parents abandon the idea?" She asked hoping he had an idea that would save both of them from this disaster

"I don't think there is a chance of that happening, my parents have already announced the news to the media"

"So what do we do?, you don't expect me to just marry you?" Irritation was visible in her voice

"I don't think we have a choice, besides we could just get married and later on get a divorce" he suggested

"You know Beth and you would make a great couple" Daniel rolled his eyes at that

"That woman is a B*tch, I wonder how you don't see through it"

"Don't you dare call my best friend that" Kaira stated

"Your best friend?, then what am i? He asked, apparently for some reason, Daniel didn't like Kaira being friends with Beth and considered her a Wh*r* of some sort which wasn't understandable cause as far as she was concerned, Beth wasn't even seeing anyone or sleeping around unlike him.

"You are my future husband" she chuckled at her own answer

"Does Samantha know?" She asked, Samantha was apparently the woman Daniel was sleeping with at the moment, the public eye had kept a well detailed information about the two.

"Yes, she read it on the net and is furious with me not like i care" he answered with little emotion

"What did you tell her?" Kaira asked trying hard not to laugh, she wondered how all these other women wanted him soo much, yes he was breaktakingly handsome and charming but apart from that, he was a shameless womanizer who changed women like the clothes on his body, it was still a wonder how he had kept up with Samantha for a month now

"That i was only going to marry you for a year and then divorce you"

The waiter had now served their food and left.

"Seems like a good plan, please don't tell me we will be staying with your parents after this so called marriage?"

She loved his parents since they were like second parents to her but staying with them everyday was going to be something she wasn't going to entertain

"Unfortunately, if its any good news to you, am a mummy's boy, I have always stayed with my parents and nothing is going to change that" he said in a matter of fact way,

she knew Daniel all too well, she even felt stupid for asking, he was never going to grow up and move out of his parents house, things would just be complicated for her once they where married.

"I have good news for you in all this" he now said with a charming smile on his face

"What?" She asked anxiously

"Once we are married, your parents are not going to have any say about your life and i am going to let you study medicine just like you have always wanted"

She almost jumped out of her seat at the exciting news, she stood up and hugged him kissing his cheeks

"You are the best Daniel" she said all too excited

"I hadn't even thought of that, I love you, you are totally the best!" She exclaimed receiving glances from people around them

"I love you too Doll" he said.

They had their lunch with small talk between them, they had agreed that after they where married, Kaira was going to inroll at the nearest university and study Medicine just as she always wanted.

Back at the fashion house,she sat in her office with a smile on her face, finally something good was going to come out of this stupid marriage of theirs,

She had always wanted to be a doctor, her parents had from the start been against the idea, her Father who was a business man wanted her to take over his company as a result, she had studied Business at the university, when she completed, she began to work at her mother's fashion house since her mother had been having health problems

She knew now that once she got married, she would pursue her dream of being a Doctor and her parents would have no say in the matter.

"Wow, someone seems in a good mood"she snapped out of her thoughts when Beth walked into her office

"Yes, I am, after Daniel and i get married, am going to study medicine" she said

Beth took a sit in front of her

"Really, and your parents?" she asked

"They wont have any say in that because by then I will be Mrs Louis"

For some reason,Beth didn't seem as excited as she had expected her to be

"Meaning you will only divorce Daniel after you are done with your studies, isn't that a long time for both of you to develop feelings for each other?" Beth asked

"I would never fall for Daniel get that thought out of your mind, we have everything planned out, i could go out of New york for my studies, Daniel and i wont be seeing each other and besides we would divorce anytime while am still at school, we could pin distance as the problem or Daniel could just get one of his girlfriends pregnant, and then boom, we are divorced" she explained with a smile

"Well that seems like a good idea" Beth finally said with a smile on her face.

it was indeed a good idea, one that made her smile, finally she was going to do something her heart desired, her parents were no longer going to control her, seems life was finally in her favour.

She couldn't wait to see the reaction on their faces when she would tell them that she was going to be a Doctor and they wouldn't do a thing about it, it would certainly be then that they would regret ever marrying her off to Daniel Louis.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2


Kaira looked at her self for the hundreth time in the mirror, her palms were all sweaty,

Is this how every bride felt on their wedding day?,

She wasnt supposed to feel like this, this was after all Daniel she was marrying, it wasn't even a real marriage then why did she feel like the time she almost lost her virginity a year ago,

She was scared and nervous as hell, her mom was right beside her trying to cool her down, only if Beth was by her side but she hadn't managed to attend the wedding due to some family problems

"Honey if you don't claim down, you are going to have a heart attack" she heard her mom say

"This is all your fault, how do you except me to feel, you are marrying me off at 20 to someone i don't even love" she exclaimed panic written all over her face

"Don't be dramatic honey, your father and i only want what's best for you, y


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