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The Billionaire's Unforgiving Lover

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Once a colorful future … Always a tragedy magnet. ** After her mother’s mysterious death and her brother's overdose, Jade Zyvia's life becomes a rollercoaster. The day her best friend and lover, Winter Brownell returns, she realizes she is all alone. One uncovered secret meeting between her mother and someone she trusts opens a can full of deception and mystery. With a hunger to know what happened, she gets into a grisly accident. Turning her life into a complete mess than before. * Winter Brownell never thought one event will turn his life upside down. Nevertheless, the event wasn’t as hurtful as his one sweet moment with her first love, Jade turned into a nightmare. After the collision, he starts unearthing secret after secret surrounding everyone he adores. * When she wakes will she search for answers or run? Will their friendship ever be rebuilt or was that morning their first and last? Who is behind Winter's tragic accident?

Bad News


“Dear Ms. Jade, we are sorry to inform you…”

The next words are blurry. I can’t believe even for a second it turns this way. I would have gladly embraced a job rejection letter with a big smile. It can’t be.

I can’t miss my graduation day, I have worked so hard to graduate with my fellow coursemates. I did everything everyone else did. I followed all the protocols. So, why? Why can’t I have it like any other person?

I slap my face, the pain tells me it is not a dream. I reread the email. It is real. The ridiculous reason I can’t graduate slaps me across the face: You have a missing mark. Jade Zyvia is an understanding person, she doesn't overreact.

Breathe in. Breathe out!

I listen to logic and follow it, after all, it is what makes us human. I shut the laptop, anger seeping through my body. My hands are shaky as my heartbeat skyrockets.

No. I can’t have a panic attack. Not now. Not until I figure out where exactly I went wrong. I recall confirming my full name on the list of those who will graduate. Did they reread and suddenly realize I didn’t belong there?

My twin brothers, Presley and Preston, barge into my bedroom. They stare at each other and burst out laughing. Any other day, I would have joined, you know, the same way you would look at your best friend and laugh immediately for no reason.

They stop when they realize I won’t be joining them any time soon. Presley points out, “did we come in the wrong moment?” Preston stares at the laptop and then winks at me. Ew! I don’t want to know what he means.

Heading to the wardrobe, “hey, be little dolls and help mom at the company later, okay?”

“Jade, is everything okay?” Presley asks worriedly.

“I got a mail, there is a problem at Falls. I am heading to the university to figure it out. I must graduate. I must.”

In a flash, they appear in front of me and pull me into a warm hug, I accept it. They take turns kissing me on the forehead and ask me to call them if I need help. I shake my head and they leave, promising they will check on mom.

Showering, my phone keeps ringing. I know who that is already.

I avoid my phone at all costs as I gather every essential documents I know the office might ask for. I don’t want to get there and be chased away just because I forgot one piece of proof that indeed, I did the assessments, I attended the classes and I never missed anyone’s exams.

“Aah!” I scream, jumping.

“Jade, I have been calling you, your brothers told me. I will drive you.” My best friend, Winter says with the warmest and kindest smile I have ever seen.

“No. I don’t want you to see me at my fullest crappy moment.” I push past him and head to my car.

Smirking, “Jade, you and I know that is not how our friendship works. If I say get in, I mean, get in.”

A shiver runs down my spine, whenever he smirks, he makes me wonder if he knows what it does to me. He grabs my bag and opens his car door for me. “My lady.” He raises his perfectly shaped eyebrows.

Stuck, I stare at his mischievous dark orbs, his heart-shaped lips curve up, asking me a question I will never answer. Swallowing, I look behind me, every time these thoughts come into my mind, I just want to run and hide forever.

One thing is for sure, when he looks at me, he doesn’t see a s*xy woman as I see him as the god he is with his great puffed chest I want to place my head and stay forever, he sees me as that crazy little sis who always ran after him in a playground with ice cream covering her mouth.

Don’t forget my running nose.

Oh, this is absurd!

Winter grabs me, “are you shocked how fast I arrived?”

“No.” Although I am shocked at how fast my brothers told him I am heading to my University, I wasn’t surprised he was here. We are the type of friends who drop by anytime we want with no announcement.

On the way to my school, I avoid staring at him. At all costs, I must stay focused. He asks me questions and I answer them staring right ahead of me like a robot. He realizes and says he is sorry for pestering me while I am all stressed.


The name welcomes me, indeed it is Falls. Why else would it do this to me? The guards know him even though he didn't study here. They exchange pleasantries while the female guard checks his car boots.

They give us an okay and he propels us into the university. I avoid being mesmerized by the university environment. The beautiful flowers arranged in rows does me nothing. As much as I want to sniff and calm down, I can't.

He parks the car and opens the door for me, pulling me into a hug.

I wonder why today, out of all the days I want him to smack his lips on mine and kiss the living light out of me. The kiss on my cheeks doesn't do me good. He smells heavenly, a combination of lemon and lilies. Till today, I can't believe he stuck with this cologne.

Anyways, he asks if he should help me with his connection, blabbering away he is the son of a billionaire.

I smile at him.

He and I know I don't want that. One call from his father could solve my problem.

But no, we had talked about this ever since we were kids and we had promised each: Firstly not to meddle in each other's life and secondly, to fight with everything if we are in a mess. This is my mess and I will get to the bottom of it.

"Talk later." He says and walks away. His red shirt rides up when he enters the car, he sends a flying kiss to me and drives away. Leaving me behind, picking the kiss from the ground: I wish I were the atmosphere.

The tall admission block stares at me like I am a curse, I shiver and head directly to my department. It doesn't turn out well. Although I have everything, my marks are still missing. They always do check after check to make sure no one used the backdoor to arrive here. To uproot the evil and all. Unluckily, I am one of the weeds. The weed is in the wrong place.

I visit the course's professor and to no surprise, he went abroad. Talk about karma never resting.

Days fly like it has been waiting for this me. At last, the graduation day arrives, and yeah, I am not graduating. The professor hasn’t returned and he is the only one who can help me.


I shove away all my feelings, and the facade I practice since last night slips in. I am with Bailey, the only friend I had at the university. "I wish this should be shorter, I am not heading to court." She whines while wearing the big gown.

Giggling, I hand her a gift pendant. I get excited for her, and throughout the day, I smile as broader as a crazy chimpanzee.

In the evening, Winter knocks on my door. He apologizes for not being there and I tell him I understand, after all, I was the one who asked him not to come.

He takes us to this gorgeous place he says he has wanted to try with me, too bad, the moment we get served, he excuses himself.

Bailey screams to the exploding music. Sways to the beats and dances crazily. I join her so as not to be a downer, and by the time Winter comes to pick us up, Bailey has gone berserk.

We drop her home, and drive to mine, "I am proud of you." He says, his eyes lingering on my lips.

"Thanks? I guess."

He chuckles and watches me as I enter the house.


It has been three weeks since graduation day, I have not seen Winter or Bailey. She left for abroad for her master's degree while Winter has been dodging me and my calls like no one's business.

Today, I sent him a text message, threatening I would drop by and smack him.

It has been one hell of a ride. I never thought it would be this tough just because I am not certified.

I don't give up easily, and with the support from my mother and brothers, I dare you dear world, "give me lemons so I would make lemonades."

My mother enters my room and informs me I should stay in if I want to. I jump from the bed and promise her I am okay. What are months anyway? Hopefully, Falls University won't listen to the dear devil and I will graduate with the others who hadn't. The university has two graduation ceremonies in one year.

She chuckles and leaves.

Dressed in a blue pantsuit my brothers ridiculously bought, I drive to work. Everyone in my mother's company is nice and ready to teach me. No one should say it is nepotism, I need a job.

"JPP". My mother's company deals with supplying goods, especially vegetables to schools and small vendors. It is fun.

In the middle of the day, I bring a salad to my mother's office and eat with her. She shuts the laptop when she sees the emotions in my eyes. I have tried covering I dislike working here but I can't.

"Stay home. It is not your fault."

"Mother, thanks. But no. Excuse me." I leave.

Shoot! Was I rude?

With Bailey gone, Winter is the only one I can call. But he is not picking up my calls. I don't want to tell my brothers, they definitely would say I am a brat. Sincerely, I am ungrateful. Sending my mother a message, I drive to Winter's house. It has just occurred to me that I might be whining here while he has an issue and can't say.

In town, there is traffic, I want to scream. I huff and lean back on the chair. My phone vibrates. I look to my left and see a sign of no texting while driving. Nodding, the light changes, I drive a little bit and see a place I can park and see if my mother wants me back.

Alas, it is no one other than Winter. He is as vague as he could be. "Jade, we need to talk!"

Ask, Will I Return?


"Mrs. Brownell, they were here last weekend. You can…"

"I said, call them." My mother screams at her assistant.

She stares at me, asking for help. I give her an apologetic smile and check my phone. I should rather pretend to be busy on the phone than meddle in mom's issues.

Mom has redecorated the house thrice in a row, and the month isn't over. She and dad are squabbling. Her way of controlling anger is by being in control of herself. And mom defines herself with her work. She is a house designer.

Dad left earlier, unlike mom, he loves controlling others when things get tough.

Oh, marriage!

Sometimes I wish I would ask them what the matter is. But to maintain my neutrality and be the best son to both of them, I tend to keep a distance when they aren't on good terms.

My thumb brushes over the wallpaper, it is Jade's picture. Her alluring plump lips make me wonder w


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