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The Billionaire’s Secret Lover

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"Nina Miller is a simple and easy-going girl. At 17, she gave her virginity to a stranger she met at a club. At 27 years, she met the guy who took her heart but he's engaged to her friend. Will she break a friendship or mend the relationship?Michael Vincent Thompson, the first of the three boys in the Thompson family and the heir to the Thompson's Empire, currently the CEO of the Thompson's Empire is a ruthless billionaire who has everything that money could buy. He engaged with an heiress of the Mason's Media Group as his fiancee. But a night with a naive virgin girl changes his view of women. Will he risk his inheritance for a naive virgin girl or Will he marry an heiress and expand the family business?READ AND FIND OUT!!!!!"

Chapter 1: Prologue

“Oh my God, I can't believe that he has the gut to break up with you, that good for nothing jerk face. I don't blame him, but you, I don't even know what you saw in him. Let him just wait still I lay my hands on him, sonofabitch” Lilian said trying to console me, as I lay on my bed in the two rooms apartment, I share with my father...

Amidst sob “ Lillian, please promise me that you won't do anything that I will regret later, please”

“I won't do anything to him that he did not deserve. Get up and take your bath, we are going to my place, and you will be spending the night there, don't worry I will tell your father, I don't want him to see you like this, he will be so heartbroken.

“ Yes, ma'am, what will I have ever done without you, you are my backbone, thank you so much for everything” I hugged her and walked sluggishly to the bathroom which was located outside the house while lily went to meet my father in his shop...

My name is Nina Miller. I am an only child to my father, Mr. Tom Miller. I lost my mother when I was five, so it has always been I and my father since then. We are very poor, my father being a cobbler, his job cannot send me to school but can only put food on the table. I grew up in Roma Italy.

Lily came back to the room as I was putting on my dress, unlike me Lilian Thomas, my childhood friend parents are rich, loving, and caring I guess that was the main reason why my father approves of my relationship with her anyway. Her parents were the ones who paid for my high school, now I will be going to the university, they promised to pay for it as well, I will be forever grateful to them.

“ I have talked to your father, and he has accepted for you to come to spend the night with us”

“ Really?” I stood with arms akimbo staring at Lily who was standing at the door with no care in the world.

“By talking, you mean bribing him with money, right?”

She nodded, I guess I should have gotten used to it by now, but every time it hurt just like the first, my father has always been the one to do anything for money. I feel embarrassed every time he asked for money from Lilian.

“Nina come on, stop brooding everything is going to be alright. Let's go before your father changes his mind, and my money will go to waste” she grabbed my hands leading me to her car.


We've just arrived at Thomas's estate when Lillian packed the car in the garage, we went inside to greet her parent after we went to her rooms, we were lying side by side on the bed when lily suddenly said

“ You know what I am very happy that you didn't sleep with that son of a b*tch”

“ I'm glad too, but please can you stop with the curse words, I'm tired of it already”.

”Sorry bestie, you know what we are going to the club tonight, I want you to forget everything that happens tonight okay?”

“Yes ma'am,” I said with a mocked salute and a smile on my face.

At exactly 8 pm we were dressed, I wore a mini denim bomshort with a strapless nude color blouse and my nude stiletto heel, all from lily's wardrobe and my humble friend was so excited tonight that she wore a red mini bodycon gown with a spaghetti hand, she spices it up with black heels, then we were ready to leave.

“We are taking the Roll Royce and Mr. Daniel will be driving us today, because I want to get wasted tonight and probably lose my virginity” she happily said as she climbs into the back seat of the car and I follow suit.

The club was a thirty minutes journey from home and it wasn't long that we reach there. Welcome to Lilytz Lounge, owned and managed by my humble bestie. Yes, at 17years, she owned a club and I owned nothing and we were the same age ...

“Wow!! Time to get wasted tonight, let's go, Nina,” she practically dragged my hands to the entrance of the club, which we entered.

The club was lit and full to the brim, today being Monday, I was surprised so I decided to ask Lillian.

“ Lily can you tell me why your club is filled up today” I scream at her due to the loud music

“ Hmmm, I guess some artist is performing today” she replied dancing away with a handsome boy.

Oh my gosh I hate club, I went to the bar to help Ricky, I know everyone here cause I work here too mostly part time as I am sometime busy with school works.

“Hi Ricky", I greeted him

“Hi Nina, you are hot tonight, if I were not gay I would have asked you out," he said, complimenting me with a broad smile on his face

“Anyway, thanks for the compliment" I sat down on the stool opposite him as I sip my martini, I have not been the one to drinks, so I prefer fruit wine to beer and other hard drinks.

“ Good evening beautiful angel"

I froze as I was about to sip the drink, the deep masculine voice was so sweet that it sent a shiver down my body, I have never felt this way before even when I was with Jack. I turned to greet the man, I was shocked, this man is beautiful, handsome and attractive in every way, I didn't know I was checking him out until he cough

“Hmm_ haa_ I _ you _ emm_ ” Oh my God! What am I even saying? I place my hands on my face, I feel so embarrassed, what was that he said before"

I raise my head as I hear someone chuckling, I couldn't help smiling too, oh my gosh he had the most contagious smile.

“I'm Michael,” He stretches his hands to me

“Nina” I replied as we shook hands and we soon got into a conversation as soon as he took the seat across from me.

We chatted about everything, I told him about myself and my family, my plans for the future, I was so at ease with him, I even told him about my breakup with Jack, how I caught him cheating on me. Everything there was to say, Michael didn't say anything, he was just listening and only chirping in when I asked him something but he never told me anything about himself, I guess I never give him the chance too.

Right now, I and Michael were dancing to a sensual song and it was putting me in the mood, I looked up at Michael to see him starring at me with desire in his eyes.

“Do you want to get out?" he asked me seductively

I couldn't bring my voice to answer, I could nod, then we were on our way to the nearest hotel. On the Michael was just touching my body and igniting the fire in me. I just couldn't wait any longer, the moment we arrived, we didn't check-in and see, we just go straight to the room, I guess he uses this place often.

I placed my purse on the floor as Michael carried me to the bed nibbling on my ear, the process makes me moan and he deepened it, he dropped me and begins to tear my clothes from me, I guess he his not as patient as I thought.

“What are doing to me, young lady" Michael whispered in my ear huskily

“ I dont_ kn_o_w the things you do to me," I told him as I explore his naked body

“ I can't wait anymore, Angel. Please let me take you now"

“Yes Michael, I can't wait too, please take me now”

He enters me so hard that I felt the pain, oh I have forgotten that I was a virgin, I closed my eyes to bear the pain while Michael stroke my face with his palm

“Angel, look at me" he begged slowly

I opened my eyes to look at him

“ Why didn't you tell me, I could have been gentle with you? " he continues

“I'm sorry, I was so caught up in the moment that I forgot "I replied biting my lower lips absently

He removes my lips from my teeth and kissed them gently, then he romanced me, stroke my cl*t and then he entered me more slowly than I could imagine, we moved together to the rhythms of our lovemaking sensuously and with all of our heart. I fell asleep only to be awakened when a wet cloth was placed between my legs to wipe the blood away, then I fell asleep again...

I woke up the next morning in a hotel room, naked and sore down in between my leg, oh my God what happened to me, I exclaim then I started remembering all about yesterday, a blush appearing slightly on my face ."Michael, where the f*ck is Michael" I scream, oh my God, don't let it be what I'm thinking, I hurried from the bed that when a piece of paper caught my eyes, I picked it up to read it :

My dearest angel,

I enjoyed yesternight and I have no regret whatsoever, I have paid for the hotel pending the time you want to spend there, I'm sorry I ripped your clothes last night. I replaced it, it on the center table ...


“What!!! Don't tell me that he left me after taking my virginity, why Nina? Why are you so naive? Its barely a week that Jackson breaks up with you, and now this, why does this have to hurt so much, ” I sobbed silently, the sound of my phone ringing breaks me from my sobbing.

I pick up my phone from my purse, only to discover that it was Lilian...

“Hello" I answer the phone cheerfully cause I didn't want to let her know what a fool I was

“Hi Damsel. Please tell me that you are no more a virgin too cause I'm not "

“Yes, same here too"

“Whoa, so who is the lucky guy," she asked

“Just some random guy, I didn't even bother to ask for his name, "I told her

"Okay dear, come back early, we are packing for University, baby,” she said excitedly

“Yes," I told her as I try badly to force back the tears that threatened to fall. Immediately, she hung up, I slump heavily on the bed and cry my eyes out. I couldn't believe that Michael will do this to me. I thought we had a connection. I thought we clicked last night.

I stood up slowly and walk to the bathroom, there was a spare toothbrush which I use to brush my teeth. I then shower and went to put on the dress which he bought for me. After I had dressed, I search around the room for anything that may belong to Michael but there was no sign of him anywhere.

It's like I was hallucinating. He was thorough in packing his stuff like he didn't want me to look for him. Right then at that moment, I made a vow never to search for Michael.

I then picked up the paper and put it inside my bag, it would be a memory of the man who makes me feel what love is and disappear........

I pick up my purse and walk out of the room, closing the door gently. Immediately, I walk into the lobby, all eyes were on me like they could tell what went on behind the closed door. I walk confidently to the receptionist as she looks at me with disgust.

“Good morning ma’am, how may I help you?" she said offering me a tight smile.

“Good morning, I will like to check out," I told her holding my bag tightly from embarrassment.

“Okay, let me check the system" She went through the names on the computer and finally check me out after seeing Michael's name.

I walk down the street, after refusing her offer to call me a cab. Being born in Roma, I knew my way around the street as I walk, I didn't want to go home just yet cause I know that Lily will saw through my lies.

After sightseeing for one hour, I took a cab home to find Lily waiting for me with my father. We were late for the airport.

I pick up my bags without saying a word to Lily and bade my dad goodbye as her parents drive us to the airport. A new start to a new life.

Chapter 2: Present Day / Ten Years Later

“Rise and shine baby girl"

“Mom stops calling me that, I am not a baby, I'm 27 mom, remember?”.

“I know my angel that you are 27, but no matter how old you are, you will always be my little girl”

“Patricia, leave the poor girl alone” my father's voice interrupted us in the doorway, as he ventures into the room with swag, I didn't know he has, smiling

“It's because you've been calling her baby girl, that's why she has refused to marry thinking that she's still a baby” father said as he hugged mom to his side

“Huh!! Whatever dad, you are just jealous because mom gives me attention" I retorted back smiling and pouting at him.

“Baby let's go" he lovingly dragged mom from my room.

I took my bath, immediately my parents left my room and pack my bag. I have been doing this for the past 10 years, coming to spend some time with them, before going back to school then but now I'm going back to work. My dad remarried three years later after I left for s


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