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The Billionaire's Revenge.

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SYNOPSIS. Isabelle peeked into Léonard’s; eyes gazed on his striking handsomeness as she laid on his muscular body in bed. “What can I do to keep you Léonard, and make you mine” she asked seductively “Make me a legal son In-Law” he said without flinching. ******************************************************************************** Leonard Wade was an ambitious and happy young man aspiring to become a medical doctor; until he learnt the truth about his true identity, embittered with an un-quenching thirst for revenge against his father, he desperately enters into a billionaires home as a Billionaire’s son in-law and becomes a part of the Billionaires club. Will Léonard get what he wants? Will the lives wasted be worth it in the end?

Chapter 1- The meet.

Léonard Wade’s POV

At The Club.

“It’s been years, all my plans would be futile if I don’t make a decision now. Not an easy one though”.

I will drown myself in my laments for now. I’ll take a step towards my plans this night.

I was getting myself ready to sell off my biggest win since I joined the Tech Industry. Is it going to be worthwhile or not? I will surely get a step closer to my revenge plans.

My best friend, Kevin, walked in on me brooding; sipping on my vodka, the perfect drink for the moment.

I was still in my exquisite apartment. Looking back, I have sacrificed a lot for this journey. There’s no turning back now.

“Let’s hit the club, Léonard, it’s way too dull here. I found a new place and who knows, you might get a change of heart there.” My best friend is kind and he’s been so supportive all these years. I don’t trust people, but I can vouch for him.

“I think you’re right, Kelvin, I need to go out, but nothing will change my heart. I am strong willed, Kelvin” I said, flexing my visible ego.

“Go change your dress, there’s no one to impress with your s*xy Abs here” Kelvin said sarcastically.

He was right. Not only my Abs charms the girls but attractive, masculine clean face. Did I forget my s*xy kissable lips, blue-eyed color, and my harsh but gentle controlling Aura?

“You’re the Sexiest Man alive Léonard” I said, flexing my body while looking at the man in the mirror. It was me.

I got dressed for the club, I put on a tight sky blue shirt rolling the sleeves to my bulging arms, a black pair of trousers and matching sneakers, “all for the ladies huh”?

“Yes, Kelvin, they would love that.”

We drove off to the club; visiting the club was the norm for me, but today seemed strange and different.

The VIP spot closed up for some strange girl, not like I couldn’t afford it but it’ll definitely affect my budget.

“Who could they be sealing the place for, isn’t that strange”? Kelvin curiously asked, speaking loud enough for the people around us to hear.

“It's Isabelle Lucille the billionaire’s daughter” said a frustrated man beside me and Kelvin.

I loved all kinds of women, but the one with money was a different thing for me. I wanted to at least see who she was; I stalked her assistant to see if she had arrived because the VIP section was still empty.

Accidentally, I ran into a lady in the passage way, she was of average height, and she looked like a model, petite body, long blond hair, s*xy red lips , she was putting on a coat but I could tell she is beautiful.

“Be careful next time” I said to her after helping her up; she was obviously having a hard time.

“Thanks, please which way is it to the VIP section. I have never been here and I don’t have my phone with me”

“Did you say VIP section?” I questioned her even though I clearly heard what she said.

“Yes, my friends made a reservation there. I didn’t want to go in through the front door. I took this route and now I’m kind of stranded.”

I moved closer to her, stretching my hands forward to greet her, “I’m Léonard, and I will assist you.”

I was expecting her to introduce herself in return; she only accepted my nice gesture with a smile and shook my hands.

I wanted to know if she was the Isabelle I’m looking for. Not so bad, I’d get to know her identity when we reach the VIP section.

We took another route; she walked closely behind me, looking sporadically at the places.

“Do you work here or?” she asked inquisitively. Maybe she had doubts about me?

“NO, I just come here to have fun often”. It was actually my first time here but, Kelvin used this place often.

“It’s kind of nice, the club and their security is tight. This is my first time here.”

“I can tell it is” I said to her, making her feel relaxed.

We got to the VIP section. She walked in directly without having to show any form of identification. After a few minutes, she stepped out again. I was still standing at the entrance pretending to be on an important call.

She waved her hand at me; I dropped the phone. “Do you need anything else? I’m on a call”

“No, I just wanted to ask if you’re interested in joining us.”

My fake call worked. Of course, that was what I wanted. Why on earth will this handsome man leave everything and help some strange stranded woman find her way through?

“OH, I don’t mind. I’m her to have fun anyway”

Kelvin’s call came in, there was no way I could tell him I had other plans. I knew he would understand.

I went inside the VIP section. It was grand and exquisite but very spacious. I was expecting a couple of people or at least her friends who she claimed had planned and made the reservations for her.= to be there, but no one was there except her.

I sat down far from her on a comfortable steamy chair. The table was filled with lots of drinks.

“When will your friends arrive?” I asked with a forced smile.

“No one is coming, Léonard, I just said that so I could be safe, though you look great, but your face looks, you know, serious.”

I laughed softly “I get that a lot; I look like a male lead actor in a fierce action movie?” I was trying to keep up the conversation with her.

“More like a s*xy one”;

“I should be the one flattering you, miss.”

“Miss? Yeah I haven’t introduced myself. The name is Isabelle.”

“Nice meeting you Isabelle” I replied, pretending not to know her.

Isabelle took off her coat, she was wearing a see-through sky blue floral short gown, it was s*xy and fitted; it was also a see-through!!!.

She sat beside me, staring straight into my eyes. “Excuse me, are you still expecting someone?”

“Don’t play innocent with me Léonard, you don’t look like one”, she moved closer to me. I could see her s*xy body clearly.

I was a bit confused. Of course, I’m not innocent, but why would a billionaire’s daughter be here all alone? Why would her friends not show up after they made reservations for her?

I won’t ask why she tried seducing me. She’s not the first and neither will she be the last. Leonard is the ladies’ perfect man, and they all want a taste of me.

“Léonard, what turns you on!”? She spoke into my ears seductively.

Isabelle’s POV

I’m so glad this handsome man came my way. How else would I have escaped those annoying reporters and spies?

Dad would be so disappointed in me if he found out; I came in just recently and now I’m at the club.

Closing out the VIP section for me was the best decision.

Though he looks like a play boy, he’s still acting innocent. A perfect man for me, Don Sarmineto’s son- in-law?

I have outgrown my attachment issues. I would have taken him to my father's. He’s just for the fun of tonight.

“I don’t know, I get turned on by maybe extremely beautiful women” he said with his s*xy, deep voice.

That was rude! Did he mean I wasn’t beautiful enough ? I’d ignore that though.

“Picky one, huh” I sat on his legs, taking a good look at his seductive face and body.

I proceeded to unbutton his clothes, “I don’t flirt with strangers. Isabelle”, he took my hands off his shirt; I had partly unbuttoned it, clearly showing his sweaty biceps.

I proceeded to kiss him, no one says no to me. Not even him. I felt butterflies in my tummy. He took my face off his slowly, still kissing me. He placed me on the chair away from his body but he was on top of me; he stopped kissing me, looking straight into my eyes.

“Like I said, Isabelle, I don’t flirt with strangers!” “I won’t let you go tonight, Leonard.”

What kind of a weird man is this? Maybe he was married. Still holding him to myself, I noticed his hand was still holding my face.

“Are you married?” I proceeded to kiss him. He didn’t resist. He stopped again. “No, that’s just me.”

“Not even an exception today? After this we will be strangers again, Léonard”. I kissed him harder.

“Impress me and I might just reconsider it!” Léonard said, crushing his lips against my tender skin.

He is so full of himself, I cared less though; he was worth it.

“You have an important call. ma’am!”. It was my personal assistant; I ignored her and continued flirting with Léonard. I pulled off his shirt fully from his body; It made me want him the more.

“The call is from your father, ma’am!”

Chapter 2- wild


Isabelle was a hand full, bold and daring, flirting with a stranger on their first meet, I don’t think that’s a woman’s game. So bad I preferred to be the one after her and not the other way round.

There’s no bad thing. If she wants me, she has to get me!.

Someone interrupted our intense moment, it was her assistant. I saw her before I went to look for Isabelle earlier on.

Isabelle stopped the kiss, “What a call from my father”. She got off the chair in haste.

I was also down on her but I would never show it, it was time for her to pick between her father and handsome Léonard. She picked her father.

Not looking at me, she wore her coat, adjusted her messy hair, ran out of the place with her personal assistant.

I felt used, she just stepped on my ego. I played that way, not her.

Kelvin’s call came in at the right time. “Bro, where are you? I have been looking for you all day.”

The VIP section still belonged to Isabel


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