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The Billionaire's Resistance to Love

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Alena Reed is a hopeless romantic. And when she falls for someone, she falls hard. Too bad she’d set her eyes on Christan Taylor. He’s twelve years her senior and a very successful businessman. She realized they had business ties, but they weren’t acquainted. That is until her sister got married. The first time she’d seen him, she was moved by his story. But of course, she knew that wasn’t the whole of it. He’d been married before and had two children. His wife was killed years ago. Does she pity the man? No. But in her eyes, he’s extremely attractive and in need of affection. Love. Despite her father’s disagreement, she still chased after him. He rebuffed her many times, but she promised to try harder. Whatever it takes.

Chapter 1 – First meeting

Alena doesn’t know why she has to come to this meeting with the rest of her family. The sister of her brother-in-law has returned and asked to meet everyone in the family. The woman has been gone for quite a long time; her family knew since Alexander told them. Her sister, Alexis, has been married to him for years now.

Still . . . why must she come here with them? They don’t even know the woman, even if she’s technically an in-law. More and more people arrived at the exclusive suite. Most faces are familiar to her. And then, he came.

Her eyes were suddenly glued to the man, and she wasn’t discreet about it. She openly stared at him. He didn’t seem to notice. Her older sister, Alice, did.

She saw her rolling her eyes at her and told her to behave in a whisper. She merely smiled before looking at the man again. He’s definitely her type, appearance-wise. Also, she does prefer someone older when it comes to her relationships. She knew he was older than her. By how much? She can’t be sure yet. She’s guessing it could be more than five years. Wait, that’s not right. Alexander is six or seven years older than her sister, and he looks younger than the eye candy. Her man looks more mature but still very handsome. Yes, she’s one of those women who gets attracted based on physical traits first. The personality and all the rest can follow after that.

Given how he’s here, she’s guessing he’s just as successful as everyone in the room. Should she go over and make small talk with him? He seems like a loner. She’d seen Charles Cross approach him, and they seemed to converse for a few minutes. She couldn’t hear what they spoke about, though. It’s as if the single couch was made for him. Her parents were busy talking with Allen and Axel, Alexander’s brothers. The wives were chatting together as well.

When the awaited person showed up, it seemed like an emotional reunion. The men, Lee’s brothers, were crying. Alena would’ve found it funny, except she knew how much they missed her. And she’d heard so much about her. She’s a great person.

Everyone has questions, and she answers them one by one. Finally, the man she was smitten with then spoke, and the contents were quite dark. From the conversation, she could surmise that someone had died. Or was killed, actually. Lee said they managed to capture the culprits or something, then she gave him a hug. Alena was instantly jealous. Oh, how she wished those arms were around her instead.

Oh, dear. She knew what her reaction meant. She has feelings for the guy. It isn’t the first time she fell in love at first sight. She’s besotted. Her imagination already runs wild and plays a scene of their wedding day.

Alice pinched Alena’s arm when she seemed to be daydreaming again. Given all these people around them, it’s inappropriate to tease her, so she’ll wait until they return home. She can tell from her expression alone that her sister is infatuated.

At least, before that day ended, she finally learned what his name was. Christan Taylor. Lee’s brother-in-law. Her lip twitched. In-law of her in-laws. But they aren’t exactly related. It’s merely associations through the marriage of their relatives. Whatever.

As soon as they left and she was seated in their family car, she entered his name on the search bar. Alice, who was next to her, inched closer. She also has her phone out. She would like to know who that man is and tease Alena about it.

He’s a billionaire and owns a liquor business. He’s involved in selling and distributing various liquor brands, here and abroad.

“Forty years old this year, Alena. That makes him what? Twelve years older than you,” Alice teased her.

Then added, “He has been married, though.”

She rolled her eyes at that comment. “Didn’t we hear just earlier that his wife was killed? Did he remarry? Is he currently married?”

They both searched for the information. What they got is that he has two children at home. They’re probably teenagers now, she surmised from the given birth years.

There’s no information about his current civil status. Is he still a widower?

They can’t find any article about him dating or marrying someone else. Heck, they can’t even see the article about his first marriage.

“Huh, I guess we can just ask Alex if he knows something.”

“Do you think they’re close? They didn’t seem close,” Alena noted. Well, she has been observing him too much earlier.

“Well, they might not be close, but he could still know some things about him, no?”

Alice quickly sent a message to Alex. It was short.

Is Christan Taylor currently married? Or is he single and available?

This is how Alex mistakenly thought that Alice was interested in him.

He had no reason to dissuade her, so he answered honestly.

He didn’t remarry if that’s what you meant. Single, sure. Available? I can’t be sure.

Alice showed Alena his reply, and they both giggled. Their parents don’t know what they’re on about. They’re busy with their own conversation, but those giggles got their attention.

With how strict their father is, they’ve learned to date behind his back. They would get into relationships without telling him because then, he would demand to see the guy and interview him with the rest of the family. It’s mortifying. Alex went through it, and he managed to get their dad’s approval. Well, he’s a good guy. Family was a sensitive topic to him back then, and they even made him cry. It was one memorable past.

She asked Alice to pester Alex for Christan’s phone number that night. Her sister relented, but Alex didn’t give it to her. She tried a few more times, but the man had integrity. Or does he? Is it possible he doesn’t have Christan’s number?

She told Alena the results of her efforts and left her to it. She would have to find a way to get his number independently. And ways to get his attention. A message or a phone call won’t cut it.

Chapter 2 – Business relations

Alena is more persistent than Alice. She went directly to meet Alexander and ask him for Christan’s number. Her sister, Alexis, doesn’t like them bothering her husband, so she was sure Alexander wouldn’t want her sister to see her at their house. She was waiting at the door as he fetched his phone. She was grinning. Let’s pray he’s not gonna give her a fake one.

He came out and looked at her with a stern expression. He was friendly and approachable when he and her sister were still dating. She and Alice have been asking him for advice for their businesses. He’d been accommodating, but Alexis doesn’t like them pestering him most of the time. Well, he taught them enough already.

“You’re aware that he’s been married before, and he’s much older than you?”

“Of course. Aren’t you older than my sister, too?”

“Yeah, but you can double that number. Also, he’s got kids. Are you sure you want to pursue this?”

“Quite sure. I’m not one to fuss about the details. Fre


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