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The Billionaire's Resistance to Love

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Alena Reed is a hopeless romantic. And when she falls for someone, she falls hard. Too bad she’d set her eyes on Christan Taylor. He’s twelve years her senior and a very successful businessman. She realized they had business ties, but they weren’t acquainted. That is until her sister got married. The first time she’d seen him, she was moved by his story. But of course, she knew that wasn’t the whole of it. He’d been married before and had two children. His wife was killed years ago. Does she pity the man? No. But in her eyes, he’s extremely attractive and in need of affection. Love. Despite her father’s disagreement, she still chased after him. He rebuffed her many times, but she promised to try harder. Whatever it takes.


Jess Fairfield

Review after the novel completion

This was an amazing novel the spelling they wording and all was great how everything played out was great I really loved everything about this book I really hope you write another one based on this novel to keep going forward with everything that happens with them can’t wait for so much more on this. Now I’m really just. Wanting to get to 80 words. So let’s just say this book needs more love it that’s all

April 19, 2024

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