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The Billionaire's contract

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Alexander Gomez is a twenty-five-year-old billionaire, heir and CEO of 'GOMEZ ENTERPRISE ' He attends the bachelor's party of his best friend in a club and was swayed by the performance of one of the strippers. He allows greed to take over him and offers this stripper a contract, one that prevents him from having body contact with her and prevents her from stripping for any other person but him. With all the money in the world, he could get any girl he desires but he falls in love with the contracted stripper. Will Alexander breach the contract to explore his feelings with Willow?

Chapter 1

For christ's sake Alexander it's my bachelor's night. You should be the one dragging my *ss out to make the best out of my last day being single. That's what being my best man is all about," Xavier shouted bagging into Alexander's room

"Relax bro, I'm trying to fit this stupid hook into the right place. Why do we have to wear these skirts? It is a bachelor's party not f*ck*ng Halloween," Alexander said.

"Yeah yeah, whatever. Don't worry you still look good for the ladies, but this night is all about me. I won't have any of you losers get laid a night before my wedding, "Xavier said.

This resulted in a grumble from some of the groom's men. It was a club for christ's sake, who would want to miss out on the opportunity to get hooked up?

After what seemed like forever, Alexander was ready and they all filed into the waiting limo and headed to 'ST DREXEL'. The largest and most popular club in town.

Being named after a Saint, you'd think it would have a little holiness sprinkled here and there. But that wasn't the case.

Drexel, the owner of the club, was a billionaire before she died. So were the people that came to the club. Walking past the bouncers was war, except you had gold dripping from your body. Then imagine getting to make a reservation for a VIP spot, you'd have to be on the Forbes list to afford that kind of money.

"OK guys we are getting wasted tonight not laid," Xavier said, raising his liquor glass in a toast with the others.

"To drinks, dance, fun, strippers and most importantly to you my brother, our brother," Alexander said.

Then they all clicked their glasses and gulped it in one shot.


"Nice of you to join us now Eleanor, you are one minute away from being jobless," Emmanuel spat sarcastically

"Eleanor, Emily, take pole one for tonight, " Emmanuel said, preparing the strippers for their work.

"Khloe, Tory, pole two," he said again.

"Cassy, Beatrice, pole three "

"Tamara, willow, You both get the VIP stand tonight," he said with a smirk.

"You all know the drill, so pack your sh*t together and go make me some money. Tamara and Willow, our VIPs for tonight, are very important people, try not to screw this night over" he said in a huff.

"Yes sir, " they all chorused and shuffled out to go touch their makeups a little.


"I'll have whiskey and the groom here would have a martini," Alex said to one of the waitresses

"Whiskey seriously, I thought we are all here for fun," Xavier said

"And how is whiskey not fun?"Alex asked surprised.

"How is whiskey fun…you start your night with whiskey and get wasted before the fun begins. Besides whiskey helps you to forget things, and I want this night to be stuck at the back of your mind like glue. So you know how important it is to get a girl for yourself, " Xavier said and they all laughed about it

"Looks like someone is trying to steal the groom for the night, " Joseph said.

"Who, where?" Xavier asked.

"9 o'clock at the bar, she's been adjusting that strap and glancing at you since we got here. I should probably go help her fix the strap well, " Joseph said again, getting up from his chair but was pulled back by Xavier.

"She's beautiful tho" Xavier added.

"Yh big *ss and nice curves," Alexander said, letting his perverted thoughts take over.

"There's something about those legs," Philip added.

"Sure why don't you guys just drool over her the entire night,t," Xavier said rolling his eyes

" I think I know the first game for tonight, " Joseph said to get their attention

"Finally someone with some sense," Xavier said sarcastically

" No rules, first to get her digits would win the game," Joseph said.

"That's lame bro" Xavier deadpanned

"Yh very lame" Alex chipped in.

"Even Philip here could get her digits without saying a word to her," he said again.

"Hey watch it, man, my pick-up lines are nice," Philip said and slammed the table.

"More like pick-up thrash," Joseph said and they all laughed it out.

"She's still looking tho," he said again.

"Well too bad for her I'm already very much occupied, "Xavier said

"That's the energy I need tonight bro," Alex said and fist-bumped him.

In no time drinks got served, bottles got emptied, and they had girls surrounding them. The dance floor was getting filled up and the bouncers had more work to do to keep the crowd out of the VIP section.

The DJ was doing justice to the songs. He made a mix between the fast and slow songs to spice things up while the girls kept the boys entertained.

It was like a mini show, everyone was dancing. Some girls were giving lap dances to the boys while the rest spread out on the floor twerking and moving their waists to the beat. Casino games were available too. So you could either be a winner or a loser with money flowing in or leaving your account.

"O common royal flush again this guy is cheating, "a frustrated Joseph said and they all laughed

"You had better quit now dawg everyone knows poker is his game,e" Philip said

"Don't spoil my game man, I'm trying to get him bankrupt?" Xavier said throwing a poker coin at Philip which he dodged

"Many have tried," Joseph scoffed.

Soon it was some minutes past nine and no one was tired, they were all occupied, some played games, while some kept refilling their drinks.

The clique of friends decided to throw some darts, do some drink rituals, and of course place bets on what time of the night the next day Xavier would have s*x with his wife. A useless argument on who the godfather to his first child would be broke out, as his guys all struggled to be the one. After that, they placed a bet on what his first child's gender would be.

Many hours passed and they were still indulged in the fun. At some point, cakes were served not until Xavier cut the lingerie-shaped cakes while cursing his best pals.

It was almost eleven and Xavier asked to return to the hotel but they all just gave him corky smiles and glanced at each other.

"OK what's with the smirk? "he asked

"Do you think we'd leave here this early?"Philip asked

"Don't tell me you thought the cake was the only stunt we would pull this night?" Xavier asked

"Whatever you guys have planned out, it better not put me in trouble, "Xavier said sternly.

But then, who was he kidding, they were all half wasted, Besides he knew they wouldn't do anything that would put him in trouble, but he was sure whatever it was he wouldn't like it.



I had to come early to work today, work starts at 7 pm but I was already in the dressing room by 5 pm. I guess I was just nervous, there are people in the VIP room having a bachelor's night. Who celebrates bachelor's night in a fucking club? What if the groom gets too wasted and commits the most unforgettable mistake of his life? Well, it wasn't my business, all I had to do was work.

Rumour has it that these guys are the reason why most accountants in banks have not run out of jobs to do, there's always money to be stashed into the bank every day. But then, of all days to visit the club, they chose today.

Sophie, the most senior stripper, got a call from home. She couldn't wait till after this night to go visit her parents, and now I'm stuck with performing with Tamara. She was the second up the chain of strippers if that's a thing. She has been nice to me and she gave me assuring glances all night in a bid to boost my conf


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