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The alpha's woman

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To bring back his beloved dead wife to life, Demon has to kill and bring the souls of 16 Princesses to Hades. He accidentally met Elena who happens to be his Dark Shadow Mate and when he discovered she was the last Princess he ought to kill. Demon couldn't bring himself to do it and started protecting her from the others that wants Elena for the powers she didn't know she possess. At the long run, Demon find out his wife wasn't dead but alive. She and Hades needed Elena powers to bring out the ancient locked Dark powers. A battle for who is the strongest began.

Chapter 1



"What is going on father? Why that sad look on your face?" Princess Elena asked her father when she saw his look and how he entered her room.

"There is trouble my dear." King Eremus, the King of Eras Kingdom, answered his daughter.

"Trouble? What is causing the trouble father?" Princess Elena asked.

"Princess Irel is dead." King Eremus revealed.

"What!?" Princess Elena shrieked in shock.

"Yes my daughter, she was found dead on her bed this morning, the same mark was on her body. It is the same killer who has been killing all the dead princesses, who killed Irel." King Eremus said sadly.

"My friend is gone just like that? We talked to each other on the phone last night. Why is the killer bent on killing only Princesses, what is his or her aim in doing this? Why Irel, why her?" Princess Elena asked no one in particular.

"I said I should inform you of her death my dear so you will be more careful from now onwards, we don't know who the assassin's next target is." King Eremus said and left his daughter's room.

Princess Elena is a very beautiful 20 year old lady. Her hair was mercury-purple and it tumbled over her shoulders and reached her waist. She had saccharine sweet lips. They were blossoms so soft that a guy would love to have a taste. She had a cheerful character and that was what made almost all the princesses want to be her friend. She also had a shapely figure that beat all the Princesses, but she makes sure she always wears oversized clothes to cover her shape. And her eyes were rapture-purple eyes like her hair, oddly.

Purple eyes?

No one knows about it except her father and mother. She normally wears blue contacts over her purple eyeballs.

She stood up from her bed and walked over to her room window. Looking across the horizon. Their palace was located at the far end of the Kingdom.

Elena ponders why someone will wake up one day and start killing princesses. Irel will make it the 10th princesses who had died under this strange assassin.

If the killer comes for her any day, she won't go down without a flight. Her father had seen to it that she was properly trained well by the strongest Knight in the Kingdom.

Irel, such a beautiful soul was gone just like that.

Elena cried for her dead friend.



Somewhere far away in France, the moans of a lady could be heard in a hotel room as she cried softly.

", Eric, give it to me."

The hard slapping of skins could be heard more clearly. As the handsome guy with midnight black hair f*ck the lady to oblivion. He tilted the lady's neck to one side of the bed and sank his fangs into her neck, drinking her blood in a large gulp as he thrust into her harder than before.

He growled slowly and release inside of her.

The lady who was weak from the blood he drank from her body smiled weakly at him.

"You will not remember me or having s*x with me. You came here drunk by yourself," the handsome guy said as he hypothesized the lady on the bed. His dark eyes flashed gold.

The lady nodded weakly.

"Now sleep and forget about tonight." He ordered.

The lady did as she was told. She slept off immediately.

He came down from the bed, wore his clothes, dropped some dollars on the table for the lady to use once she woke up and left the hotel room. Using his hood to cover his face.

Leaving the expensive Hotel, the girls around the hotel started drooling for his hot body as he walked past them and walked towards his Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4.

He entered his car and drove off going towards his destination.


Somewhere not too far from the hotel in another hotel, a cheaper one.

In one of the occupied rooms, a young man whose face was covered was seen cleaning his blades as he awaits for the clock to move. Just one more hour.

He has another Princess to kill tonight.


It was 10pm sharp when the assassin left the hotel room.

As he entered the reception room, everything and everyone seemed to stop as they all stared at him, some in lustful stares, others in wonder. He was all dressed in black and carried a small box in his hand, his two hands were in black hand gloves. His hair was tied in a ponytail and was extremely long.

How could a man be this beautiful and have silver shiny hair which was longer than a lady's own? Who had created this beautiful human whom they think deserves to live in a better place and not amongst them.

That seems to be the thought of everyone in the reception room.

Going straight to meet the receptionist he gave her his room key and sent a tiny smile towards her direction. The receptionist nearly fainted when she saw the smile.

"I will be back soon Mary." The man said his deep baritone voice causing the receptionist to be aroused and feeling wet all of a sudden.

"Okay sir." Mary said, staring and getting lost in his deep silver eyes that matched his hair.

"It's Adam not Sir Mary." The man supplied the fake name he had used in booking his room.

Mary smiled seductively at him and replied to him. "Okay Adam." She said with a s*xy voice and winked at him. "Do you want to see me tonight after your return? In your room to have me all to yourself?" She added ignoring those around her as she pointed to her big cleavage which she opened a little bit by the time she had finished her statements. She was a beautiful lady and has the shape of eight(8) that guys would love to date her.

How pathetic. Is this how humans behave? Well he wasn't going to reject her offer, he was a man with needs after all.

The silver haired man thought and forced himself to smile at her seductive gesture and bend his head down to whisper in her ears so that only she could hear.

"I will see you then Mary hopefully naked like the day you were born in my bed when I return."

He left with that and didn't wait to see Mary's face filled with red as she blushed. Thank goodness she shot her shot and it hit the target. Nobody can reject her offer, not with this kind of body she has.

Oh, she can't wait to finish her shift and go to his hotel room number and wait for him to return.

Adam (fake name) came out of the hotel and started walking towards his right. Contemplating changing in mid-stride or not, Adam (fake name) glanced around the busy sidewalk. It was a myth that Shadow Chasers couldn’t change in the presence of any light. He could vanish into a thick cloud of black shadows, right now, if he really wanted to change. Commanding the darkness was in his blood. He could, but there were too many curious eyes watching him right now as if this was the first time they were seeing the sun. He completely ignored their look and continued his walk.

Direct sunlight, on the other hand, would make it impossible for him to change. The sun trapped him in his form, but here, under the dim twinkling lights of the city night, he could change into his dark shadow.

People shouted at each other during their meaningless discussion. A dog barked inside his cage as he passed it. Somewhere in the confusion, a car horn blared. Sparkles of light, from the millions of electric bulbs lining the city streets, reflected off glass and metal. The fall evening air had a slight nip to it, yet that didn’t keep these crazy city people at home as they roamed about without any fear.

He had an appointment to catch up with.

Rushing into the empty alleyway a few metres away from the hotel, Adam (fake name) commanded every shadow to him. The darkness gave him an advantage. He loved the feel of the shadows pulsing through his veins. He changed into an ominous black mist of shadow and plastered the wall, he started moving faster as he only passed where the city streets light wasn't touching.

The shadows.

%%%% The Secret Princess %%%%

He came out of a huge tall building and straightened his clothes, his small box was in the shadows. Pulling out a mask from one of his pockets, he wore it.

His shiny hair was replaced with dark shiny hair, his face was now filled with red tiny freckles.

He was a different person now. Though his new face was handsome. He commanded darkness and his silver eyes were replaced and turned into midnight eyeballs.

He made his way to the front gate of the building and pressed the gatebell.

A man in white uniform opened the gate after he had looked through his security cameras to see who it was.

"Good evening Sire, Princess Joanna has been expecting your arrival." The guard said as he opened the smaller gate for the handsome man to enter.

"Thank you."

Looking around the mansion with interest, he noticed about 40 guards stationed in different sectors of the palace to keep an eye out on the assassin. He could clearly see their guns and swords all already to strike. He smirked and allowed himself to be led inside the palace, a palace he knew in and out like the back of his palm.


Chapter 2

Another guard opened the door of the palace for him and the one who had opened the Gate.

They entered inside the Mansion.

Everything inside the house was decorated with expensive rich taste.

They entered the sitting room and Adam (fake name) smiled at the faces he saw.

All the royal family were present.

Princess Joanna stood up from her seat and went to meet him, she hugged him tightly and faced her parents.

"Mum, dad, this is my boyfriend Adam. And Adam, these are my parents." Princess Joanna said excitedly as she introduced her boyfriend.

"You are quite a handsome, good-looking young man. Now I know why my daughter couldn't stop talking about how cute you are." Queen Grace said to the young man with a smile.

"Thank you, my Queen." Adam (fake name) thanked.

"Mum, you shouldn't have said this in his presence." Princess Joanna said, giving her mother a playful glare.

"What, he needs to know how you only talk about him and no


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