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sex with the devil
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His breath heated her bare skin. "You. . . shouldn’t be. . . here.” She shivered. “But now I am.” He placed his first finger on the knot of the towel, and slightly dragged it out of position, letting it fall to the ground. Now she was standing naked before him, she couldn’t do a thing, not even to hide her pride. His gaze fell on her breast, slowly down to her V spot. A smirk played on his lips, as if staring right at that junction was heaven. The power to resist the urge burning in her was gone, rather her body responded positive to it. “Kiss me, Luci. Please. . .kiss me.” A Bargain Must Be Fulfilled. My rules. A life is needed. That was the deal. The night started as it should. It was supposed to be a meeting. But then something happened. Something I was wholly unprepared for. And what I saw changed everything. Sonia. I wanted her at all cost. I broke my own rules after that. And I didn’t keep my end of the bargain. Because walking away was no longer an option I would grant either of us, no matter the cost.

The Alpha King’s Stubborn Mate
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Hell can't hold him, demons can't stop him, the god's can't scare him, and Love.....ha love can't bind him. In a school filled with all types of Supernaturals (Vampires, witches, wolves, fairies, etc), everyone is afraid of the Millennium Wolf Prince (Jason), all Alphas Wolf obeyed him. Rae a new student who was transferred to the school, fall in love with Jason who doesn't even notice her, unknown to her, she was the last mermaid and a half demon. She doesn't know who are parents are and her grandmother forbids her from speaking of them. Something happened which made Jason started seeing Rae in a new light. Jason has just two rules. Rule 1, Don't mess with him. Rule 2, Follow rule 1.

The alpha's woman
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To bring back his beloved dead wife to life, Demon has to kill and bring the souls of 16 Princesses to Hades. He accidentally met Elena who happens to be his Dark Shadow Mate and when he discovered she was the last Princess he ought to kill. Demon couldn't bring himself to do it and started protecting her from the others that wants Elena for the powers she didn't know she possess. At the long run, Demon find out his wife wasn't dead but alive. She and Hades needed Elena powers to bring out the ancient locked Dark powers. A battle for who is the strongest began.

The Forgotten Wolf
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ÄúOdin, help us." The voice came again. Without her knowing what she was doing, she ventured into the dark cave. Her feet started taking her deeper into the cave. The cave was quiet, she heard nothing and continued. She came to a stop when she saw five molded wolves. Odin was reborn after 90,000 years to right the wrong of the past. She was led to meet the old priestess, Arizona, who then told her about her past and took Odin to meet her mother, the moon goddess.Fate led Prince Philip to seek the truth and he met Odin, his one true Mate, unlocking their memories and releasing their wolves, freed her twin sister, Olin from the shadow witch, Elise, and destroy the spell Reed was under.They united to end Elise and the Elite sisters and restore balance in the Kingdom with the help of Olin Forgotten Wolf.


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