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Taming the Boss

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Jessa, a girl who longs to be a dancer, but without resources, her dreams remain only wishes, when she was 15 years old, a stranger came asking for help and she was alone at home, she helped him by healing his wounds and hiding him from his family until he recovered. When he leaves, leaving her a card with an address and a telephone number, so that she can look for him when she needs his help, he left thanking him and giving him a chaste kiss on the forehead and only told him his name, Alexander. A CHILD WHO WAS FIRST A VICTIM AND THEN A PUNISHER FOR HIM I WOULD DO THE IMPOSSIBLE, EVEN KILL IF NECESSARY

Chapter 1

In the slums of Quenns, lives a very modest family, the father works as a plumber, the mother as a laundress and her only daughter is the support of this family, the rubber that unites them, the filial love that sustains the family nucleus, its Parents struggle to survive in their environment full of thugs, gangs, pain and death, trying to take care of their daughter from all that scourge, working from sunrise to sunset to give Jessa Marggui a somewhat comfortable life, a girl full of dreams of innocence, a beautiful young woman without prejudices, without evil, that was what they had instilled in her despite having criminal family friends who helped take care of her, she was their little sister to them, some stole and gave her coins to keep and save to fulfill her dearest dream: to be a dancer.

No one made fun of her dream, her parents were grateful for their neighbors who helped them take care of her, going to school was a spectacle, she was surrounded by many of those gang members, who left her and threatened that no one touch her or they would face the consequences. She grew up until she had to go to public secondary school, she was never alone, that's why nobody dared to bother her for anything, she had friends in secondary school, then in high school the same thing, her life was a fun routine for her, always I had someone to play with, I was happy.

But one night an intense shooting was heard outside the house, she was in the patio hanging out her clothes, when she saw that something fell into the patio, she could see a lump that was moving, she went over to observe and realized that it was an injured man who complained very softly, he looked everywhere and there was no one, the man just looked at her and whispered

"Help me please... please" Jessa helped him up and together they walked towards the back where she played with her toys, the man doubled over in pain, but she tried to hold him, she sat him down on a gnawed sofa, He She had her hand covering the wound in her abdomen, it was bleeding profusely, Jessa had learned first aid from her friends and knew how to remove a bullet and suture, but she needed antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, she told her to keep quiet, she was going to get them and I would heal him when I got back.

He went out to the patio and called his little neighbor Jorge, a Puerto Rican and asked

-Jorge, please, I have an emergency, I need very strong antibiotics and anti-inflammatories like the ones your uncle was given when he was shot, do you remember what they are?

Jorge remembered the names and only asked her to wait for him because he would get them in 10 minutes, he left while she was waiting for her parents to return, but just that day they stayed for a meeting at work, giving her daughter time to help and save the wounded stranger

The boy returned bringing everything and handed it over saying that he didn't owe him anything, for which Jessa thanked, he also entered carrying alcohol, gauze, a knife, needle and thread bandages and fever pills, she found him passed out, but hurried to cover his mouth with a clean cloth, disinfect the knife and very slowly buried it in the wound looking for the bullet, the man woke up when he felt the intense pain and heard

-Please don't yell, I'm going to take the bullet out, I have everything to disinfect and cure it, bear the pain until I take the bullet out please -the man understood, covered his mouth and screamed in pain until I took the bullet out, I clean him well, I suture the wound, I cover it with the gauze and the bandages.

When he finished, he gave her the antibiotic, the anti-inflammatory and the fever pill, it seems that he recognized the medicines, he took them with a bottle of water that she gave him in his hands.

He was breathing very fast, because he was tired and weak from the loss of blood, a shadow was seen and they both got scared, but it was Jorge who couldn't with the curiosity to know why he wanted everything he asked for, he looked at the man and said

-Jessa this man has bled to death, he needs a blood transfusion -he looked at the aforementioned and asked

-What blood type are you? -the man answered very weakly that it was O positive, then the boy said

-Jessa, I'll bring you anyway, but I'll bring you everything for the transfusion, please don't make noise

He ran off and disappeared, while Jessa approached the man and asked

-What happened? Do you know who hurt him? -The man barely answered -I was ambushed by hitmen -Jessa was surprised watching him, since he was dressed very elegantly, his perfume smelled very rich of very expensive perfume, he was wearing a very thick gold watch, a thick gold chain too, they were interrupted for Jorge who returned with everything, left him and left them alone

Jessa proceeded to give him the transfusion, laid him down, put the blood bag on top of a pedestal and put it on his arm, moved the butterfly to the drip she was going to make and said

-Don't fall asleep, I'm going to bring you food, you should eat too, it didn't take long for him to leave, he brought you dinner and the man gobbled it all up without even imagining that it was the girl's dinner.

She watched him eat anxiously, when she finished she took the dishes, left them washed and said when she returned

-Look, if you want to sleep, I'll come to turn it over later, I have to take care that my parents don't see it, be confident, I want to help you -before leaving I cover it with a quilt that I had there

The man fell asleep, tiredness, weakness, spent energy made him fall into a deep sleep.

The man had nightmares about what happened, he recognized one of those who shot him, it was one of his own men, so they had betrayed him, he woke up very hot, he noticed that he was almost in the dark, but he remembered the girl who it helped, the bag of blood was still half full so he settled down to continue sleeping.

Jessa was already talking with her parents as usual, it was already late and she said goodbye to her parents to sleep, she had eaten a piece of bread with milk to fill her belly, her parents went to sleep, instead the little girl was worried For the health of the injured man, he waited almost an hour, he went up to check, he put his ear to the door of his parents' room and heard his slight snoring, he went down very slowly without making a noise and went to see how the injured man was, he found him asleep and the blood bag almost empty, she sat on the floor, leaning on the sleeping man's legs, smelling the rich aroma of the perfume.

She fell asleep a little, but the movement of the wounded person made her wake up, she got up quickly and took everything out for the transfusion and put a little piece of cotton on her arm, the man looked at her, she was a pretty young woman, with blue eyes and hair brown, his features very fine and said

-Hello, my name is Alexander, thanks for helping me with... everything, you saved my life, girl, ehm... can I ask, what's your name?

Jessa now if she looked closely, he was a very attractive, beefy man, his perfume drove her crazy, it was obvious that he was a man with a lot of money and she answered

-Jessa, but affectionately they call me Ruby -He smiled when he heard her, his teeth were very white, well cared for and expressed

-Rubí sounds prettier, that name suits you very well, I still have a bit of dizziness, it must be from the loss of blood, I would like to leave, but I can't even stop, I don't want you to have a problem with... us parents

Jessa just said with her sweet voice -My parents are already asleep, don't worry at 7 am they go to work, tomorrow I ask Jorge to bring another bag of blood to give him another transfusion.

Alexander looked at her, she was cute, very tender, very innocent, but at that age and already knew about nursing, curiosity got the better of him and he asked him

"Ruby, how did you learn to do transfusions to... take out a bullet and suture the wound, you did it very well" to which Jessa replied smiling and very sure of herself.

-I live in a dangerous area and my friends like Jorge are... gang members, they have taught me everything I know, but they take care of me, they love me very much, that's why no one has dared to hurt me, they don't want me to join the gang they always tell me that... I am a good girl and that I should be someone in life

-That shows that they really love you Rubí, other men would have taken advantage of your innocence, do you have any dreams Rubí? Do you have something you want in your life?

Jessa's eyes lit up before answering, she got up, did a few somersaults at the sight of Alexander who was happy to see the innocent girl dancing when she answered him.

-I want to be a dancer, a famous dancer, that's my dream -but her face changed to sadness when she continued speaking

-But I don't have the money to do it, also if they know where I come from they would never admit me. -She sat down next to Alexander who was looking at her sadly, realizing that the girl was absolutely right, the world of art is painful, cruel, selective and discriminatory.

Jessa had unknowingly saved a very powerful drug dealer and businessman who had been betrayed by his partner, who wanted to keep everything, but did not count that he was alive and would take revenge with all his power, Jessa would one day receive his reward for doing good

Chapter 2

While in another part of New York City, in a very luxurious building, he was waiting for news of his evil plan to get rid of his partner, Lucca Mattrios walked around very nervously, checking his cell phone waiting for the news.

He was startled when his cell phone rang and he answered immediately.

Hello, what happened Ariel? they did it?

Boss, the eagle got hurt, we don't know where it is

What did you say? how did they lose it -said Lucca very nervous

The car was like a sieve, but it was not there

Just a trace of blood, which was lost afterwards

Damn look it up and finish it off

They are looking for him boss, he disappeared

call me with results idiot

He closed the call, now he was more nervous, he knew Alexander if he was alive, he would kill him but torture him, he was sadistic, vengeful, what if it calmed him down was that none of those he hired were known to his partner, so if he returned he wouldn't let him kn


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