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Slave To The Demon

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It was supposed to be a peaceful holiday but Sarah had no idea that she was entering the lion's den she had fled from months ago. The experience had been terrifying and Sarah had not been able to overcome it, but now, she was going to be a guest in his house. And what he wants? Revenge. Troy was searching for the devilish woman everywhere, but he had no idea that she was coming right there under his roof. He had everything a man could ever want, but he was burning in the fire of rage. Now, he has her in his grasp, and he will make her pay for her deeds. He will make her do for which he had bought her in the first place. But is life as simple as that? No way.....

Chapter 1


Sarah Williams had moved to USA after her mother's death and wanted to make a life for herself. But on the quest, she found herself into a trap and was sold to a billionaire/CEO who didn't ever look at her as if she was a human.

Of course, she got rid of him, but had no idea that she had only wounded the lion who was now possessed by devil, and searching for her everywhere.

Now, she was taking time off work to spend some days in peace but peace was the last thing she would get. She was walking right into the hungry lion's den. And now, he is angrier than the devil himself.

Troy Wilson was a workaholic, and the reason was one. He couldn't sleep because a vixen had wounded his pride. He is searching for her everywhere when he finds her, and now he has some very wicked plans for her.

How Sarah and Troy will ever understand each other? Would they? or Would Sarah perish? Will Troy win?

Chapter 1


It was a partly cloudy sky when Sarah and Adriana landed in Seattle. Sarah was nervous as they came out of the airport. Her first visit to this place had not been very memorable. Adriana was searching for her name in the waiting crowd. There were many people to receive their loved ones, and Sarah at once remembered the day she had stepped into the US two years back.

“That’s Fred. Come on,” Adriana said in her usual chirpy tone that brought back Sarah’s attention where she was. Fred was a lean man of about forty, grey eyes, strong jaw-line, hair cropped short, military-style, his mouth set in a thin line, and his look indifferent. He bowed to both of them and guided them out of the airport. He gave a once over to Sarah which she didn’t miss. There was something about his glance which made Sarah feel uncomfortable.

“Do I know him?” She asked herself.

He opened the door of a black G-class Mercedes Benz, and they seated themselves in. Sarah looked at the guy who was sitting in the passenger seat. He was clad in a back suit, a white-collar could be seen, and if she was right, there must be a tie. He must surely be a bodyguard or something, she thought. Sarah knew Adriana came from money, but had no idea how much money. It’s not that she wanted to know anything. Fred seated himself in the driver’s seat. Sarah felt nervous as her eyes met Fred’s in the rearview mirror. She felt the hair on her neck stand up.

“In no time, we will be home.” Adriana chirped. She took out her phone, took a selfie, and got busy uploading it on Instagram with the caption, “So good to be home”.

Sarah had come to the US after her mother had died. They were living happily in Hampshire, she and her mother but a heart attack and her world was emptied. Her mother was a single mother who had raised her daughter to be an independent woman, but she was just a kid out of school at that time when her mother left her all alone in this cruel world. So, her aunt, who used to live in New York, asked her to come here. Life was not bad even after that.

Her aunt was a great person who was living in a small rented house. She worked as a bank clerk. Her only child, her daughter, Becca, was married and lived with her husband in Washington DC. Sarah wanted to pursue her education, so she started working in a small office as a junior accountant to save tuition fees. She also helped her aunt in meeting household expenses. But maybe life was angry at her, and after one year of her arrival in New York, her aunt fell from the stairs, the injury in her head was severe, and she died after staying in hospital for fifteen days.

Sarah could not afford the place on her own. She tried to shift to another place. But it was hard to find one she could afford. So, she started working in a bar at night. The crowd was unbearable, the tips low, but she stayed there. Her only goal was to save her tuition fee. In her quest to find a good job, she had once visited Seattle. The experience was so scary that she shivered just thinking about it. At a client’s party, she had met Adriana, who had offered her apartment to Sarah as she used to live alone. They have been staying together for only five months, but they were like sisters. Sarah gave Adriana a meagre amount as rent for the amazing three-bedroom penthouse she rented in the Upper West Side. She was sure that she would get admission into one of the top colleges this year.

Adriana was studying business management at New York University. It was her Summer Break, and she was coming home to her brother. Her parents were off to Europe. As Sarah had no one, Adriana had dragged her to Sarah with her to Seattle, a place which was going to change her life. Sarah had to take leaves, and here they were.

Adriana was crazy about her brother. She loved him so much. There was only one picture of her brother in her apartment from years back in which they both were laughing loudly, sitting in front of the Christmas tree. She did not know much about her brother except that he was a businessman. And judging by the car he had sent and the security, she knew now that he was a rather successful businessman. Adriana was speaking to her in her usual chirping tone while telling her about the places they were passing by. She was like a child, carefree and happy. Sarah wished if only she could be a bit like her. Not that she was a gloomy person, but this city had shadowed her mood with a melancholy. She was trying to smile, but it was hard.

After a 15-minute drive, the car stopped in front of a building that was like an epitome of modern architecture, all glass and steel with greenery peeking out from here and there. As Sarah stepped out of the car, she was stunned to see the building, and she was awed when Adriana told her that her brother owned it. It was a forty-storey building. Sarah was overwhelmed by the enormity of this building.

Fred took out their luggage and gave the keys to the guard who came out as they arrived. There were three elevator doors, but Fred guided them to a different one. It was the private elevator, and the four of them entered it. Sarah was nervously looking at Fred, who was standing right in front of her, and his prying eyes were making her uncomfortable through the reflection in the glass.

Adriana’s brother used to live in the penthouse that comprised of three floors. As they arrived in the foyer, Sarah saw the large chandelier shining the entire place in the golden light. It looked like a five-star hotel. They entered the penthouse, which was as bigger as three houses combined of her aunt’s. In front of her was a huge floor-to-ceiling glass wall, and she could only imagine how beautiful it would look in the night. A large grey sofa that could place an entire crowd was sitting in the middle of the hall. There were amazing paintings on the wall that must have cost a fortune. On the right was a door that was closed. Sarah could see the open kitchen after that and a dining table so huge. A staircase led to the rooms upstairs. The furnishings were white and grey. Lush white carpets adorned every surface on the floor.

As they entered, an elderly lady came smiling with two glasses of fresh lemonade.

“Oh, Beth! I missed you, I missed you, I missed you,” Adriana said and ran to hug the lady who was smiling like she was meeting her child after years. She had hardly placed the glasses down on the large oak table that was placed in the middle of the living area when Adriana hugged her from behind, smiling from ear to ear.

“Oh, Sunshine,” she hugged her back as soon as she had safely placed the glasses on the table. “Why did you come after such a long time? Could you not come sooner?” She feigned anger.

“I came as soon as I could. And, I missed you. You know how much I love you, don’t you?” Adriana smiled.

“Ah, if I could believe you,” They talked and then Adriana turned towards Sarah, who was standing in the middle looking at both of them lovingly, missing her mother and aunt.

“Meet my friend Sarah. We live together in New York. Sarah, she is Bethany who has fed us since we were born. She is more like my mother.”

“Hello,” Sarah smiled.

“You are a pretty child. Come, give me a hug,” and she opened her arms.

Sarah couldn’t want anything more than that. She went into her arms as if she was her mother.

“You two are staying for long this time, aren’t you?” Bethany asked as she separated from Sarah.

“Well…” Adriana looked down.

“Well?” Bethany looked at her with suspicion.

“For as long as Sarah agrees to stay. She has her jobs in New York.” Adriana spoke on her behalf.

“You girls have your excuses ready. It’s home. Work here, stay here,” Bethany said as if things were so easy. “Sarah, who is there in your family?”

“No one,” Sarah replied. She had learned how to say these things without a sad note.

“Oh, No worries. It is your home as it is Adriana’s.” she turned to Adriana. “Your brother doesn’t listen to me. I have asked him to join you girls, at dinner. Just hope he arrives in time.”

“Well, I knew it. I hope I see him at least once till I am here,” Adriana spoke and rolled her eyes.

“You both must be tired. Come on, Sarah. I will show you to your room.” And she started walking towards the stairs. She noticed there were no family photos, and she asked Adriana, “My brother loves art on walls rather than family pictures.”

“Won’t we be disturbing him?”

“Hell, no. He invites us in the first place and if I know anything. He acting weird recently. Sounds aggressive all the d*mn time. I just hope it is relationship stuff. He has been single for so long. He is a workaholic just like you. If he could give up sleep, eating, and socializing for work, he would do that in an instant.” Sarah could feel Adriana rolling her eyes and smiling. She was not a mean rich girl who debased others. She was chirpy, happy and helpful to everyone. She knew how to make good use of so much money.

Both of them followed Bethany. Adriana’s room was on the right, while Sarah’s was at the end of the corridor.

The room in which Sarah would make her abode for the next few days was nice. Everything was perfect. Sarah freshened up and joined Adriana for a late lunch; then, they returned to their rooms as both of them were exhausted. She slept soundly when the phone vibrated. It was Patty, aka Patricia, from the office. It was some file she was finding it hard to find. Sarah guided her and then looked at the clock. It was already half-past six. She went to the bathroom as her bladder was about to explode. She freshened up, and saw her face in the mirror. At the age of 21, she was not bad to look at. Some men found her skinny, but her breasts and *ss made up for it. She hated herself for these curves. She tied her long chestnut hair in a ponytail and looked for her glasses. She rummaged through her bags, but she couldn’t find them. “Sh*t”. She cursed as it was hard for her to understand a single word without specs. She was as good as a blind man.

She changed her t-shirt and arrived downstairs. Bethany was in the kitchen. She was baking something.

“Oh my god. What is smelling so amazing?.”

“I am baking you girls some cookies and making an Éclair for Troy. He loves it.”

“Troy, who?”

Bethany gave her a smile that was so like a mother. “My employer…”

“And my brother. Did you forget I told you about him?” Adriana had also come down.

“It must have slipped my mind. I am still groggy from the sleep.”

“Would you like some coffee, Sarah? And you, Andie?”

“Yeah, I can use some caffeine, now.” And she sat beside Sarah. They chatted, and Bethany told her all the weird stories about their childhood while she baked.

When she was done, she asked them, “When are you girls going to eat?”

“Whenever Troy comes home.” Adriana confirmed Bethany’s suspicion who somehow knew that Troy won’t be home in time.

“Are you sure? It is possible that he won’t come at all.”

“We will see. I have sent him a message. An angry one.” Adriana was acting like the cute little sister she was. Sarah was starved for emotions and love, and here, it was in abundance.

“You will starve.” Bethany was warning them.

“No, he will get home tonight.”


“I am getting bored already.” This was Adriana. She doesn’t get attention, she gets bored.

Chapter 2


His sister and her friend had arrived and Troy was feeling bad that he was stuck in his office, even though he knew that Adriana must be expecting him. He knew it would be difficult, but what he could do? Work comes first. He had sent Fred to receive the girls. He wasn’t sure if he would make it to dinner. His team was here, and they had to close the deal in the week. The phone buzzed.

It was Mark’s phone that had buzzed into the silence even though no one was allowed to take calls. His partner winked at him and went away. A senior partner picks up the phone, and everyone starts looking like they are being tortured. It’s 7:30 only. He used to work until 9 or 10 sometimes. It wasn’t just 8 hours a day that had earned him this empire. Troy Wilson knew what hard work was, and the world knew him for that. Being the CEO of the largest telecommunication company, he could never slack.

But then his eyes met Laura’s, their senior legal partner. She was a new mother. He

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