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Serving the Billionaire(Entitled to him)

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"I don't view anything less than a C cup as a woman. So you should be happy that I considered you as one of my servants," Xander replied as Layla's eyes dropped. This was the worst kind of insult she had ever received in a while, and from someone who wants to take advantage of her against her wish. " You shouldn't consider it then, and go look for your type!" Layla replied as she made to walk away from him but was soon dragged down on the bed as Xander climbed on top of her. " Say that again and to my face right now!!!!!" Xander demanded from her as Layla quietly shut her mouth. For some time, Xander just laid on top of her as he scanned her. He loved the way the lingerie wrapped on her curvy body as that alone made him stop at his tracks. And just by looking at her, he was already turned on. He quickly clasped her two hands and tied it with a rope that was already laying at one corner of the bed, and then he moved over to her lips and started to plant kisses on them. He started with light and soft kisses into a more intense and steady one as he swallowed all her lips with his mouth and licked them intensely And that was how Layla became entitled to Xander, a mysterious Billionaire shortly after her abduction and was selected to serve him in his bed. At a point, she wanted more than just what they shared. But unknown to her, Xander had a secret that wouldn't allow him to love And for someone with enemies compassed around him, he dares not to love. As that will become his weakness and eventually lead to his death. Join me as we take a ride in unraveling this great tale.

Chapter 1

Layla was just returning from work one evening only to reach home and find some men inside their house with her parents kneeling and begging the one who stood out from among them.She couldn't lay her hands on what it was that was happening and why her parents were unable to do anything but beg. She's the eldest of all three children born by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson.They are three girls and one boy, which happens to be the last. The names of the girls are Sophia and Jane, and the boy is Ethan.They are so poor, that they barely afford three square meals in a day. She dropped out of school because there was no money to further on, and now she's doing a lot of mini-jobs to add to their family income and for her younger siblings to continue with school.She's been working tooth and nail to make this happen and hardly does She even look out for herself, not when She has a family to carter for.After seeing the display inside their house, which was just a parlor and a room. With no kitchen or toilet. They cook in the corridor and share the toilet and bathroom with their neighbors. It is a public toilet. And for someone like her that always has work to do in the morning, She always wakes up as early as three to make use of the place. Life there was hell.She didn't know if she should go in or stay back there after seeing the scene that was being displayed inside. After much thinking and knowing the fact that her parents wouldn't like it if she got involved, She decided to stay back.From the window, She watched as one of the men brought out a file and asked her father to put his fingerprint on it. At that point, She wanted to rush in to find out what it was about, but she managed to hold herself. Her mum was kneeling beside her father and in tears.She was relieved that her siblings weren't around to see this happening. Who knows what they could have done? They had gone on a school trip, so they wouldn't be at home for some days.From the window, She took a proper look at the seven men. They were huge and looked fierce, and she wondered how her parents got involved with people like this. One of them, who she thinks is their boss or leader, was very calm and just sat and watched the other ones act.Soon, they were done with what they had come to do and left the place. She quickly rushed over to her parents.“ Who are they? What did they come here to do? Why are you both kneeling and begging, and mum is even crying?” She asked one question after the other.“Did they see you? How long have you been here?” her dad asked as he got up from the ground.“ No, they didn't, so what happened?” She asked.''I am owing them. They are the loan sharks that I borrowed the money I used in investing in that online business last year and got duped'' Her Dad replied.“But Dad, how could you take such a risk? We are already in too much debt as it stands now. Why did you have to do this too and with these kinds of people?” She lamented.“They're the only ones that agreed to lend me the money, as every other person rejected me,” her Dad asked.“Fine, What about the file that you just put your fingerprint on? What is it all about?” She asked.“Since I didn't have anything commensurate with the loan which they can use as collateral, they made me sign a deal……..” Her father replied as he bent his head in shame.“And what is that deal?” She asked.“I'm sorry, Layla, but I can't tell you about it. It's my cross and as the head of the family, I should bear it” her father replied as tears started to rush out from his eyes.She kept on persuading him to tell her and even asked her mum, but she didn't know.It was only her dad who had signed the paper and knew what the deal was all about. She cried throughout that day together with her mum as the both of them imagined what kind of deal he had signed.The next day, as she was trekking to work, a car coming from behind splashed water on her and the driver didn't apologize. She watched as they stopped in the parking lot and the driver came down to open the door for the owner.She quickly walked up towards them. Furthermore, she hated it when all these big and rich men treated others like they were not humans and like ants. Her self-control and good conduct didn't reach to the extent of ignoring them when they display that kind of behavior.She was running late to work, but that will not make her leave this off. Her clothes were stained from the splashed water, and she had to clean them thoroughly.The time she got closer to them was precisely the time the owner of the car was stepping down from the car which his driver had opened, and She quickly blocked his path.'' And who are you?'' He asked, and just then two men came down from the car behind and stood at his sides. With two others that stood at his back. They were his bodyguards.“You just splashed water on me! Or will I say your driver did? Still, I deserve an apology from you both” She declared as he chuckled.She wouldn't fail to say that his smile was a killer, and not only his smile, everything about him was. Chiseled jawline, perfectly sculpted nose, Virile body, enticing cologne, broad shoulders, coiling black hair, flawless skin, Cherry lips, it was as if his chiseled body was molded by the gods themselves. She couldn't continue to look at him to avoid falling for him and forgetting what she had come to do.

Chapter 2

The owner, whose name is Xander, didn't even spare her another gaze as he beckoned on his guys to clear the way for him to pass, merely treating Layla like she was invisible.The guys dragged Layla out of the way and held her tightly amidst her struggles, and before she could know it, Xander walked through. And then they left her to quickly join him.“ Wow! Is that it? This was only because he is rich and has money?” Layla muttered to herself as she looked at their moving silhouette. She bites her fingers in agitation and refuses to stop because they stopped her. She looked around the whole area and once she saw no one minding her, she took out a painter from her purse. The color of the painter was black and that was nice as the man's car is white.She quickly used the painter to scribble 'Jerk' at the four corners of the car, after which she ran off to her work.How can he have all those looks an


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