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Selena And The Ruthless Billionaire

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MATURE CONTENTs present 🔞+ (Don't read if you can't Handle it) Selena Would go to any length to save her dying kid brother even if it means having a one night stand to raise the money. Her one night stand turned out to be who she never expected, the arrogant dude she had collide with in the restroom earlier on. ROBERT FIN was going to give her the money but on his own terms and that's being his tool of pleasure for two weeks. Despite how ridiculous the condition sounded, she was in. Anything to save her brother. Unknownest to Selena, Robert would be her worst nightmare. He was going to make her regret that very decision. But then How long will it take for Robert Fin to find out that Selena is the girl from his past, his long forgotten past. The girl who changed how he once viewed life.

Chapter 1

Inside a luxurious suite, the air felt like something out of a movie. The room was painted in pale lilac hues and the furniture was covered in silky, pastel colors. There were two doors leading to the bedroom and one leading to the bathroom, but they didn't appear to have been used recently. In the center of the room was an enormous white bed with matching nightstands, both filled with various perfumes and lotions, as well as a large mirror with black curtains behind it, blocking most of the natural light from being let inside. Several chairs had been pushed up against the side table and one of those chairs sat near the window, with the curtain drawn back to let some natural light into the room. Atop the other table was a small crystal ball and beside it was a tall wineglass, filled with clear liquid. It looked quite ordinary, no different than any other wine glass. It was, however, very expensive, costing over ten thousand dollars. It was owned by a man called “Zeus'' which could be translated roughly as “He who rules the world.”

Robert had his fingers crossed together in front of him while he sat there lazily staring at nothing at all. He looked like a king bored to earth with lines crossing over his brows and his eyes squeezing shut. His lips pursed in a thin line as he sighed for what seemed like the millionth time in the last hour. Suddenly, the door opened. An extremely beautiful woman walked in, wearing a red dress that stopped mid-thigh and a pair of leather slippers on her feet. Her short blonde hair flowed down her back and rested between her shoulder blades.

“You don't come into my suite uninvited, Helen," he remarked, closing his eyes.

The new arrival was taken by surprise, this is not the first time she is coming to Robert's suite unannounced yet he had never complained for one day. What happened today?

Is he bored again?"

She wondered in her mind but did not let her conflict reflect in her face.

"Darling, " she bent over, kissing him but he held up his hand stopping her from coming any closer to him.

"I can't remember asking you to come. Have we not agreed that you come in whenever I need you so what happened today?"

His voice sounded stern and cold, almost threatening and Helen shivered slightly before answering, her tone sounding much meeker now.

“Sorry for bothering you, dear.”

As much as she liked having Robert all to herself every once in a while, she would prefer it if she wasn't constantly treated like this.

"But it has never been a problem coming here unannounced,"

Her voice was low and resentful.

"That's because I was putting up with your excess. When you pledged to be my girlfriend, one of the rules is ``you come when I need you but here you are feeling so important that you failed to think with your head."

Helen stood up straight, clenching her fists and glaring at him.

"I am doing everything for you!"

She screamed, tears forming in the corner of her eyes. She tried to keep them at bay but they fell nonetheless.

"I had to make sure to love you in every possible way. What is wrong with you, Robert? Why can't you treat me with respect for once in your lifetime?"

"Because treating people with respect is boring."

Her tears continue to flow nonstop.

He spat out before turning around to look at her directly.

There was an awkward pause and a sigh from Helen.

"Really, Robert? I am so done with you."

With those words, she began walking towards the door.

Suddenly, Robert spoke up.

"Wait, please."

She abruptly stopped, and with a hammering heartbeat, she turned slowly and stared at him with expectations clearly written on her face.

"It's over between us. Take a walk and never come back."

Was Robert's last order before Helen was dragged out of the suite. She had not realized that the guards were waiting before the order was given.


Selena stood staring at her phone, she just got off a disheartening phone call and the sound of it is not good.

Her books were scattered on the floor of her small bedroom as her head rested in her hands. She looked around frantically to find the answer, but there was nowhere to go. There was nowhere for her to turn. The only way left was back.

"What am I gonna do?" she whispered into the empty apartment that echoed back.

She can't let her brother die. She needs to get the money as soon as possible. She has from now to tomorrow but where could she get $20k for her brother's surgery? It's just short notice so she's not really hoping for some help.

A knock sounded at her main door bringing her out of her thoughts.

She quickly dropped the phone and went to get the door.

Opening the door, she was relieved to find her best friend, Maria.

"Hey, Mar!"

She greeted, tiredly and stepped aside for her friend to come in.

Maria gave her a small smile before stepping inside.

After closing the door, Selena leaned against the wall next to her friend.

"I'm sorry I didn't make it in today," Selena apologized.

"It's alright, I just wanted you there anyway."

The two girls walked down to Selena's room, they had been spending a lot of time together over the last few months. They grew quite close, they knew each other since kindergarten and they always stuck together, even though they grew apart after high school.

Flapping herself on the bed, Maria examined her friend."You look pale, is anything the matter?"

She questioned.

Selena shook her head "no," her tone was too weak to hide what was really bothering her.

Maria shook her head, "I don't believe you. I have known you since we were little and I know when you have a problem so what is it?"

Selena sighed when she knew she wasn't going to hide the fact that she has a problem.

She would have gladly gone to her friend for help but her friend is as broke as her.

"It's Andrew, he needs surgery as soon as possible ," Selena stated bluntly.

Chapter 2

Maria's face immediately fell. She knew that it wasn't something that she could fix.

"Oh, my! I thought the doctor said he would not be needing the surgery soonest," Maria said helplessly.

"I thought so too not until I got a call from the hospital stating that he needs the surgery before the end of tomorrow or he will die. I am not sure how I will get $20k in just one day. I don't want my kid brother to die," Selena's voice cracked at the end of her statement. She heard a few tears in her eyes.

"This is not good. How are we going to get the money? I don't even have up to that amount and Jack would not listen to me."

"I just wished there was anything that could be done. I mean, anything. I will do it to get the money," Selena persisted hoping for a miracle.

A light bulb clicked on Maria's head and her eyes lit up but she was hesitant to let out what she thought might be the solution. I


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