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Seducing my Twin Sister's Husband

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Breaking rules had always come naturally to Yvette, the same as breaking someone's heart. She can easily make a man beg for her. She has all the freedom that she has, all thanks to her twin sister, Yvonne. So, on the day Yvette received a call about her twin’s accident, she found out that Yvonne’s husband and billionaire, Clyde Smith, had been cheating on her twin. She saw red. With her twin’s death comes a vow Yvette made to herself. She will get her revenge while pretending to be her twin. She will seduce him, make him desperately fall in love with her, and then break him like how he broke her twin sister. She'll get her revenge on Clyde and his mistress. Nobody can resist the alluring and seductive Yvette anyway. After all, she was sure she would never lose in this game she started because there was no way she would ever fall in love with her twin’s husband. Or so she thought…

Chapter 1

After months of working continuously without a break, finally, Yvette got the chance to have a vacation which will officially start tomorrow. So, as a celebration of her upcoming 3 months’ vacation and also as a small reward for herself, she opened a bottle of Bottega-Gold Prosecco champagne and immediately poured herself a glass.

“D*mn, that’s nice.”

She just came home from work but drinking champagne is what she immediately did instead of her usual routine of taking a half bath and changing clothes.

Grabbing the bottle of champagne in one hand and her glass, in the other hand, she went to her balcony. The cold breeze immediately made contact with her skin and that made her shiver a little. She lives in a condo unit and her room is on the 17th floor of the building. It was high up but the scenery that she can see from her balcony, especially during the night, makes her pricey monthly payment for the place worth it.

City lights. That’s what she sees every night.

Unlike her twin sister, Yvonne, who is such a huge fan of nature because she likes serene and peaceful places, Yvette, on the other hand, is the opposite. She likes the city more. Even though it can be messy or noisy, she doesn’t care. Because it’s in the city that she can feel that she’s alive and she can be herself without holding back.

She sat on one of the chairs on her balcony and elegantly took a sip from her glass of Bottega-Gold. It was a tiring day for her since she did a lot of work even at the last minute so she won’t have that much to worry about while she’s on vacation.

But when she thought that her night will be completely peaceful, her phone rang all of a sudden. She rolled her eyes heavenwards because of it.

“If this is anything work-related, I swear, I’ll beat the living sh*t out of this person,” She frustratingly mumbled to herself.

Fishing her phone from the pocket of her slitted pencil skirt, she glanced at her phone screen and saw her sister’s number. Her tensed shoulder dropped and she took a deep breath to calm herself.

Thank goodness, it was her sister.

With another ring, she didn’t waste her time answering the call already.

“Hey, Yvonne—” She was about to greet her sister cheerfully, but her words were cut off because instead of hearing her sister’s voice, she heard a different one.

“Hello, Ma’am, Sir, this is Isaac-Catalina Medical Center, Ma’am, may I ask if you’re related to Mrs Yvonne Smith?” The owner of the voice in the other line sounded like she was in a hurry and the fact that she mentioned her twin sister’s name, it made Yvette respond immediately.

“Yes, this is her sister—Wait, did something happen to her?!” She wasn’t able to control her voice because she was starting to get nervous too.

“She got into an accident and is currently in a critical condition…” Yvette didn’t even think twice and just immediately stood up from her seat, grabbed her car keys, and went out of her unit to go to the said hospital. She didn’t even hear the nurse’s voice clearly and understood her following words completely because she felt like her surrounding became mum.

Oh, God… Please keep her safe… Keep my sister safe.

The moment she arrived at the said hospital, she immediately went out of her car and rushed inside as her life depended on it. She went straight ahead to the reception area where some nurses were staying to find her sister.

“E-excuse me? W-where is Yvonne Smith?” Her hands were shaking as well as her voice. Her heart is beating erratically too like it wanted to go out of her chest.

A nurse quickly attended to her and find some information about her sister. And in a few seconds, the nurse told her that her sister is currently in the operating room.

Worry, anxiety, and fear. She felt all of those upon hearing the nurse’s words. Her eyes already started tearing up but she bit her lower lip to stop herself from sobbing completely.

No… she’ll be fine, Yvette. Your sister’s going to be fine. She tried to convince herself.

Minutes turned into hours and Yvette was still waiting for updates about her sister. She was walking back and forth in the waiting lounge of the hospital, uttering silent prayers and wishes even though she’s not the type of person who believes in those.

And after a series of waiting, a group of doctors went out of the operating room which made her attend to them immediately.

“Doc, how is my sister? Is she fine? She’ll be fine, right?” She asked without even letting the doctor in front of her speak.

The doctor in front of her sighed before speaking.

“The accident that she got into created huge damage to her body. She lost a lot of blood. Some bones in her arms and legs were deeply injured and some are even broken. During the operation she flat-lined but we tried our best and thankfully, we’re able to revive her,” The doctor stated.

“Now she’ll be sent to the ICU for further monitoring because she’s still in a critical condition,” He continued.

Yvette was lost for words. She knows that her sister is in critical condition but she can’t accept that fact.

“S-She’ll be fine, right? She’ll be o-okay, right, doc?”

“I’m sorry but I can’t give you a guaranteed answer for that, Ma’am. But we promise to help and take care of your sister with all of our abilities on the line. Just like you, we are hoping for the best. But I don’t want to give you false hopes too. So, I suggest preparing yourself for all the possibilities that might happen.”

Realizing the doctor’s last words, Yvette felt her knees weaken which made her knelt on the floor. The doctor was startled because of it so he tried to catch Yvette but he was just able to hold one of her arms.

No… No! She can’t let that happen! Her sister won’t die!

“Keep her alive, doc. Please… I’m begging you…” Never in her life that she begged someone or that she begged for something. But if her begging means saving her sister, then so be it.

“Until we can, we will.”

Chapter 2

It’s been two days and Yvonne was still in the same condition. And knowing that her sister is fighting for her dear life with just the help of numerous machines, Yvette can’t be at peace. She only slept for a few hours in those two days and she feels so restless. But she tried to ignore that because in her mind, her sister needs her and she needs to be prepared if she suddenly woke up from being unconscious.

During those times that she was waiting, she tried to keep herself mentally strong. But there are times that she fails to do that. Because how can she not when it was her sister who is suffering?

If there’s one person who can give her strength but also make her weak and vulnerable, it’s only Yvonne.

Not even their parents can make her this weak and vulnerable. Even when they died. Sure, she just teared up a little but that’s it. But, Yvonne… her twin is different.

Because she’s the only person who understands her and respects her for who she is in their f


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