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Royal wedding

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Clara, a beautiful girl with so many dreams and ambitions was forced to marry a guy who was supposed to be her brother in law. How can she accept this truth and move on in her life especially when she has no interest to get involve in this marriage or love. All she wanted is to get independant and leave her father. Alex on the other hand, neither believes in marriage not in love. For him, it's just a meeting where he is supposed to answer them with 'I do' and it will be over. That's what he thought. But will he be able to stay unaffected if that bundle of surprises crashes down in his life unexpectedly?. Poles apart but they are in same side when it comes to attitude. The story doesn't even begin here when Sandy Williams gets into the picture to spoil everything Alex is having today. And Clara is his first target. Rose Fernandez who was broken once completely by Sandy, is now at the edge when he came back to their life. A story of revenge which was filled with love. A story of love to have a beautiful revenge. Either way, they are destined for each other.

Chapter 1: Prologue

Billions of hearts would be crushing with the news of Alexandar getting married today. But he stood there with no excitement on his face. The arrangement and the setup remind him of something so dark. He gulped them deep inside so that he could forget them anytime soon."Elsa is not there" Ron Taylor trembled in fear when he broke the news to his wife who is also scared to death. "Boss, Madam Elsa is missing" Mac is always punctual when it comes to delivering a message. Even before her parents come to know about it, Mac discovered the news. Alex shifted his gaze to the Taylors who is aware that he came to know the situation.Alex passed a message to Mac to pass them on to Taylor. He can't let history repeat itself. If he is here, he won't return home empty-handed. His marriage would happen for sure as per his family's wish. For that, he can do anything."Boss asked me to deliver a message" Mac broke the news as Ron stiffened in his position. He knew that whatever he is going to tell is not something they would like. Would they back off from investing in their company? But what else would they expect? "Elsa is not the only daughter you have" Mac delivered the words as spoken by Alex. Of course, Ron can get the chillness behind the words. But can he ask his daughter to do this? He'll never. She will never listen to him. "Even I am not the only daughter you were left with" Mac widened his eyes at Clara's words. She can't be so evil to ask them to consider Alina, their younger daughter who is just 18 years old. Age is not a matter but how can she ask them to consider Alina when she is the elder among all? "You can save us. I have never asked you for anything" Ron Taylor spoke but Clara is nowhere to listen to his nonsense talks. Mac left the place as he knew that this girl would eventually accept the offer and come in a few minutes."If your drama is over, I shall leave the place" Clara took her purse but she was stopped by Elena, Grandmom of Elsa and Alina, and Mom of Clara's stepmom. "Be sure that you have nothing to lose before you deny helping your father" Elena's words were very sharp and scary. "Paxton!" Elena whispered near her ears as Clara's orbs enlarged immediately. They can't blackmail her like this. Isn't it? Clara stood there without asking any questions. She wanted to see what this old woman is up to. "He is just 10 years old. Just imagine what he will do when he comes to know about his birth secret?" Elena is one cruel woman for sure. Clara looked on stunned. She can't back off especially when it concerns Paxton. She promised her mom that she would take care of Paxton, her brother. After a silence of two long minutes, Clara composed herself. Though she had a very rough life with her father and others, she always maintained her dignity and elegance in everything. Her calm and composed nature resembles her mom and her sharp decisions were always accurate."I can't just wear this dress. Ask Jenny to deliver the top model's dress which I designed exclusively for the Global fashion show." Clara started removing her light makeup as her parents stood there shocked. What did Elena do in just five minutes?"I have to look good in my marriage, isn't it?" she asked again as both of them came out from the shock and nodded their head vigorously. Bella, her stepmom informed her assistant to deliver the dress quickly. She doesn't want Clara to change her mind."Do you take Alexandra Fernandez to your better half and willing to share your life with him?" Clara snapped opened her eyes hearing Priest's words. Should she say no and run away? She looked around and her hands started shaking. She didn't want to marry this person for sure. But can she bear the weight of denying this marriage?"Yes I do" She replied, knowing well that she can't say no to this."I declare you both as husband and wife" The priest announced them as husband and wife. Alex is known for his rudeness in business world and his cold behaviour is what makes him a hero.His soft nature is unknown to the world except of few in his family.Clara is like Cinderella in that tale. Did she meet the real prince charming? Both struggled a lot in their past. Will they help in healing each other or end up hurting each other?

Chapter 2: Cinderella in modern era

Clara's point of view:

Cinderella fiction is the favorite story of my childhood but had I ever thought I would be a Cinderella in the modern era? But the first half of the Cinderella tale is not ending in my life ever soon.

The only thing that discriminated me from Cinderella is I knew what I was doing and why I was enduring them. Also, we are super rich. I am thankful for that. I don't need to do all the household chores. But is it easy than what I am doing now? Living here with no self-respect is killing me every day.

"Sister, did grandma give you a punishment again?" Paxton asked, grabbing my hand. He is too mature for his age. One of the reasons to endure everything here is my brother.

"She can try forever. But I won't give her that satisfaction to break me" I kissed Paxton's forehead as he smiled shyly. He is too cute.

"Father loves you. Why don't you share these all with your father?" His ques


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