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Romantic Affair With The Young CEO

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We all have this question on our minds when we find ourselves tangled in love with someone. ”Will it lead to marriage?” ”Is this a test before my soulmate?” ”Is this my last relationship?” ”Will my Miss ever change?” .... But, it all started with T or D, The love and switch of feelings all started with a dare, She was given a dare to kiss her college young CEO. But fate has plans for her, making a total turn in LOVE, AFFECTION AND PATIENCE. FIND OUT MORE IN THE STORY.... Why don't seat back with your legs crossed and enjoy the ride with me.

Chapter 1

Contracted Story, Don't Plagiarize it.

Now Enjoy; [The Game]

As they say on the wooden bench. Zoey leaned on the bench respectfully. The sun shines brightly on their creamy skin.

Zoey and her friends Jemma Hattie and Jenna Hattie decided to sit in the garden. They wanted to use their leisure time to read books and go more in detail on their antithesis also known as thesis in short. They got bored and decided to play truth or dare.

"It's your turn Zoey" Jemma said. She clapped her hands with the mouth of a small plastic bottle. Excitement could be seen well written on her face.

"A Dare of course, I love to choose a dare darling" Zoey chuckled and had her leg crossed.

Jemma and Jenna looked at each other and exchanged stares. Which made her wonder what was going on between the two. Not quite after she made a thought, the two chuckled and released a mischievous smile at the corner of their lips.

"Before the game, we had already agreed that if any one of us didn't say the truth or failed to do the dare we would pay 1000 dollars, right!!" Jenna asked. As she scratches her neck. Zoey scoffed and rolled her eyes...

"We all know Jenna, so why bring that up again." Zoey scoffed. The only thing Jenna could do is to laugh hermetically and smile at her twin sister.

"I know something is fishing," Zoey thought, looking at the twins.

"Seriously, like seriously. Aren't you guys tired of pulling this show? Why are you guys delaying it, just tell the dare" she yelled and glanced at her wristwatch and it happened to be two in the afternoon.

"Do you guys remember that we have a class in the next two hours? So just hurry up" she rushed her words.

"I'm excited" Jemma smiled at Zoey. Zoey rolled her eyes and glared at Jenna.

"Here Zoey, we dare you to. She paused and looked at her twin sister who couldn't hold her laughter but turned her eyes away. Sincerely, Zoey was getting frustrated with the whole truth or dare game.

"I dare you to kiss the popular Landon. --- she paused, trying to study her reaction. " I dare you to kiss our school egocentric prince" she winked..

For seconds Zoey was speechless. With a heavy frown on her face, she decided to speak up.

"What rubbish is this, like seriously. What are you guys trying to say? `` she snapped.

"I dare you to kiss our school egocentric prince" Jenna repeated which made Zoey to stand up quickly. She started complaining.

"There's no way I will do that, who does that, sincerely put, it's really disgusting" she gasped loudly.

Of course, they grinned and stretched out their hands...

"If you can't do the dare then pay us." They said at the same time. She arched her left brows.

"Where did you guys think I would get that from? 1000 dollars. That's f*ck*ng huge" she yelled loudly.

Jenna smirked..

"Then do the dare, Besides, it's just a kiss. You can kiss him on the cheek if you want" she suggested.

Zoey let out a sarcastic laughter..

"Do you think it's that easy? My first kiss will be a waste, not even on someone respectfully recognized in a classical way and responsible but egocentric in nature. That egocentric prince..

"I can't do it. I have been studying in this school for years--

"Same with us, we have been studying in this school for years, so in short, you aren't alone ??" Jenna scoffed. .

"Did you know that rumors say it all? All the rumors on how devilish the guy is. And now, you both are telling me to f*cking kiss him of all people" Zoey let out her anger.

"That's impossible" she shook her head..

"It's impossible, just change the dare" she suggested.

"Come on Zoey, don't be such a killjoy. It's just a kiss, it's just a dare" Jenna said with a pout.

Zoey frowned deeply..

"You both planned this, right!!" You know I always choose to dare.. Sincerely speaking, it's not fair, it's not fair at all. Not the first time we played this game, for almost how many years we have been together in college. I know you guys have already memorized how I played it. Not only remember or memorize but know I will choose a dare " Zoey muttered angrily. Jemma and Jenna exchange glances and smiles.

Their smile was getting on her nerves and she really hated it.

"You guys are making fun of me. Do you think that's funny" she yelled loudly.

"Not at all," they denied.

"Did she agree to the dare condition?" Cali asked as she sat on the wooden bench with her hangout on her arm.

"You too," Zoey exclaimed, staring at Cali.

"What have I got myself into?" she mumbled below her breath.


Chapter 2

Contracted Story, Don't Plagiarize.

Now Enjoy; [Dare The Devil]

"Sorry babe. " Cali chuckled. Zoey really felt like strangling their necks.

"Do you guys even love me ?? " She asked and they nodded positively..

"Then why give me a hard task. " She pouted and leaned on the wooden bench.

Cali signed deeply,

"If you know you can't do it then pay us. " Cali suggested.

"The three of you know how much I don't have money with me. When was the last time I held a hundred dollars? " Zoey muttered, trying her best to fight back her tears.

All of the sudden her friends looked scared.

"That's a great shot. " she thought..

"We just want you to know how to kiss someone. We all have a boyfriend but you haven't. " Jenna pouted with a worried face.

"We are at the highest grade--

"Making out with your boyfriend. '


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