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Revenge or Love (falling in love with her)

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Eric inhaled the downy softness, bringing his hands up along her hips, at her waist and upward along her ribs to the front of her blouse, over her breasts. Katrina moaned softly in approval, cupping her hands in his as he undid the buttons on her blouse. Her breasts came spilling into his hands after he unhooked her bra. He filled his palm with her breasts. "God! I want you Kat" he said with a voice laced with deep passion. Katrina Argos aged twenty,set out to take her revenge on Eric Salmadiego, the guy who almost ruined her sister's life. Eric Salmadiego aged twenty four was a well known arrogant and popular billionaire. Not only was he arrogant, he was a full time playboy. To achieve her mission, Katrina moved into Eric's house as a live-in maid. The both of them started on a rough note, but as time went by they fell in love with each other. Now Katrina was stuck with Revenge or Love? Which did she choose? How did she change him from a playboy to a great lover? What's going to be Eric's reaction when he finds out that Katrina was on a revenge mission? Find out in this interesting and captivating story.

Chapter 1- Katrina

The yellow cab sped along the streets of San Francisco, California. Katrina sat back on the seat resting her head and watching the beautiful scenes as the cab sped along.

California is such a beautiful place. There were no beautiful sights like this in sweetgrass. She let her thoughts wander and her sister came into her thoughts.

She wondered if she was doing the right thing, carrying out this Revenge mission without letting her sister know. Of course, her sister wouldn't have allowed her to go on with it if she had told her.

"Where do you say you're going Ma'am?" the driver asked for the third time and Katrina wondered if he had a short term memory.

She brought out a paper that has the address and gave it to him. She was tired of repeating the same thing.

"Oh, we're almost there," he said, flashing her a smile.

"I wonder what you're going to do in the house of that arrogant billionaire," he said, trying to start a conversation.

Katrina wanted to ask him how he got to know Eric, but then she remembered he's really Popular.

"Let me know when you get to his house," she said. This was the first time she spoke since she entered the cab.

The driver nodded and everywhere was silent again.

"We're here" the driver announced a few minutes later, stopping in front of a very mighty house.

"Oh, really??" Katrina asked and peeped out of the cab's window.

"Wow" she exclaimed. The driver chuckled.

"Here is your money,"Katrina said, giving him his pay. She came down from the cab carrying her big box with her. The driver drove off leaving her standing alone in front of the mighty house.

Summoning courage, she knocked on the gate. The gate was opened almost immediately by a young good looking man. He sized her and her box with his eyes.

"Good afternoon" he greeted.

"Good afternoon. I'm Katrina Argos, the new live-in maid" Katrina replied with a polite smile.

"I guessed as much. Saw the box already. Come on in" the young man said and opened the gate wide for her to come in.

She walked into the compound and stopped unconsciously. This was Paradise on Earth. How could a house be this beautiful? So amazing and heavenly?? The young man's chuckles brought her to her senses and made her realize she wasn't alone.

"You're??"she asked.

"Alvin. I'm the gatekeeper" he replied.

"Ooh, nice. My pleasure meeting you" she said, bringing out her hands for a handshake. He took her hand.

"Let me show you your room" he said and led the way to the big house. Katrina followed quietly.

He unlocked the door and they entered the main house. Katrina was overwhelmed by the beauty of the house. Every single thing in this house screams moneyyyyyyy!! The furniture was top notch, the tiles were astonishing, the curtains, carvings on the wall, and some excellent drawings made the house look so beautiful.

She saw the stairs leading to so many rooms upstairs.

"Your room is up there," Alvin said and started climbing the stairs.

"And boss? Where is he?" Katrina asked.

"Still at work, yet to be back" he replied.

"What time does he come back??" she asked.

"No specific time," he replied.

"Here we are," he said and stopped in front of a door.

He opened it and we went in.

"This is your room," he said.

"Oh my! This is beautiful" Katrina said and bit her tongue to stop her from screaming and jumping in the presence of this stranger.

"I'll leave you to change. Welcome and feel at home" he said and with that he left the room.

Katrina took this opportunity to jump and scream. Her room looks so beautiful, the walls were painted pink, the floors were tiled. A big mirror stood beside the dressing table. An enormous wardrobe was mounted at one corner of the room.

She ran to the bathroom to check it out and wasn't disappointed one bit. She came back to her bed and bounced on it, it was so soft and comfy. From her bed, she could see the shining stars at night, the rising sun and the beautiful sight of the pool.

"Woah!" She exclaimed. "I'm living in a palace"

The only difference was only that she wasn't the princess, she had no one to serve her rather she was the one doing the serving and all. She sighed.

Katrina searched her box for more comfortable clothes and changed into it. After changing, she began unpacking her stuff and arranging them in the right places. When she was done, the room looked homely with her belongings.

"This is now my room, my own room!" she said, beaming with smiles.


Katrina had just dozed off when she heard the blaring of car horns. She peeped from her window but couldn't see the outer part of the house.

She came out of her room and descended down the stairs. She was just in time to see Eric walking into the house and almost bumped into him.

"Sorry sir" she said.

"So clumsy" he replied.

"She's??" he asked Alvin who was holding his briefcase.

"Katrina Argos, your new maid" Katrina replied instead.

"Oh, I see" he said and eyed her from head to toe.

Katrina took the chance to study him too. He was drop dead gorgeous, strikingly handsome with manly charms. No wonder ladies throw themselves at him. No wonder he was able to win her sister's heart, and it's a rare occasion because her sister is stone hearted.

"I'm tired right now so I don't have the strength to discuss anything with you right now. But there are some certain rules governing this house that you should know, but I'll tell you that later" Eric said.

Katrina was so busy staring at his lips that she really didn't get the full information.

"Don't stand there staring. There are lots of work and cleaning to be done, if you think you are less busy and agile enough,you could go about fixing some things instead of staring" he said and Katrina came back to her senses.

"I'm sorry sir" she apologized.

"Alvin, bring my briefcase along" he said and climbed up the stairs walking away from Katrina. Alvin followed him.

Alvin came down minutes later and left for his duty post. Katrina looked around the house and saw that it wasn't really neat. How come she didn't notice it before??

She was about to go upstairs to her room but stopped on seeing her boss descend the stairs. He stopped halfway and threw something to her face. Katrina held it up and saw it was a female pant.

"What the hell??" she screamed.

Chapter 2- Her mean boss

"What the hell??" she screamed.

"Dispose it" he said and made to leave but Katrina stopped him.

"Excuse me Sir. What you just did is very wrong. I mean, who throws pants to someone's face?" she asked, anger creeping in on her.

"Wait what? You're lecturing me now?" her boss asked.

"No Sir. But you should have called me to come and dispose of it in a more proper way" she said, giving him a stubborn look.

"Oh, wow" he said and gave a short laugh.

"Telling me what to do now huh??" he asked.

"No, but..."

"But nothing. This is my house and I'll do or say anything I like, do you hear me?" he asked harshly.

"Excuse me Sir" Katrina started but was interrupted by her boss.

"I won't say much on that. If you're not okay with it, you pack your things and leave my house" he said.

She would ha


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