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Jessy May

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About me

Hello, lovely readers.😍 I'm Author Jessy May, a passionate writer. I love reading and writing books. If you're a fan of passionate love romance, mafia books, billionaire romance, high school romance, then you're at the right place.🤍 And yeah, I'm writing my first ever werewolf book, titled; My human mate (Alpha Anastasios) please do well to read and leave a comment. Love y'all my fans and readers.❤️


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  • Author: Jessy May
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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I wanted to walk away when Michael pulled me back angrily, brought his nose closer to my neck and sniffed me. Then he growled angrily, a growl that scared me. “I can perceive the smell of a man on your body. You let another man touch you??” He asked angrily. “No other man has the right to touch you. You're my property, mine and mine alone! You belong to me!” He declared and sealed his declaration with a fiery kiss. ****** Michael Kendrick, is a strong and powerful alpha who fled his Moon Shine pack and concealed his identity after a tragic incident. Things were going well for him in the new country he fled to till he met his Human mate, Anna. Annastatia James, she's his greatest obsession, greatest nightmare and his greatest fear. A young and beautiful woman trying to change the life he's created for himself and it scared him. The two crossed paths when Annastatia James, a professional nurse quit being a nurse after she lost her husband and son in a car accident because she felt guilty of not being able to save them. Then she applied for the post of a personal assistant in the popular Michael Kendrick's company and was granted the position. Michael Kendrick, became Anna's peace and at the same time her greatest terror. The only man who brought so much joy to her heart, and so much pain too. Her happiness and her sorrow, a man she's greatly in love with but unfortunately he doesn't feel the same way for her. But what she didn't know was that Michael was hiding a big secret from her! The fact that he's a powerful and strong WEREWOLF!!! How did Anna react when she found out that the man she's madly in love with is a werewolf?? How did she find out that he's a werewolf?? Did she stop loving him or did she continue after she found out his real identity?? Find out in this beautiful and interesting story. You wouldn't want to miss out on this!!


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