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Return of the Cheated Wife

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"I will never love you, Celeste!" "Why, Logan? Why? Am I not enough? What did I do wrong?" Celeste asked him, crying. "Because your father killed my father! I will get all that your family took us!" Celeste Buenaventura, or Celestine Montiano, is Twenty-three years old. Daughter of the owner of Buenaventura groups and Company. A kind and a good wife. She married Logan Morales through an arranged marriage. She thought she would be happy because she married the man of her dream, but it was the start of her suffering after the death of her parents. But all Logan knew was a lie, and he regretted everything he did. After six years, Celeste or known as Celestine Montiano, came back to get revenge on her ex-husband. But, when she arrived, Al the lies, and misunderstandings were solved. Is there any second-hand between Logan and Celeste, or is there someone who ruind their love?

Chapter 1

"You may now kiss the bride!" declared the priest.

Logan was watching his wedding to Celeste six years ago. He was sorry for everything he had done to her, and now he craved her touch and affection.

When Vincent, Logan's right hand, entered his office, he closed his laptop. "Is there any problem, Vincent?" he inquired, looking at him.

"The one sent by JM Fashion will arrive later at five o'clock in the afternoon, sir Logan," Vincent stated.

Logan looked the clock in his office. It was just after three o'clock in the afternoon, so he still had more than an hour until the JM Fashion designer arrived.

For three years, JM Fashion has been the fashion industry's top in Europe. It is merely one branch of the Morgan Group of Companies, which is one of Europe's biggest corporations.

All of their clothing designs have been well received by many European races, including the Italians and the French.

" Have you gotten any information on who they are sending, Vincent?" Logan inquired of Vincent.

It had been almost a year since they approached the Morgan Group of Companies about merging Buenaventura and Morgan, but they just answered and consented two months ago. Since then, it has been revealed who Morgan will send to serve as their envoy in the country.

"Just a moment, sir, and I'll get the folder."

Vincent headed out to obtain the information he had gathered about the Morgan Group of Companies representative. When he received it, he immediately returned to Logan's office to inform him of what he had discovered.

"Her name is Celestine Montiano, and she is thirty years old," Vincent stated first.

Logan gazed at Vincent and listened to what else he had learned about the girl.

"A country designer from a small town." Angelo's inquiry revealed that her parents perished in a car accident when she was twenty-four years old. "She was the only one who survived the accident, and Morgan hired her to work as a Fashion Designer in their company," he said.

Logan was taken aback by what he discovered.

"Do you happen to have a picture of her?" Logan inquired.

Vincent approached Logan and handed him the girl's photo. He took it and examined it.

The girl in the shot was stunning. She had a beautiful smile, full lips, and porcelain skin. Logan came to a halt when he noticed her eyes, which reminded him of his wife, who died six years ago.

Logan returned the photograph to Vincent.

"Pick her up and take her to her place of stay while he's in the country," Logan said to Vincent.

"Not a problem, sir."

He maintained his task when Vincent left.

The Buenaventura Group of Companies has grown in popularity not only in this area, but throughout the country, in just six years.

Logan's and the company's lives have changed dramatically in the last six years. Logan's Buenaventura Groups of Companies made an arrangement with Jessica Alcantara's family's Beta Groups of Companies. Buenaventura has risen from the top 20 to join the top 6 most successful companies in the country as a result of this merger.

A woman entered as Logan was preoccupied with his work. She was dressed in a red gown that covered her lovely physique, and she was beaming like a pageant contestant.

"Dad!" yelled a five-year-old boy.

When Logan spoke, the youngster stopped running towards him.

"Don't come anywhere near here, Jude!"

Jessica approached the youngster and warned, "Don't go near your Daddy, Jude, or you might mess up his work," she remarked.

Because of what his mother stated, the child simply frowned.

"But, Mom..." he was about to start, but couldn't finish.

"Just spend time bonding with Daddy at home, Jude," he said.

The boy simply groaned and strolled over to Logan's office sofa.

"What are you doing here?" Logan asked Jessica. Logan inquired.

"Why? Is it unlawful for me to pay a visit to my darling husband?" Jessica responded.

Logan simply sighed in response to Jessica's response.

"I'm at work, Jessica. Morgan's representative designer is coming this afternoon, so I need to finish everything," Logan reasoned with her.

"Is that so? I thought the three of us could go for a walk today," Jessica said, her voice mournful.

Logan turned to face Jessica.

"You know what's going on, don't you, Jessica?" Logan inquired.

Jessica bowed as a result of what he said.

"I know," she said faintly and quickly.

"You two should just go home. When I'm done with this, I'll go home as well," Logan told Jessica.

Jessica simply held her breath in response to Logan's words. She exited Logan's office, approaching her son.

The jet from Barcelona, Spain, had landed at five o'clock in the afternoon. The passengers disembarked and exited the plane.

"Remain by my side, Roma. Don't leave me," a woman told her five-year-old son.

The mother and boy exited the airport together after having their passports checked and their luggage checked. When they emerged, the woman recognized her friend.

She smiled at her and approached the standing woman, who was looking around for someone.

When they lost sight of the woman, she called her, and her face showed her surprise.

"Celeste? Is that you?" the woman in front of her inquired, surprised.

She rolled her eyes at her since the woman addressed her by her given name. "Perhaps you're forgetting that I'm no longer Celeste, Jade?" she said to her friend. "I'm Celestine Montiano now!" she said quietly to her companion.

"I'm sorry, but I forgot." she apologized.

"You just changed your face, and to be honest, you look better now," jade stated.

"I need to change, Jade." You see why, don't you?" She responded to Jade.

Jade simply sighed.

"Because of your demonic ex-husband!"

"Let's not get into that, Jade. Roma and I are exhausted."

Jade gazed at the cute boy next to her companion because of what she said.

"Is he Roma?" she asked, bowing. "Celeste, this is a charming boy!" she exclaimed.

Jade couldn't help but smile. She knelt down and stopped Roma's face, causing the boy to grimace.

"Mom, is she a monster!?" Roma inquired, irritably.

"A monster, really? "Is this your son, Celeste?" Jade enquired.

Celestine turned to Jade and said, "Celestine, Jade! "My name is Celestine!" she exclaimed to her companion.

" Yes! Sorry. It won't happen again, but he appears to..." When Celestine spoke, she didn't complete what she was saying.

"Come on, Jade!"

Jade simply sighed. She knew she didn't want to hear her ex-husband's name, but she also knew she couldn't avoid hearing it now that she was in the country.

Jade assisted them with their stuff. A man abruptly stopped them as they were going.

"Miss Celestine Montiano?" inquired the man.

Celestine took a peek at the man.

"My name is Vincent Marquez, and I work for the Buenaventura Group of Companies." "While you are in the country, Sir Logan would like to send you to your place of residence," he stated.

Because of what he said, Jade and Celestine exchanged glances.

Celestine gave Vincent a friendly grin.

"You don't have to bother, but thank you." "The Morgan has given my son and me a place to live," she said.

"But... " he didn't complete what he was about to say when Celestine spoke up again.

"Tell Mr. Logan to thank you for the offer," Celestine said as they began walking toward a car in which she and his son, Roma, would live.

Celestine stared out the window during the voyage.

Her hometown has also changed dramatically. There were more buildings, and the traffic made the road noisier.

"Are you ready to face your ex-husband, Celestine?" Jade abruptly inquired of Celestine.

"I've been ready for a long time!" she replied.

Jade turned to face her. Her transformation was palpable. She went from being a compassionate friend and wife to being bold since she knew Celestine had planned for her return.

Jade simply sighed and remained silent throughout the flight.

When they arrived at their destination, a condo, Celestine and Roma immediately relaxed while Jade prepared their dinner.

Celestine sat on the bed next her son.

Logan will see them again on Monday, his ex-husband who wanted to kill her six years ago!

Chapter 2

" Today is Saturday, Logan! Can't you postpone your work first?" Jessica asked Logan.

"I need to finish them, so I'm ready for Monday," Logan replied to Jessica.

Jessica held her breath because of what Logan said. Jessica looked at the boy beside her. She frowned as she looked at Logan.

" Even for Jude, Logan. Is it really not possible? " Jessica asked Logan.

Logan stopped what he was doing. He looked at Jude. He saw the boy's face frowning as he looked at him. The child's eyes were pleading.

Logan closed his eyes because of what he saw. He knew he couldn't deny his son but what he was doing was important.

"I'll just finish what I'm doing, and tomorrow, we'll go out," Logan said.

Jude's face brightened because of what Logan said.

"Promise, Daddy?" he asked Logan.

He didn't answer the boy and continued what he was doing.



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