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Reincarnation of a Hidden Jewel

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She never imagined her life would end because of a poisoned 30ml of jelly, but this was not the end of her life, but the beginning of a new one. M awoke in the body of an abandoned child who had been despised by everyone and had a criminal record, having been given a new life and a second chance in life. M was blessed and binds herself to a Tycoon System that will take her to a higher level, allowing her to accomplish things she couldn't in her previous life. M will go to any length to pursue her romantic interests, her family, and to become the best of the best.


Her head was hurting so bad that all she wanted to do was scream out loud but she found out that her voice wasn’t coming out. What was happening to her?

She looked at herself and shock took over her. What had really happened to her? Wasn’t she supposed to be dead now? M looked at herself and she couldn’t help but laugh out loud when she realized that she was still alive. This time she could hear her hoarse voice and that was better than being dead right.

M lifted herself from the coarse bed with all the strength that this current body had. She pinched herself multiple times as she made her way to the bathroom where she looked at herself at the mirror.

She was currently in a body of a young girl who looked to be around seventeen and she looked malnourished.

“Hahahahahahaha, it seems God really exists and this old lady had been given another chance to live,” M laughed happily as she looked at herself in the mirror.

Her happiness however didn’t last long as she was hit by a wave of strange memories that made her shriek with so much pain that she fell on the floor and began to writhe with pain as she rolled all over.

This torment lasted her an hour and when it was done, she was filled with so many emotions and she didn’t know how to react.

The original host of the body she had been stash into was named Krystal Everett and she was nineteen years old. Her life was truly more pitiful than hers in her previous life.

Krystal was abandoned by her parents when she was just one month old, she was adopted by her mother’s cousin Portia Everett who couldn’t have children.

Portia raised her well and gave her all the love that a child could ever asked for. Portia spoiled her a lot and that was something she was grateful for.

Krystal didn’t know about her birth parents or the fact that she was adopted until Portia fell sick to the extent that there was no way back for her. She was fifteen at that time when Portia passed away and she had to go and live with her biological parents who had given birth to two more children.

Krystal was really affected by that because she saw how her parents loved her younger siblings and yet when it comes to her, they just brushed her away.

Because the young girl wanted recognition from them, she worked so hard so that one day she could hear her biological parents praise her but that never came even after toiling so hard at school. She didn’t even ask for a lot of allowance or for luxurious clothes and yet they never bothered to buy her some.

She got used to it even though the pain was a lot for her. When the young girl was seventeen an awful accident occurred which made the young lady of a certain noble family end hospitalized. Because of this accident, Krystal was sent to juvenile where she served two years.

Her family didn’t fight the sentence or try to settle the issue. Krystal life in juvenile was so hard and painful but she kept on being strong hoping to reach the day where she can see her family once more.

What the young lady never expected was for her to return and find out that her family had discarded her. They didn’t want to live with someone who had a record. They never believed her and at the time that she need them the most, her mother threw her out of the house with nothing but a satchel with just a few clothes.

They didn’t even give her any money to spend. She was so desperate that she ended up selling some jewelry that Portia had left behind. If she didn’t hide them before, she would have lost them when she first arrived at the house to her younger sister who wanted everything that she had.

The money sold from those piece of jewelry made her last for three weeks but after that she was struggling again. She couldn’t even get a part time job, she seemed to have been blacklisted and she was on the verge of starving.

So Krystal decided to try just one more time and visited her mother to ask for some money. Little did she know that she will be humiliated and thrown out once again? To think that her own mother could laugh while she watched those guards hit her in the stomach till she coughed blood without making them stop, she knew at that point that her life had really reached an end.

She couldn’t sell herself, her foster mother had taught her well. Since the world wasn’t accepting her, Krystal chose one ending and that was to commit suicide.

Krystal swallowed all various types of pills she could get her hands on and that led to her demise.

M luckily ended up in the body of the former Krystal and now she became her. This was hilarious and what she wanted to do was to skin some people alive but when she looked at her body she couldn’t help but sigh.

This body was too weak that even climbing twenty stairs will be a struggle.

“Since I have taken over your body then I will make sure that family of yours will regret treating you the way they did. I will make both men and women bow to you,” M promised the former host. Since she had taken over the body then she was going to live well.

After organizing the memories of Krystal, M returned to the small bedroom and sat down on the single bed. This was surely going to be troublesome, M lamented.

M was going to be called Krystal Everett from now on since she had taken the body of the former host.

Krystal began to think of her own miserable life, she couldn’t help but laugh when she thought of how she was given a second chance on life. Those bastards must be celebrating that she was dead but how will they react if they were to know that she was alive and kicking?

This was probably a good thing for her, with this new body she could now live an ordinary life she had always dreamt of when she was young. With this body perhaps she could get a chance to see her brother and his family closely.

She couldn’t do that in her previous life because of the life she lived but now, she was just an ordinary girl who had been abandoned by the world but the difference with the current her and previous her was the fact that she didn’t have to worry about taking care of another human being except herself.

Setting aside the problematic things, her stomach rumbled and she frowned. From the memories she retrieved from the former host, she only had around E$1000 which was only enough to pay for an extra day at the motel and two more meals.

Thinking of this she felt very frustrated but who was she? She smiled when she thought of all the money she had stashed away before she got imprisoned in her previous life. She still had a way to survive.

“Hahahahahahaha, this is so good,” Krystal laughed as she rolled on the single bed happily.


Krystal suddenly heard a sound in her head and she stopped rolling as many thoughts ran in her head. Was she being delusional now?

System Operation Active ……Loading Data





Krystal wanted to laugh so badly but this wasn’t funny at all. What were all the voices sounding in her head?

“Who are you? Come out!” Krystal called out the empty room. She was not in the mood of any jokes since she was so hungry and weak at the moment.

She didn’t receive any answer but what happened next freaked the hell out of her. She found herself standing in a place that looked like a mall but it wasn’t the same as the malls she was used to seeing.

The air and even the whole environment felt very different. When she was busy looking at the different stores facing her, a book fell right in front of her and she picked it up.

Krystal opened the book and began to read it. She spent an hour reading the book and she got to learn a


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