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The bloody assassin who is out for revenge. She was fire and lethal; both that burned his knowledge and intelligence. Maybe, Jace, the multi-billionaire didn't know that Lilliana Rollins, the lady he had a one-night stand affair with would come knocking at his door with a child who was his carbon copy. But he did know what he would have to deal with the moment she stepped into his home looking all innocent yet dangerous. Lilliana has only one goal; to ruin the life of the man who had murdered her parents in cold blood and she would stop at nothing to achieve this. Would she be able to get through this without love taking the course? Or has she gotten it all wrong?


Jace was bitter as he ambled through the sea of smokers, gaze hooded and steps heavy. His heart was heavy as well and he hadn't felt this way in a long time. Heck, he didn't even think he was ever going to feel this way again but here he was.

Fate was playing a dangerous game with him.

First, it was his older brother, and now his wife.  He should be f*ck*ng dead and not them. He should be the one six feet under but here he was.

Anger pumped up his veins as he stepped into the dimly lighted room. For a moment, he thought about taking the bull by the horn and getting out of the club to hunt down those men himself. But he thought against it.

His men had taken up the task and they would find those assholes and bring them to him. He could live with that. Occupying one of the empty stools in front of the bar, he stated his order to the barman. He couldn't tell if the barista recognized who he was but the rate at which he quickly got his order and bowed countless times to him hinted at the possibility.

He picked up the glass, ice cubes dancing around in it as he requested. He loved to see the cube meltdown. It reminded him of something precious. He took a long swig of the cup, his eyes darting around the lively club. The area he was in was exclusive and free from the jazz and screams of the commoners.

It was the perfect place for him to think. Still, he decided against it and climbed down the stool. He took out his wallet and passed the bill to the barista, adding extra. He could have as well emptied his purse since he wasn't fully conscious of his actions.

He grabbed the bottle of whisky and glass before making his way over to the other side of the clubhouse. Where did all the noise come from? He would rather watch some crazy people have fun than watch stripers dance. He got himself a table which he occupied, slowly sipping his drink and drowning in the music.

He was halfway through the bottle when a peal of boisterous laughter caught his attention. A peal of laughter that had managed to rise above all the noise and music being played. Rolling up the sleeves of his flannel shirt, he turned and his gaze immediately landed on a brunette. 

She was on the dance floor, laughing her *ss out with a lady who looked like her friend. His mouth hung open in awe as he watched her move her body slickly, so perfectly like she was made for the show. She commanded attention without even knowing. He couldn't look away; awe-struck!

She hadn't noticed him. She hadn't noticed anyone. She was just so focused on killing the song with her killer moves and magnetic energy. Suddenly, she flipped the tip of her waist-length hair over her neck and turned. He gulped just as her eyes met his.

Jace's heart skipped a million beats.

She didn't look away like he expected her to. Instead, her lips parted slowly like she was stunned and then there was a shimmer of surprise in her amber eyes which shone with sexiness. She started to move her body again as she turned her body from him. If she didn't know that someone was watching her before, she did now. And she seemed to have increased her pace.

Occasionally, she would look over his shoulder like she was sure he was still watching and her gaze would linger on him. Pouting her lips and sending him winks. When she made her way over to him after the dance, Jace wasn't surprised.

“Hey, stranger.” She twirled a strand of her brown long hair in her hands, her body dripping with sexiness as she purred at him.

“Wanna dance?” She leaned over the table, her eyes beseeching him.

“My wife just died, ” Jace didn't know why he told her that but he felt the need to. The s*xy and attractive woman in front of him however didn't bat an eyelid. Not even a flicker of emotion passed through her eyes.

“Want me to tell you a secret?” She asked as she crouched low in front of him so they were eye to eye as he was still sitting. “I lost my parents a while back. This was how I mourned them.” Then, she was leaning even closer and planted a kiss on his cheeks.

When she pulled back, she adjusted her black body con dress with a shy smile Jace didn't think she was capable of. “I will be on the dance floor, ” she winked, and then she was sauntering off to meet her friend who was laughing about something. Jace watched her as he felt a need rise in him. His body still tingled from her words and kisses.

He thought about ignoring her and getting the hell out of the clubhouse but he knew he wouldn't be able to go through with it. She had held him spellbound with her seductive spells. This was why he didn't think when he flounced out of his seat to the dance floor where he pulled her to him with an air of possessiveness.

She giggled as she leaned into him like she knew he was going to come. “Wanna get the hell out of here?” she whispered to him.

“Hell, yeah!” Jace's reply was something like a groan and a moan since she rocked against him. He didn't even think again before he whisked her away with him from the crowd. 

That night, desires and passions were set ablaze as they spent pleasurable moments with each other, burning in each other's comfort. When after moments, Jace lay awake on the bed while the brunette snuggled against him, he knew that this was one night he was never going to forget. The woman that lay beside him was one beauty he was never going to forget.

Maybe if Jace knew the plans fate had for him, he would have never let her go that fateful night.

Chapter 1

°Lilliana Rollins°

I strapped the pistol with the belt to the skin of the legs. Having successfully done that, I pulled down my baggy jeans to cover up that part and beyond. Rising, I dusted the white button-down blouse I had tucked into the high-waist pants. I never went anywhere without my pistol.

I grabbed my black bag and adjusted my wig. Taking a stroll toward my mirror, I took a long look at myself and decided that the wig wouldn't do. I shouldn't even be wearing a wig if it wasn't for a mission. So, I pulled off the wig and allowed my brown full-strand hair to fall down my back, down to my waist area. I was always cutting the hair but it was always growing back. I wasn't going to cut it anymore.

I grabbed a comb from my dresser and ran it through the messy strands. Once I was okay with how it looked, I dabbed it with oil to make it shine in the sun when I walked. Satisfied, I left it to cascade down my back like that before I pulled up my


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