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"I am excited to tell you that you are three weeks gone." The doctor revealed, with a smile on his face. Kaylin was shocked to hear the doctor's report. She couldn't believe that she was pregnant for a man she knew nothing about. Kaylin was a college drop out because she doesn't earn enough and things rarely go her way. However, her fate changed when her friend introduced her to work at a bar, where she met Richard Neon, a billionaire, whom she had a one night stand with because they were both drunk. Richard would only accept her and the baby if she gives birth to a baby boy. What would become of her as the gender of her baby is uncertain? Will she finally be able to change her fate, with the billionaire? We can only find out when we read the story.

Chapter 1; LOST HOPE


“Hey Kelsie, can you come over to the street where I work?” I said, sounding dejected.

“Sure, Kaylin. I'll be there in the next fifteen minutes.” Kelsie replied.

I had been fired from work that night, and I had no more strength in me to keep going in life. I went through a lot to get this job and this is where it ended. It slipped through my hand in two weeks, and I was given little pay. I was tired of depending on Kelsie as she had her problems to deal with.

I remember I had to drop out of college because I didn't have enough to pay for both my tuition and house rent and barely had anything to eat a day. Likewise, I did a lot of good for people, but I have never been lucky with wealth or love. People who share their lucky experiences made me feel I came to this world just to suffer and if that is the case, I'll end my life today.

I waited for Kelsie at the railing near the riverbank and in fifteen minutes, I could see her coming down to the riverbank. I just wanted to see her for the last time, and so I could tell the lord to look at my heart and see all she has done that made me love her this much, so he could bless her.

“Hey, why are you out of work at this time? Going somewhere?” She asked, hanging her arm around my shoulder as our hair danced to the rhythm of the wind.

“I got dismissed,” I said, looking at the river to avoid seeing her reaction.

“What! Oh my goodness! Why did he terminate your employment? What did you do wrong?” She shouted, looking mad.

“He just wanted to take advantage of me, seeing as I was working because I needed money badly. He just got irritated the more I refused and tonight, he just introduced me to someone new and told me to leave.” I narrated, stroking my hair to the back.

“He is crazy! Anyway, you don't have to worry, I could search for any other job for you.” She said, focusing on me.

“Nah. You don't need to. I think there is a particular job offer I'm going to apply for tonight.” I replied, smiling awkwardly.

“Oh really? That's nice then. It must be an excellent job for you to have declined my offer.” She said, smiling happily.

The job offer I wanted to apply for was to work as God's secretary. Meaning, I was ready to go to the afterlife.


Kelsie and I had discussed many things and laughed over them before she escorted me home. But I slipped out again, and immediately she turned her back to go home. I wanted to have a drink with the last cash on me, so I would die drunk. I didn't dare to kill myself while I was conscious.

So, I went to the nearest bar and sat on the bar stool, and ordered the strongest liquor he had in his bar, and then I poured myself a shot and clinked the glass with the bottle, cheering to death.


I had taken five shots, and I was beginning to feel tipsy. Things were going according to plan, it seems God wanted me dead.

“How much is this?” I said, then I gasped because my voice didn't sound like mine.

“It's $32, ma'am.” The bartender replied.

“Oh my goodness! I have only $15.” I muttered under my breath.

“Hey lady, having payment issues?” A stranger sat beside me, smiling.

He had a seductive smile but looked a bit younger than me. I needed money but how could I let this youngster, who could be two years younger than me, have a go at me?

“Hey, you. How old are you? Do you realize I could be older than you? “ I said, unable to keep my body stable as I was moving left and right on the chair with my finger pointed at him.

“Calm down. There can't be much difference. Besides, you look like you require help in paying for this liquor. What do you say if we got a room upstairs?” He offered, chuckling as his nice set of teeth were visible.

I stood up to slap him, but I staggered and couldn't control myself. I had the confidence to do anything, this was what I wanted, but this guy happened to be sent from hell to destroy my plan.

“Whoa… You're going to fall. Alright, I understand you. You agree to the both of us getting a room upstairs.” He said, bringing out his purse to pay for my drink.

I collected the purse from him and threw it as far as I can. Then I took one more shot of my drink and yelled at him.

“How dare you! What do you take me for? You must be the son of the man I worked for at the coffee shop. Wait, did he send you here to take up what he couldn't have? You both must be delusional.” I said as I staggered backward.

Then the guy gave me a scornful look and went to take his purse as people were already staring at him. He must have been embarrassed. Then I took another shot of the drink.

“Oops! Forgotten, I don't have enough to pay for the drink.” I said loudly, even when I planned to talk under my breath.

“Look here, lady. You have to pay me my money, or you will regret locating my bar.” He said as he dragged my collar closer to him.

I guess I was to be embarrassed even before death. Then a man who looked like he was in his early thirties came and removed his hand from my collar, dropping an amount on the counter. I couldn't see his face well as the drink had blurred my vision and I felt I was going to pass out in seconds. I tried to fight it because I didn't know his intentions and I couldn't afford to be messed up by some goon.

Chapter 2; Unexpected news


“I wouldn't have married you if I knew that you would not give birth to a boy.” I lashed out at Monica.

“Oh! Really? It's now I'm certain that you didn't marry me because of love.” Monica said, bitterly.

“Is it my fault that you can't give me what I want?” I shouted, getting annoyed.

“Richard, I understand that it's your father who is pressuring you, but can you at least, how I and your daughter love?” Monica pleaded, with tears in her eyes.

“I think I need to cool off,” I said as I left the house.

My father had always reminded me that he wouldn't will his properties to me if I didn't get a son which will assure him that whenever he's dead, the company he built with his sweat still had a long time to survive. Although I am the vice president of the company, it's more like I'm using a demo account. If I don't get a son before he decides to step down, he would will the p


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